Handmade : Ledger

Here’s my attempt at ledger binding some Juicy Journals. I wanted to try out a different type of binding, and also a different size and shape of journal. I’d used a texture mat (read placemat) that looked like snakeskin, so the idea came to me to create a journal that was longer than it was high.

Here are the strips of Gelli printed paper that I’ve torn to size. They’re printed on both sides of the paper.

Make 2 holes through all the layers of your stack of papers. Take an 8 inch piece of twine (I used hemp) and, starting from the end edge on the left as in the photo above, thread the twine into the hole and out the top edge. Then continue over the edge and thread back into the same hole. Your twine should end up on the left edge, underneath the stack. Tie both ends of twine together.

Turn the paper stack over and repeat the step above for the other hole.
Your stack will look like the photo above.

Now, simply tie the loose ends of the twine together. You may want to use an bead, for added interest. I didn’t have any beads, but I did have some Ranger Tim Holtz thingys (I never know what to call them), so I used them instead.

It reminds me of an old Chinese coin. That, and the snakeskin effect Gelli prints and the shimmery ink effect I used, add to the Oriental effect of this project.

Here are the completed ledger-bound Juicy Journals. They can be “read” the conventional way, from left to right or horizontally.
Or, they can be hung up on a wall vertically, to be enjoyed as wall hangings.

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