Favourite Quotes

Just a collection of my favourite quotes, curated from my Pinterest board, “Inspirational Thoughts”.

imageThis is so true. I never know how a piece of my Art will turn out, until it’s finished. But I know that if I let my self-doubt win, I would never even be able to start that project.

imageActually, my list is very short. I’m lucky enough to be able to do what I love, Art, on a daily basis. Everything else is a bonus.

imageIf you don’t take that first step, your Journey will never begin. The first step is always the hardest. What if I fall? Ahhh..but what if I fly?

imageI believe in empowering my fellow women, that is why I always encourage and support them, and never think about bringing them down. Why would I? Women are Awesome!

imageI believe we all owe ourselves the responsibility to stand up for justice and equality. Change must begin from within ourselves first, before it can affect the world outside. More people need to wake up to this realisation.

imageSmall minds want you to be just like them, and to stay with them at their level. They can’t bear to see you succeed or move on upwards, so they will endeavour to bring you down to their level by belittling everything you do. Don’t allow this!

imageEven Sylvia Plath suffered from self-doubt at the best of times. The question “What am I doing, why am I doing it, am I any good at it?” is forever on the minds of great creatives. Forget about what others think, just do it for yourself. If You like it, it’s good enough.

imageThis is so true. But there are also “Commercial” artists whose job is simply to churn out piece after piece of art, a la “Painting By Numbers”, to satisfy consumers. Such as commercial Art by Chinese artists for the home decor market. And then there are also artists who deliberately create controversial or expensive art, just to make a statement. Or artists who hire underlings to mix their paints and fill in prepared templates, in order to mass-produce “Art”. So, caveat emptor!

imageWords to live by. We can change the world, if we ALL pulled together, put our differences and egos aside, and really tried. Let’s do it!

imageI love this – the layered background, the turquoise colour, the sentiment. The world is as wonderful as you allow it to be.

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