How to Sell your Artwork on Society 6

There are numerous Print-on-Demand websites available online, where you can upload your images or artwork and either buy them yourself, or post them up for the public to buy. With more and more demand for DIY-consumers, a plethora of new POD sites have sprung up, seemingly overnight. Everyone wants to see their own creations make the leap from virtual to in-the-flesh reality. Some concentrate purely on art prints and posters, others offer a wide range of customisable items. If you are new to all this, here are just a few sites to check out:

Society 6


Red Bubble

Fine Art America

Saatchi Art

Cafe Press

Art of Where 

Whilst I do have my artwork for sale on many such sites, my favourite by far is Society 6. Why do I like Society 6? Well, it has a smooth User Interface. The product range is good and rapidly expanding – you can have your artwork as a print, poster, cards, wrapped canvas, iPhone/iPod/Samsung Galaxy S4 covers or skins, t-shirts, baby onesies, tote bags, throw pillows, laptop/iPad skins, mugs, and most recently added – wall clocks. (Of all the POD sites I’ve encountered, Cafe Press offers the widest range of products, however, I must be doing something wrong, because every time I’ve tried to open up a Cafe Press store, my computer just churns away and nothing gets saved or posted up). Society 6 may have far fewer products, but it’s slick, efficient and user friendly, so it ticks all the boxes for me.

When you first type in the web address for Society 6, here is the attractive front of store page:


In order to post anything up for sale, you will need to register first.  It’s an easy enough process, and can be completed within minutes. I’m on Society 6 as AlyZen Moonshadow, so my address is  You can use this address to promote your page to your friends and social circles.


Let’s say you have a piece of artwork you wish to sell. Now, the blurb does say that you should not resize your images, to avoid pixellation. However, I do resample my original image using Perfect Resize from OnOneSoftware, for the sake of quality and consistency. If you don’t have access to any proprietary resampling/resizing software, please do not simply enlarge the size of your original image and post that up on Society 6, as that will certainly bring out pixellation when it’s translated to different products. If you do use a resampling/resizing programme, try to load your image onto Society 6 in the region of 4000×6000 pixels for vertical images, as a general guide. I say this because if the image that you first upload to Society 6 is too small (e.g only 1200×1800 pixels), then you will be limited as to how large your artwork can be printed, which means the range of products you can sell on your Society 6 store will be reduced.

Loading that first image onto Society 6 is the first step. You need to provide a title and description for your work. You will also have to choose from up to 4 different categories to describe your work. I always get stuck on this part, as my work is hard to categorise; it’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

I’ll walk you through how to post up an item for sale after you’ve signed in; just follow the screenshots:

The image I’m posting up is my BIRDS IN LOVE (Blue), from my Calico Birds Series, created on my Samsung Galaxy S4.  This has been resized to 4500×6500 pixels using Perfect Resize 7.

Birds In Love (Blue) by AlyZen Moonshadow
Birds In Love (Blue) by AlyZen Moonshadow

I then uploaded this onto my Society 6 page:

Page for loading title, item descriptions and categories.
Page for loading title, item descriptions and categories.

The page will start to load up your image. Once the counter reaches 100%, a drop-down box will appear asking you to name your cut for selling prints and posters. You can ask as much as you like, and Society 6 will show you their cut of the profits, and the price they will sell your artwork at to the customer. Have a look at what other artists are asking for their work, and try to use similar pricing structures, as you don’t want to undersell yourself, and neither do you want to overprice yourself out of the market.

Pricing of items
Pricing of items

Once you’re happy with this, click the “Publish This” button at the bottom. Your image is now ready to be purchased as prints and posters by discerning customers. A new page will open, giving you the opportunity to add more products using the same image. Here’s where the fun begins. Each different product requires a different template size, so you Will need some sort of software programme or App to satisfy these requirements. For ease of reference, I’ve listed the sizing requirements here:

SOCIETY 6 TEMPLATE SIZES (width x height in pixels)

iPhone case:  1300 x 2000

T-shirt:  3300×5100

Throw Pillow and Wall Clock: at least 3500×3500, max 6500×6500 (square format). The newest addition to Society 6’s range is the Shower Curtain – to activate this, you need to have your image at at least 6000×6000. 

Mug: 4600×2000

Laptop/iPad skin: 4600×3000

Tip: For black t-shirts, run the t-shirt sized image thru Photoshop and save as PNG. If you use a JPEG, you can only see your t-shirt on light fabrics.

Now, as my BIRDS IN LOVE (BLUE) image is a portrait, or vertical image, it would look wrong compressed to fit Society 6’s horizontally oriented mug or laptop templates. Therefore, I’ve left them out.  Instead, I’ll be offering prints, posters, iPhone/iPod/Galaxy S4 cases and skins, t-shirts, throw pillows, wall clocks, kid’s tees and baby onesies, and tote bags.

Once your formatted images have been uploaded successfully onto the templates, you simply click on the “Return to Post” link at the bottom, and you’ll be taken to the page where your item is listed. From here, you can either just purchase your item for yourself, or why not share it with your social circles? Society 6 gives you the option to share to StumbledUpon, Twitter, Pinterest, Wanelo, Google +, Facebook. Now, it took about 5 minutes to load up all the templates, and in that time I had 3 Faves from people surfing the site – these show up as “Promoted” in the screenshot:

Showing range of items available for this design
Showing range of items available for this design

And there you go, you’ve successfully posted up an item for sale on Society 6! Now let’s go get some sales out of this!

P/s: I learnt something new today – how to do a screenshot on my Mac! Yay me! Handy hint: use Command+Shift+3.

10 thoughts on “How to Sell your Artwork on Society 6

  1. Alyzen, you are on a roll! So many posts – hard to keep up but this last one about society 6 made me sit up and listen. Thank you and I will try an pin links to your post on Pinterest. Good stuff. Very good! Thank you

    1. Hi Robert, well I’m trying to post once a day to my blog. It’s like a challenge to myself. I might not do 365 posts a year but I’m aiming for a nice round number of 300. I’m trying to be disciplined lol. Glad you like the article on Society 6. :-)

      1. as you can see I don’t visit wordpress so much or i would have not repeated myself in that comment on your latest blog. I get it. OK I can pace myself better now.


  2. Hi, very nicely put. I feel the same way about Society 6. After reading this post, i am following you in Society 6 now. Very beautiful Collection.
    Please visit my store too when you have time :
    (self-promoting you know :), hope you will like my collection too and would promote my art )
    Thank you!!

  3. Thank you, because with this post, I go directly and post my designs via Society6. It’s honestly user-friendly. Thanks again

  4. I completely agree with you. Society6 has the cleanest interface plus they present you work elegantly.

    However, I have no idea how to get my work listed in there general categories such as men’s wear shop section. Is ther a minimum “likes” required to be listed?

    My shop:


  5. Came across this post. It was very helpful!

    I am new to Society6, and I noticed that once I post items some people leave messages with they promote my prints. I don’t receive any notifications in society6 or my mail when I do get those messages. Right now I have to click on each print from time to time to see if I missed any. Do you know if there is a way to automate it – to receive notifications when someone promotes / leaves a message for individual artwork?

    My shop:

    Thank you!

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