And people call Them “Primitive”??

I recently saw a video on a friend’s Facebook wall, about how many ancient Tribes are under threat of extinction due to modern man’s “intervention”. Yes, you read that right. It’s PEOPLE I’m talking about, not animals.

Modern Man has a lot to account for, mostly negative when it’s regarding fellow human beings and animals. Kill, maim, capture, rape, torture, exterminate!! If it’s different, it’s a threat!! Shudder.

Sure, we live in a world of technological wonders, where anything we can imagine is possible…if not now, then in the next 10 minutes. But we seem to have lost our humanity along the way. And instead picked up plenty of ignoble traits. Shame on us!

The video clip (just one of many by Survival International) had captions which read like a Wish List for the “Modern” World:

No Debt
No Bombs
No Prisons
No Poverty
No Homeless
No Pollution
…and people call Them “Primitive”??

I was compelled to leave a long comment about those Tribes on my friend’s Facebook wall. I’ll share what I said here too:

These people are living the life that most of us dream about – a life with no debt, everyone contributing to the whole, communities rich in culture, where the young look after the old and the old look after the very young, everyone suppports each other and helps out in the fields, hunting or gathering. There is respect throughout, and the handing down of ancient healing and shamanic knowledge.

It’s the Western World that has twisted the whole idea and gotten it wrong. And it’s they who think these Tribes should get “civilised” and join the modern world. But why?? So these Tribes can be exposed to the corrupt world we live in? Where there’s all manner of manmade diseases that they won’t have any natural immunity to? Where they will encounter amorality, violence, wanton excesses, rampant consumerism, selfishness, greed and ego? Where they will be relegated to ghettos or reservations, put through the “System” and treated like second or third class citizens, on the dole, forced to live in modern houses, their children forced fed an alien education stripped of morals and ancient teachings, so that they forget their own culture and history but have to assimilate what the government decrees should be learnt instead?

We have come so far down the wrong path, that we now see ourselves as progressive and modern, and these Ancient Tribes as backward and uncivilised. When in actual fact it is US who are backward and uncivilised, squabbling like children over stupid invented realities like Money, Property, Land and Ownership, and starting wars because someone said/did/is something different to what we’ve been brainwashed to believe in.

It’s high time we looked towards creating a simpler society, or literally got back to our roots. We need to be more like these Tribes, we need to help them survive and thrive instead of dragging them kicking and screaming into this chaotic world we live in. We need to change our own perception of what is inherently good for us and what we’ve been brainwashed to believe is good for us. WAKE UP, WORLD!!

Want to help? Then donate to, or better still, join Survival International, the only organisation that champions tribal people’s rights.

Take a stand now. Be the Change you want to see.


6 thoughts on “And people call Them “Primitive”??

  1. You use the term “modern man” as an antithesis to the indigenous populations – they are as modern as “we” are – we both live around 4.5 billion years after the creation of the earth and around 150,000 years after man emerged in Africa.

    The question is not if they are “primitive” or not – the question is if they have a right to rule, live and protect their lands. And the answer is YES.

    The indigenous population is the only population which has the right to rule any territory – i.e. the indigenous to any land. The Quechua are indigenous to the Andean mountain-range and they, alone, have the right to rule it. The Navajo, and all the other indigenous populations in the Americas, have the singular and exclusive right to rule the Americas.

    German people have the exclusive right to rule Germany, as the Greeks have the right to exclusively rule Greece – yet non of them, non of the European peoples (and European-descendant people) have the right to rule the Americas.

    1. I used “modern man” to mean people in developed countries, like you and me, who have access to technology and scientific advancement etc that the “primitive” tribes do not. I did not say the question was if they are “primitive”, my title itself is cloaked sarcasm at ourselves. Also, the issue at hand is not whether these people have the right to rule any territory, but rather the fact that “modern man” (I’ll use that term again here) feels that he should intervene in how the “primitives” (again, observe the context) live and evolve. And the answer is No, they should be left alone to live their lives the way they know how, without being subjected to our facile and shallow definition of Life as We know it. Why should we believe that our path is the right one, with all ots violence, crime, greed and selfishness, where brother fights brother and it’s everyone for himself. And furthermore, in believing this, we then convince ourselves that it is our duty to convert these “primitives” to our debauched way of life?

      That is the gist of my post, it has nothing to do with how old any race is. It has nothing to do with who owns what piece of land. It has everything to do with leaving these people alone to live their lives their way, on their own terms, without any “intervention” from us.

      1. I agree completely. But not posing this same rightful judgment upon all indigenous peoples (not races, because races are a pseudo-biological fiction, which is somehow still regarded as truth in the US) allover the world, is a bit of a hypocrisy.

        It’s like saying “you, yes – you, no” just because one people was invaded, massacred and obliterated and the other has not yet been invaded.

      2. Hey, Abietarius, this was meant as an observation of what’s happening to the world, not a full-length thesis on the evolution of mankind. Life’s too short! And I want to write about other subjects too.

        The Americans, and the British, not forgetting the French, Spanish and Portuguese, certainly have a lot to answer for when they “conquered” and colonised new lands in the name of the King or God. Even to this day, in Australia, those British descendents are kept busy apologising to the indigenous peoples of the land…but you can’t turn back time, and the damage is done.

      3. Just like a murder – if a person kills another person, and then says “sorry, sorry, sorry!”, does that mean that the damage is done and he must not be trialed, sentenced and punished?

        Or, consider this: a person breaks into another’s house, kills the children, raped the wife – and jails the home owner in the attic. A generation has passed, the original robber is dead and his son, holding no legal grounds to the house, lets the home owner out and says “I’m sorry” – the homeowner answered “it is forgiven, now get out of my house” – the invader’s son says “why?” – the homeowner replies “what do you mean ‘why’? You are an illegal squatter in my house, hold no legal ground and brought here by a murdering bastard – while I was caged for 50 years, hold all the legal proper documents, and I have no other house, unlike you” – who is right? The homeowner.

        The desolation of civilizations and the robbery of lives and lands is not something in the past, irrelevant, old – it’s a constant mark of injustice and deliberate apprehension of liberty upon the history of mankind.

        Why do the Europeans in America have a right to more than one state, when the Iroquois, for example, have a right to none? Is it because they’re not white? Why are their rights not respected by anyone?

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