The New Bullies

Social Media can be a great tool for bringing about an increase in business traffic. It can serve to alert many people to the existence of a product, service or cause.

But it also has a very ugly side. One that seems to be rearing its head more and more frequently these days. And I’m not talking about how our Media feed is being manipulated so that we only see or know about what They choose to let us see or know. They’re not even trying very hard to cover up the real news these days. And why? Because generally, people are stupid and lazy and can’t be bothered to scratch under the surface, to peel away that very thin veneer of a facade, to uncover the Truth. The Elite are almost guaranteed that the sheeple masses will soak up and bask vicariously in the glorious scandals and “news” of celebrities, and not be inclined to look elsewhere. If it does not appear on your Facebook feed, it never happened, right?

But I’m not going to harp on about that. Not today. Today I’m calling out the New Bullies On The Block. Yes, the playground bullies of old have grown up and migrated to Social Media, where they’re having a whale of a time.

These days I find myself holding back from making comments about any posts I see online. The first thing I do is check the Comments section. I can then gauge by the level of “flaming” going on, whether the post is going to be full of online trolls, or real human beings, with a modicum of respect and common sense. If it’s the latter, then I might post my comment.

Sadly, we’re living in a world full of trolls. You can’t post anything up on your own Social Media feed, without attracting these lowest forms of life. No, I don’t mean to insult amoebas. I mean the ones that have nothing better to do that jump on your back and try to pummel you to death with Their Opinions. And, being the malcontents that they are, these heinous creatures will then sit and wait for other unsuspecting people to come along and dare to make a comment. And then they’ll set to with fangs bared and claws out, ripping to shreds any dissenting views. They must have really ginormous Egos that require constant buffing and buttering up.

Many a forum thread or post have had to be deleted by either the original poster, or moderators, because these bullies have so effectively hijacked them as to be unrecognisable. What may have started out as an innocent statement, has been turned into a maelstrom of seething discontentment, like a pit full of vipers.

Why? Why do people feel the need to troll? Why do they need to take to Social Media to vent their frustration against something else? Because rarely is their anger really about the subject or person they’re flaming. These cyber bullies have other ants down their pants, but have turned to Social Media as a means of releasing their angst. Welcome to the world of Virtual Psychiatry, where you attempt to heal yourself by tearing someone else a new a**hole to bits.

Even the most inocuous Pages can be filled with the most horrendous wolves in sheep’s clothing. Everyone’s out to get something for nothing.

Even a post selling off some books can turn into a playground full of bullies. Where the seller perhaps needs to sell quickly, in order to get much-needed cash, and has named their terms. You’d think this transaction would’ve gone smoothly without notice, but you’d be wrong. Instead, these new playground bullies decide that they don’t want to respect the seller’s terms, so they try wrangling different terms, their own terms to be precise, advising the seller of their own requirements, and they even start arguing amongst themselves and talking as if the seller isn’t in the conversation. Brazen? Yes. Cheeky? Definitely. Rude? Oh, most certainly. Enough to drive people away? What do you think?

It’s becoming rarer and rarer to find decent human beings in this world. Mostly, they’re the ones living away from our technologically advanced but soul-sucking, materialistic world. Or, they’re the ones who realise where Society is going wrong, and are managing to keep their heads while everyone else is running around like so many headless chickens. When you come across people like these, (the ones still owning their heads, not the headless chickens), hold tightly onto them because they are as precious and rare as hens’ teeth these days. I’d rather have just 1 of these “real” people as a friend, than a million “the lights are on but nobody’s home” vapid, vacuous, vain, empty sacks posing as human beings. I recently uncovered 2 diamonds in the rough, and they are definitely worth holding on to.

Why do people feel they can misbehave so freely on Social Media? Is it because of the relative anonymity the Internet provides? Is it because anyone can set up any identity they like, hell why not create a dozen different profiles, and let’s go take our anger and frustration out online, and bring others down to our level so we can feel ever so slightly better about ourselves for the next 5 minutes? Why do some people, especially the younger generation, feel so entitled? And get so aggressive when their bullying is called out?

Here’s another example of the sort of attitude that makes my blood boil. It’s not on Social Media, this example…it’s far worse than that. This is a real life example.

Someone’s just been asked if they would like to sell their car. Let’s call them the Seller and the Buyer.

Buyer: How much do you want for your car?
Seller: $5000
Buyer: I’ll give you $2000
Seller: But you asked me how much I wanted, and I said $5000.
Buyer: Hey listen, I’m just trying to help you out here. $2000 is my offer, take it or leave it.

That is just rude and disrespectful.

Society is sick. And we need to start reversing the trend, before it’s too late for all of Humankind.

Are you with me or against me?

Is this going to open up a whole new can of worms?

(Image source: Which, incidentally, provides a rather good example of the type of flaming or bullying that goes on in online forums. It’s by no means a new phenomenon either, as this site harks back to 2008 or even earlier).

2 thoughts on “The New Bullies

  1. well said. I heard someone (& wish I could remember who) describing the phenomenon of online debate/commenting/vile threats and trolling/etc. It’s like as this platform is still young, the bahaviour of these people is comparable to small petulant children, they have no understanding/care of the consequences, but it’s worse as it’s fuelled by decades of repressed angst. Until online society ‘matures’ there will be an element of this. I hope it doesn’t take long to grow up and grow out of this – the destructive power of words is frightening, especially on young & vulnerable folks.

    1. So true. I think in part it’s the anonymity of it that gives those cowards the courage to say nasty things. After all, on social media like FB, after flaming someone, the bully can simply laugh and run away by blocking/restricting/unfriending the other person. That way the bully doesn’t get any comeback, which gives them a kick as they feel they’ve gotten away with it, which in turn sets them up to repeat the same bullying methods again later.

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