Just A Lazy Sunday…

…after The Kid brought home not 1 but 5(!!!) Homework assignments on Friday, and after tackling them head-on with him all Saturday, it’s time for a breather, I think.

So, today’s post is just a few of my favourite images, curated from Pinterest. Of you need more details, the links can be found on my Pinterest boards.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

image These just tickle my fancy. I think it’s the pastel shades, and the simple naive shapes. They look Scandinavian, with a twist of Japanese Zakka. I especially like the Ursa Minor bear.

image I like this, it has a Klimt-like touch to it. Would you call this Abstract or Figurative, as it’s both?

image Doesn’t it look like God’s Hand is about to pull the gravestone from the ground? I like to think that when the person was buried, they planted a tree on his/her grave, and now the essence of that person lives on in the tree.

image “I mustache you something”. I love animals with unusual, quirky markings.

image Art made using old computer floppy disks. My 12-year-old son asked me what a Floppy Disk looked like, and I couldn’t find any in the house to shpw him. These are the sturdy plastic type…does anyone even remember the “real” floppy disks, that were black with a hole in their middle?

image I love water lilies and lotuses. I read in the paper recently that in the Kimberley region of Australia, some botanists, headed by a world expert on water lilies, Carlos Magdalena, stumbled across 2 billabongs filled with a new species of water lily. It’s blue, and looks like a peony and smells like apricots and freesia. They’re calling it “Peony Flora”. Here’s an article about the find. And here’s a snapshot of the article in the paper that I read:

image This to me is such a poignant photo. The white of the dog contrasts wonderfully with the dark tones of the walls and door. And the shaft of light coming in…amazing feeling.

image Gorgeous colours and layering. Zentangle meets ink and watercolour. There’s depth and light to this artwork that’s hard to create. Hats off to this fine artist!

image I’m in love with Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) items at the moment. This black skull clutch purse, with black onyx beading, appeals to me.

image …and finally, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in my studio working. Lol…my “studio” is my kitchen table and worktop, a space of around 20 square feet, or 4 x 5 feet. I would love to be able to sprawl out like this artist, and create gigantic pieces of Art. But then again, when I think of the cost of posting large items via Australia Post, I’m thankful for small mercies :-).

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