For the Love of Dogs

Today, I’m writing about yet another day full of synchronicity. This time to do with dogs.

In a previous post, I’d described how, just as I’d been asking the Universe to show me my Life Purpose, I got an email inviting me to attend an Induction Day as a Volunteer Canine Carer at Shenton Park Dog’s Refuge in Perth. This invitation segued in neatly with my previously expressed desire to some day run a Dog Shelter of my own.

So, off to the Induction Day I went. A Canine Carer is like a dogsitter, literally…I won’t be walking the shelter dogs, that’s the job of the Canine Walkers. Instead, I’ll be sitting in the dogs’ enclosures, playing with them, teaching them basic commands like “Sit”, reinforcing good behaviours by giving treats, giving doggy massages, and generally making sure the dogs are not bored sitting in their enclosures all day waiting for someone to visit them.

I reckon I’ll be going to the Dog Refuge at least twice a week, or even three times, for 3-4 hours each time. It’s an honour to be able to help keep those dogs company for at least part of their day.

The synchronous doggy events that happened on this same day were:

1) When I got home, just as I was chilling out reading in bed, my dogs, who were out in the garden, started barking. So I went out to investigate. A boxer dog was running loose in the street. I got it to come to me, and looked at the tag on its collar. There were 2 phone numbers on it, and the name of the dog: Lucky. I went back indoors to get my mobile phone and a leash, intending to collar the boxer and call its owner, but by the time I got outside again, the dog had run off down the other side of the park near my house. Luckily, haha, the dog’s owner came looking for his dog then, and I was able to tell him where it was.

2) A short while after this, another neighbour’s dog, a little Maltese Shih-Tzu (I think), escaped from its home, and ran out to my gate. Again, I was able to catch it, as its owner came looking for it.

3) Later, while surfing Facebook, I came across not one but two,  consecutive and separate video shares about dogs being rescued. One was about a dog refuge in India, the other was about dog rescues in America.

I don’t think these synchronicities are mere coincidences, flukes or accidents. There is surely something going on outside the normal chain of everyday events.

I am believing more and more in the perfection of the Universe’s design. It has seemed to me that I was at a stalemate with my Life Path, in limbo or stasis waiting for something to happen. And then, just as my husband and I reached an agreement to separate, it felt like a plug had shifted, and things started to flow again. Events began to unfold at a dizzying rate, and continue to unfold.


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