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I stumbled upon Frankie Magazine’s large format 2010 bookzine SPACES – WHERE CREATIVE PEOPLE LIVE, WORK AND PLAY at my local thrift shop. It was a real steal at $2.(RRP $24.95).


Inside was a cornucopia of delightful photographic images showing well, how creative people live, work and play. The bookzine is divided into 5 sections: The Home & Work Place, The Wall Space, The Studio Space, The Tea & Coffee Space, The Living Space. Each section showcases several individuals’ personal areas, with the owners of each space explaining why or how their space is the way it is.

Sadly, I have been unable to source SPACES online for anyone wanting to purchase it. There are several references to it on booksellers’ sites, however they all seem to indicate its unavailability. So, this is a rare book to have and cherish. If you see it, grab it.

I was drawn to this bookzine as I was curious to see how other artists from around the world live and work. My own “studio” at home is a shared space during the warmer months with baby Japanese Quail chicks. It is also the spare room, the store room, the general let’s-dump-it-there-til-we-can-figure-out-what-to-do-with-it room. My Canon Pixma MX870 and Epson Artisan 1430 printers reside there. So do boxes of books, linen, clothes, scrapbooking paper, canvasses and other substrates for my printing experiments, our sofabed for non-existent guests. My work area is the carpeted floor, where I simply spread out layers of butcher paper and lay my canvasses or wooden frames over. Luckily, my medium being digital and print, there’s no (not much anyway) painting paraphernalia involved, only bottles of acrylic medium which I use as an adhesive, spray cans of car gloss varnish and workable fixative, a brayer, scissors, a tube of black acrylic paint for painting over borders, some foam brushes and a couple of bristle brushes. Nothing to shout about, really. Certainly not worthy of showing off here :-).

This link takes you to a webpage showcasing several famous artists’ studios. Specifically that of Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Jackson Pollock and Paul Cezanne. This site shows the spaces of more contemporary artists (cheekily throwing in Francis Bacon and Henry Moore too, just to make sure the reader is awake and paying attention!).

Looking at an artist’s workspace or studio is like looking into someone’s refrigerator, or at their bookshelves – very revealing about the person’s tastes in food or books. Some day I hope to visit people’s homes that have magnificent book displays, and make a photo book out of the project, but that is another story.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on some of these wonderful artist workspaces.


One thing I’ve learnt from looking through all these studio workspaces – they can be messy, they can be neat, they can be minimal or cluttered, big or small, modern or traditional…but they are all unique and most of all, comfortable to each individual artist. These days, as both my printers are either acting up or have run out of ink, I’m concentrating mainly on creating my artwork…and to me that means working primarily on my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Which allows me to work literally everywhere and anywhere. For which I am eternally grateful.

The Kaleidoscope Turns

Light through a prism
Shines through my prison
Of tears and a blanket of sorrow
And with that light
Comes the hope that I might
Find Love again tomorrow

Light that is fractured
And is quite unexpected
Shatters the mirror of my heart
The colours that I see
Hold deep meaning for me
Of the promise of a brand new start

Light that is bright
And full of delight
For the heart that longs and yearns
Shines now the way
To light a new day
For look! The Kaleidoscope turns.

AlyZen Moonshadow




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Quit Liking It! Say Something Instead.


There’s a new thing surfaced on Facebook just now, about how to improve your Facebook experience, by simply NOT hitting the “Like” button. Strange as that may sound, and somewhat illogical, it IS true and it actually works. The premise is that if you DON’T click on the “Like” button, but instead leave comments on posts that interest you, Facebook’s algorithms will actually stop sending you all those annoying links to “Like” this business or that organisation, that celebrity, that political party, that new diet etc. Your feed will instead become more human, with more people entering into actual conversations than never before. All those friends that you’ve  lost into the FB ether may resurface when your feed isn’t top-heavy with news, business, videos etc that your previous clicking on “Like” generated. Try it!

Read these 2 articles about this strategy. The first one by Medium is about NOT clicking on Facebook’s “Like” button and the consequences. The second is by Wired where the writer did the total opposite and clicked “Like” on absolutely everything in their feed.

So, okay, I’ve only just started this experiment, and right now I’ve no idea how long I’m going to stick to it, or whether it’ll be a lifelong practice.  Even though I actually only started 5 days ago, already I’m seeing a change in my Facebook feed, and I’m feeling way better about myself as a person, as I feel I’ve learnt a great lesson. And that is why I feel prompted to blog about it right away NOW!

Anyway, here are my thoughts on it:

1. It makes me pause and think before I comment. I may be using the 👍 button quite a bit to start with. I have found myself skipping posts that are of no concern to me, instead of simply clicking the “Like” button to acknowledge it because it may have come from a friend. So, my friends who are reading this, apologies if I no longer “like” your comments, posts or images, but rest assured you will instead find a comment from me. 👍 See, I’ve started already! 😄

2. I get more selective about what interests me. The real things that matter get my attention more than updates on who’s cooking or eating what, selfies, who’s on holiday where, online shopping deals, cute kittens (hard one, that). Hopefully, my feed will be more about the things that really matter to the world – like decriminalising cannabis, for one (this will sound strange coming from someone who’s only experience with cannabis was a puff on a joint at a party in Spain 10 years ago. But I have been following Rick Simpson and fellow advocates of the miracle cancer-beating properties of cannabis oil, and I have lost friends and family to cancer in the past and very recently, so the subject is close to my heart).

3. If everyone does this, we’ll be getting many more notifications than before, as more people engage in actual conversation instead of the passive virtual nod which is the “Like” button. As a society, we seem to have somewhat lost the art of conversation. By not clicking on the “Like” button and by saying something instead, we encourage further discussion and communication between friends, which is what Facebook should be about. It’s time to regain control of the true value of Facebook.

4. Funnily enough, with my actively telling Facebook what I “don’t want to see again” re: pages and businesses, it seems to have freed up space in my Wall feed for previously disappeared friends to reappear. So far, around 6 people who quietly vanished from my feed have returned…and without my searching for them to “like” their photos or make comments on their posts yo keep in the loop. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, I can’t be certain.

So, to those of you who have read this, I would kindly ask that you not simply click “Like” on WordPress either, but instead say something about this post. If it moves you to comment, do it. Otherwise, simply share it with your circles in another way. The same goes for every post that you read and like. Quit Liking It! Say something instead. And watch the world unfold before your very eyes. I’m waiting. :-)


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Carpe Diem

Well, actually, no. Take away the last letters of each word in the title above, and you’ll have a fair idea of what I’m talking about.

We have about 17 Japanese Koi (or carp) and goldfish in a large, square pond out the back of our house. I say 17 because they never stay still long enough for me to do a proper headcount.

Make that 16.

I found one this morning, not swimming like its friends, but just floating and occasionally zipping out of the water all aflutter, before sinking back into the water. Most strange. I dosed the water with green multi-ailment liquid, added tap water conditioner, algicide, aquarium salt, cleaned out the sponge filter, topped up the pond with fresh water. I even held the poor fish in my hands and willed it to get better.

All to no avail. The poor thing carried on for half an hour more, with its friends gathering round and nudging it, either to encourage it to rally round, or to say good bye. It was quite touching watching them. I left it in the pond for 15 minutes more, in case it was just playing dead.

When I was truly convinced it was dead, I went into the house to get a sheet of butcher paper to wrap it in (it was a big fish, about 15 inches long). It was then I got the idea of preserving the memory of the fish on paper. It was, after all, the largest fish in our pond, and one of my favourites. :'(

Now, my cousin HM loves to fish, and he’s had some very good results with the art of Gyotaku, or fish rubbing. In fact, I wrote about him not too long ago, here.

So I decided I’d follow my cousin’s example and do my own Gyotaku with my carp before burying it. It would be a way of remembering it, and honouring it in a manner of speaking. One last dance together.

And here is how we did it.




I quickly learnt that it’s better and easier to rub the paper over the fish, instead of placing the fish on the paper. My cousin HM used Japanese handmade rice paper, but all I had was butcher paper. My hands got stained with the food dye because I was handling the fish rather than the paper at first.

(Anyone want to read my palms? Go ahead! 😄)

My studio is awash with fish! Some came out good, others too watery to capture much detail. Below are some of the clearer imprints. Not as good as my cousin’s, but they will serve as memorials to my fish.






Carpe Diem!

P/S: Due to one reader’s rather insensitive remarks to me, about the fish ending up all covered in “blicky food colouring” and “smashed up in butcher paper” to become “fish fertiliser for roses”, I think I should explain what happened to my fish friend afterwards. I washed all the food dye off, then wrapped it in a fresh sheet of butcher paper. Then I dug a hole in the plant trough by our swimming pool and buried it there. I put an old log and a pot of hen & chicks over the grave, to prevent any cats from getting at it. It’s right next to Valiant, my baby Japanese quail with splayed legs that I tried to help but that drowned in its water bowl back in November last year.

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People Come, People Go

I truly believe that people come into your life for a reason, and sometimes, once that reason is finished, the lesson learnt, the person leaves. Sometimes people only stay for a short while, sometimes for a long time. But in the end, as with Life, everything goes away or changes. It doesn’t mean that you forget that person; if the lesson you’ve learnt from them is of great importance, you will always remember them with gratitude.

Someone remarked to me only recently that I must have been “ascending spiritually” for a long time now. All I can say is that in the past, when such synchronicities or serendipitous events happened to me, I failed to acknowledge them for the lessons that they were, failed to see the bigger picture. So much for being spiritually awake! It’s only very recently that I’ve started to notice patterns in behaviour and events, and recognise them as the Universe trying to tell me something. As you can tell, I’m not terribly clued-up about these things! Maybe in the past I got lulled into a false sense of security by work, marriage and family life, or perhaps my life became too unsettled for me to pay close attention to such metaphysical aspects. Until now.

For the last 20 years of my life, I’ve gravitated towards older women friends. They’re generally 15-20 years older than myself. Perhaps it’s because I am an old soul myself, and that was seeking a similar soul to connect with. Perhaps it’s because I needed to know these women and learn Life’s lessons from them. Maybe I needed a Mother figure. I don’t know. So far, I’ve had 5 such friends – Christine, Beverly, Jan, Yvonne, Sheila. That can’t be a co-incidence, right?

Just the other day, an Event happened that culminated in my latest older woman friend, Sheila, deciding to terminate our friendship of 3 years. Her choice, not mine. I won’t go into too much detail here, but it had to do with her starting to become increasingly critical of me and my son whenever we were out together, over a period of months. I found myself constantly having to tell them to stop picking on each other. The straw that broke the camel’s back was one ridiculous incident where Sheila kept insisting that something that was clearly green was blue. I know, so fickle, right… but then friendships can start out strong and fizzle out with the smallest criticism, or end for the strangest, slightest reasons. Sheila could dish it out alright, but she couldn’t take it. Perhaps she was insecure in herself over events in her own life, and had decided to take it out on me and my son. Certainly many of her criticisms seemed reflective of how she perceived her own upbringing of her children in the past. So I wished her love and light and all the best.

So now I’m wondering if all this means that another older, wiser woman is about to enter my life. Or, whether I’m meant to play the role of the older woman this time. All I know is that recently in the last 2 months, 3 different people have come to me asking for my advice on relationship matters. I certainly am not the best person to lead by example in the relationship stakes…but maybe it’s because I’ve learnt to separate emotions from facts, and have the ability to see the problem objectively from a distance.

Or perhaps my abundance of grey hairs has something to do with appearing wise? 😄

Anyhow, I found some quotes on Google pertaining to how People Come, People Go, and what we’re meant to learn from them. I hope some of these resonate with you, as they do with me. Namaste!

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Some Kind Of Wonderful

Ahhh…Nostalgia. Some Kind Of Wonderful is a 1987 movie starring Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson and Lea Thompson. I watched it as a teenager and it struck a chord with me then. It still does.

I watched this film at my friend LC’s flat in Singapore. LC and I were really good friends, having met at a Hari Raya party of one of my classmates at college, D. We hit it off right away. The only problem was, LC was D’s boyfriend.

You get where this is heading, right.

So, anyway, it wasn’t all smooth sailing between D and LC. Their personalities were just too different. They broke up a number of times, then made up again. And each time they broke up, LC would come to me to unburden his sorrows, as he felt I would understand, being D’s friend too.

But I was falling for LC myself. Oh yes, it’s that classic tale of unrequited love…girl helps boy get the other girl, but he remains blind to the fact she’s in love with him herself. Was it torture? Yes. Was it unbearable? Double Yes!

Was he oblivious to how many dimensions of Hell he was putting me through, each time he asked me to talk to D, to soften her up, to pass his love notes to her? You bet he was.

The sad thing is, years went by and both D and LC went abroad to study. And we lost touch with each other. Now we have social networking circles, but back in those days only the rich could afford mobile phones, the Internet was in its infancy, so the only method of keeping in touch was by letters and by phone. I have tried searching for both D and LC online over the last few years, but either D is using a married surname, or both of them are using aliases, or even worse, they’re dead. I have not been able to track them down.

My last contact with LC was when I used to go to his apartment to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, just after we finished our A Level exams. There were 4 guys in total and I was the token female. Oh yes, you’re looking at a veteran AD&D player…I was a Level 7 Mage and went by the name of Arden Eala Khan. No kidding. The boys kept getting into trouble and I was always the one who had to “unfreeze” or resurrect them. Luckily, in real life I wasn’t asked to cook lunch…instead we got takeaway Pizza from the mall close by. Ahhh…those were the days!

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that unrequited love is the purest form of love that can exist between two human beings. When one of them is oblivious to the other.

Google Images (it never lets me down) came up with some gems to echo the sentiments:











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Love Is All You Need

I was at the cinema watching the utterly charming film “The 100 Foot Journey” starring Helen Mirren and Om Puri, when all of a sudden I felt overwhelmed by a surge of what I can only describe as Pure Love. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, like a caged bird fluttering to get out.

Yes, the movie was superb, the casting perfect, the scenery and settings bucolic and breathtaking, the storyline plausible and heartwarming. But it was the overall current running beneath it all that caught my unconscious attention. The pain of loss, the pangs of young love, the gentle blossoming of a more mature love, fate and destiny.

After all that has happened to me in the past, after all the changes, chaos and disappointments…I realised one thing that hasn’t changed, and will never change.

Love Is All You Need.

And I do still need it. I do still want someone I can love and who will love me back. I want a fierce love that does not falter or look away. I want to look into someone’s eyes and see the promise that they will lay down their life for me, just as I communicate the same to them. I want to connect with someone on the highest level, on a spiritual level. I want to be able to lay myself naked, metaphorically speaking, at their altar, to commune with them without the need for language. I want to resonate with them at all levels, to be able to sense immediately if they are hurting or upset, and to be able to do my best to help them feel better.

(I also want to grow cannabis so I may make cannabis oil to give away to cancer sufferers…but that is still a very long way off, and that is another story altogether…and I can’t do this unless the laws change. But I thought I might put this thought out into the Universe now…in case someone is paying attention).

On a personal level, yes I am still waiting to be swept off my feet (again), still waiting for The One (again), still waiting for my heart to be mended (again)…but what I want is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. It will happen when the time is right, and only then. Damn it, even at this late hour I deserve my “Happily Ever After” fairytale ending! And if I can’t have it now, there is still time…So, I trust.

But yes, I do believe that if we all loved one another, regardless of race, religion, caste, education, material wealth, social standing etc…if we were simply able to put away all these man-made roles that society and culture impose on us, and just stand and look at each other, really see the other for the beautiful human being that they are, really accept and embrace all our differences without fear or judgement…then there would be no wars anymore in the world.

In the meantime, while waiting for the world to wake up, there are dogs. And cats. All creatures great and small, and all who show us what it’s like to love unconditionally.




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What Price Love?

I was looking for silver rings in my local Cash Converter’s just recently. The ring I had in mind was a Balinese/Nepalese/Indian style ring, with gemstone cabochons and New Agey swirls, curlicues, spirals or raised dots. Like the sort of rings you find on fortune tellers at a Psychic Fair. I didn’t want a fancy, jewel-encrusted ring, just a simple silver one with a pretty (powerful) stone/s set in it.




These are just a fraction of what the store had to offer. There was an entire section filled with pre-loved yellow and white gold rings, set with diamonds and other precious stones. Most were engagement rings. There were a few dress or cocktail rings in the $50-100 range, but the rest were dear, as you can see in the photos above.

Then it struck me. The irony of what I’ve just said. “Pre-loved”, “precious”, “dear”. The enormity of what all those rings in the display cabinets symbolised. The staggering truth behind the price tags.

Why were there so many engagement rings for sale??? Are there really so many women in my area who have given up on their marriages? This was just in one pawnshop, what about other pawnshops in the country, did they all have a similar story to tell?

Or, does marriage nowadays mean nothing more than an expensive diamond ring that can later be traded in at a pawnshop for cold, hard cash? Divorce can be pretty annihilating financially.

Or, and I’m not sure if this is even more shudderingly coldhearted than the previous reason…have we become so enamoured of material things that we are no longer satisfied with the token of love our husbands and partners used to win our hearts all those years ago, but would rather “trade it in” for something bigger, flashier, classier and much, much more expensive??! Just like how some people change their cars every single year?

The “tradition” of giving engagement rings began as a De Beers advertising campaign. (Sorry to burst your bubble, those of you who believed it to be a time-worn, traditional custom going back thousands of years. It really only goes back to 1938. Yes, really).

So, this myth is just like the story of Santa Claus (look away now, children, and drink your Coca Cola!) and the Easter Bunny (why come back as a rabbit, Jesus? Was it a typo, did you mean a rabbi??!). Sorry, folks. Time to wake up.

I have 3 engagement rings. My 1st was a channel-set yellow gold ring with 7 teeny tiny diamonds. I chose it because I didn’t want a solitaire that stuck out and could get caught in the strings and bow hairs of my viola. I was in my final year of University as a mature student, studying Music then. My then fiance hadn’t even felt the need to buy me a ring. He’s a millionnaire by now, I’m sure.

My 2nd engagement ring I bought with my own money. My partner at that time and I were on holiday in Malaysia and we saw this lovely jade ring surrounded by diamonds. He said he would buy it for me. But his card got declined. So I paid for it. The ring shaft was too large, so when I got back to England I had it resized at a jeweller’s. Luckily we never did get officially engaged or married, he was a total waste of space…an abusive alcoholic.

My 3rd engagement ring again I bought myself. My then fiance wanted to buy me one we both liked, that was of white gold and had two diamond-studded arms surrounding a central solitaire. However, he didn’t have the money to spare as by then we were in the middle of emigrating to Australia from Ireland. So I went to Argos and bought myself a token ring, of silver with a simulated Tanzanite solitaire surrounded by little Cubic Zirconia. It looked similar to Princess Diana’s engagement ring, but I’m pretty sure there’s a difference of several decimal places. Unless hers cost €30.00 too.

So, on a personal level, I guess you could say that I’ve not had much luck with my own engagement rings, or my marriages. But hey, I still have my rings. And I don’t intend to trade them in for anything flashier either. Because:


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Oracle Cards

Today’s post is about Oracle Cards. Some of you may be religious and consider them the devil’s work; I would ask that everyone please read this post with an open mind. The angle I’m coming from here is not a religious one, but a mixture of spirituality, affirmation and artistic creativity.

Strangely enough, Wikipedia does not have an entry for Oracle Cards. But I found one that doesn’t self-promote or advertise products, which a lot of other sites do.

From e-How:
Oracle cards are types of cards that when used together form a card deck that provides individuals with answers to their innermost questions. These questions and answers are generally prophetic in nature and are thought to provide a glimpse or outlook into the future. An individual can buy and use her own set of cards for gathering insight, or may choose to seek the services of a psychic or medium who professionally reads oracle cards.

Oracle Card Meanings

You can find many types of oracle card decks. There are also many types of oracle cards within each deck. Each of these cards has its own meaning. As an example, “Amethyst” is a card found in the Crystal oracle deck. When this card is selected in a reading, you are being told to embrace your “shadow side.” This means that you must learn to love all parts of yourself. By comparison, the “Tiger” card in the Creature Teacher oracle deck suggests that an individual learn to face all fears head on.


Although you may think the use of oracle cards for divination is relatively new, it might surprise you to learn that they have been in existence for over 200 years. One of the most popular decks of oracle cards is the Lenormand Oracle cards. These cards are named after famed fortuneteller Madame Marie Lenormand. While there is no certainty as to whether she created the very first oracle deck or not, she is noted as having devised her own deck of oracle cards to give readings. Today, while still not as well known as tarot cards, the cards bearing her name continue to remain popular in certain parts of Europe.

Oracle versus Tarot

While the decks of tarot cards were originally created for playing games, the oracle card was created as more of an inspirational tool. Unlike tarot cards that have the darker images of the “Hanged Man” and “Death,” oracle cards typically stick with more positive images and many decks are based on angels or healing themes. There are 78 cards in tarot decks; however, the number of cards in an oracle deck can vary from about 44 cards to as high as 55 or more, since each card deck is unique.

Oracle Card Readings

The reading of oracle cards is quite similar to that of tarot cards. The person performing the reading focuses on the question at hand before shuffling the deck of cards. The card reader then selects a card and notes any impressions that are immediately apparent when she sees the card. Additional cards are then chosen as needed. Each card offers insight into the answer to the original question. The number of cards chosen generally depends on the reader and the type of spread she prefers. Some readers find that three cards can offer a past, present, future explanation, while other card readers may prefer 12 or more cards pulled out of the deck. These cards are then placed in a card spread for a more detailed reading.

In my personal photographic art projects, I like to do a Series of 100 images. Or at least 50. (I like round numbers). My first big project was my Madhatter’s Teaparty project, which I have placed under license with Kess InHouse now. My 2nd big project, and an ongoing one, is the 100 Butterflies project, of which I’ve done 45.

Most recently, due to a personal spiritual awakening in my life, I’ve decided to embark on another project, that of creating my own Oracle Card deck. I figure I have the artistic means to create the artwork, literally at my fingertips, so why not explore the spiritual world too. I won’t pretend to know much about clairvoyancy or psychic powers, but I do know I can at least write positive sayings or affirmations to go with the cards I create. Even “negative” cards will have a positive spin on it.

So that is my plan.

I’ve been experimenting with the layout and themes for my Oracle Cards, using Apps like PicsArt and Pixlr Express. The first one I did was to accompany a Haiku “The Lesson” I wrote, which I posted up a few days ago. That was just an image, without any text on it. It was titled “As Above, So Below”.

The feedback I’ve received from friends has been very encouraging.

So I created another image, this time with text on it.

And here is another one.

And a third.


I like how the latter 3 turned out, and I think that’s the way I’ll be going with this project.

I’m not sure yet about the text or explanatory notes to accompany my cards, but I’m fairly certain that when the time is right, the words will flow. :)

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Imaginary Conversations

He said, She said
Everyone says something
But what are we really saying?
What do we mean by those words
Coming out of our mouths?

We have Language so we may use it
But we choose to distort our meanings
By couching our sentences
Crouching behind smoke and mirrors
To disguise the Truth

Better learn to read between the lines
As one knows oftentimes
What one leaves unsaid
Is far more meaningful
Than what one says

Sometimes it is for protection
I shall not give you everything
Lay my soul bare to you
Because you may not return
The sentiment

You may be preoccupied
Or otherwise unavailable
And if I am simply Honest
And my words are simply the Truth
I fear I may get hurt by your reaction

So instead I maintain
A distant demeanour
I hide behind my facade
Of jokes, half-jokes
And all-out subterfuge

Yes we should all tell the Truth
But in matters of the Heart
Sometimes it is
The most difficult thing to do
– Dare you open that door?

For what lies behind it
Is what frightens us most
– not war, not strife, not illness
But the uncertainty
Of that new place behind the door

So we stand at the threshold
Holding imaginary conversations
With our innermost psyche
Trying to psych ourselves
To cross the line

Because we know
That once that line is crossed
No matter what anyone may say
Something has shifted
Something has changed

And Change terrifies us
Change is the two-headed beast
That tells us to check under our beds
And in our closets
While it sits on our shoulder

Be brave!
Open that door!
Cross that line!
Don’t just stand there
Having conversations that never were

“Barbed Wire Heart Balloon” by Banksy

Poem by: AlyZen Moonshadow

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