Which Planet Are You On?

The Kid and I were watching the TV series “Supergirl” the other night, and something one of the characters said to another made me sit up.

Kara is Supergirl, and her Aunt Astra, who was imprisoned on Fort Roxx, a floating space satellite maximum security prison thingy, has contrived a confrontation with Kara. In a nutshell, Astra was regarded as a terrorist on Krypton because of her revolutionary activities, and when she got captured she was sentenced to life imprisonment on Fort Roxx. When the Planet Krypton exploded, Fort Roxx was knocked out of orbit and landed on Earth. Kara herself had been placed in a space pod as a 14 year old girl, and sent to look after and protect her baby cousin, Kal-El…unfortunately the shockwaves from the demise of Planet Krypton also knocked Kara’s pod off its intended trajectory, Earth, and she languished in space for years, before ending up on Earth. By the time Kara got to Earth, her baby cousin Kal-El, had already grown up and become the superhero known as Superman.

Here’s a transcript of the conversation that construes between Aunt and Niece. This is in Season 1, Episode 8: “Hostile Takeover”.

Krypton is dying.

Our core is unstable. It has been for a long time because of how we’ve harnessed it for power.

We became greedy. And now the oceans have changed, and the weather.

I’m trying to get people to stop and see what they’re doing, and in doing so, I’ve had to do some difficult things.

Now, those of us who grew up on the Superman stories know exactly how it ended for the planet Krypton.

All just science fiction, right? Therefore not relevant, right?

But…Astra’s words have a certain ring of truth to them. Just look around us. Look at the human race. Look at the effects of our wanton disregard for the gifts of Mother Nature, our exploitation of Her animals, plants, oceans, minerals etc.

What have we done to our own Planet Earth???

Isn’t it time we stopped and started to think of ways we can SAVE our planet? Instead of continuing to plunder it for its resources, just to feed some greedy, grasping, profits-before-people corporations? Money isn’t even real!

Or…will those who dare cry that the emperor wears no clothes simply be locked up, just like Astra was? Will the Elite simply pay their minions to silence the revolutionaries, the rebels, the ones who dare speak the Truth?

If we do nothing, then Planet Earth is doomed to the same fate as Planet Krypton. Only this time round, it isn’t going to be science fiction, it’s going to be fact.



One thought on “Which Planet Are You On?

  1. I agree. If you look into the issue of environmental degradation, you’ll find that animal agriculture, raising animals for food consumption, accounts for around 50% of greenhouse emissions as well as the majority of land deforestation as opposed to only 13% of global emissions for all transportation combined.
    These are UN numbers

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