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My New Bike

After 3 years of hard riding and scrapes and falls galore, I have just retired my trusty old bicycle. It was a swell bike, and I loved it to pieces, quite literally, but its death pangs began when it got stolen from outside the shops about 7 months ago (see my post “Zen and the art of Bicycle Recovery” for the story of how I got my bike back from the thieves). Since that incident, the gears on my bike had not been quite the same – sometimes engaging, sometimes not.

And so, for the past few months, as the gears got progressively worse, I actually thought it was ME who was getting out of shape and finding it hard to keep up with The Kid on his bike. There he was, the little tearaway, zipping ahead on his mountain bike while his poor elderly (hehe) Mum tried valiantly to keep up. It was the gears – it was either too low or too high, there was no compromise. Cycling started to become a pain in the arse, literally…

Around Christmas time last year, hubby convinced me to put a new bicycle on lay-by. This meant I was to pay the bike shop a few bob each week until I’d finished paying for it all. We could ill-afford to do that, with more going out than coming in…but I’m glad I agreed to it, because this treadmill of an old bike was getting on my nerves, especially my sciatic nerve.

So, last week, I decided to go for broke. And paid the rest of the layby using my battered old credit card, thereby securing its freedom from the backroom of the bike shop. I also bought a pannier rack and basket for the back of my new bike, as well as new lights for both front and back.

And…I’m glad to report that my hunch had been right. It wasn’t my old bones that were struggling to push my old bike faster. It was indeed the clapped-out gears that were letting me down. Because you should see me on my shiny new bike. No, actually you can’t see me, because I’m just a blur flashing past your field of vision, that’s how fast this new bike is. Sigh! I’m in love.






The Perils of Homework

Why so much

And I’m not even
In school anymore
So why am I doing
So much

I used to wait
Til the school bell rang
To welcome my kid home
Every day
From Primary School
So we could catch up
And talk about his day
Watch a bit of TV
Have dinner
Then kiss him
Off to bed

But now
When he comes home
From Secondary School
With his school bag
Heavy on his young shoulders
I shudder
To think about what
He has to do

Like any Mother
Who wants her child
To do well
In his educational years
You just have to
Keep up with their
You have no choice
And there’s a
Helluva lot of
Homework to do!!

I will of course
Help him
As far as I’m able
But inside
I’m cringing
Inside I’m screaming
“I’ve done my time
In school already,
Been there, done that,
Got the t-shirt
I have more than enough
On my own plate
Why must I now
Deal with
All over again?!!”

The Perils of Homework




Persuasion Before Contact

Whatever happened
To chivalry?
Where have all
The Gentlemen gone?
Why is this Life
So much of a
Rush rush rush
That even Love
Must be hurried
Got over
Done with?
Let’s skip the formalities
And just get down to business?

Whatever happened
To the Art of
Gentle Persuasion?
Of talking and wooing
Before instigating
Has Love taken
A backseat
To Lust?
Or are we just
Too busy
To make the effort
Shoot first
Ask questions later?

Persuasion Before Contact
Romance 123
Perhaps get to know
The Person first
Before you get to know
The Body
A relationship
Based on physical attributes
And no intellectual
Or emotional connection
Is one headed for
A cul-de-sac
Sure, it’s fun
But when it ends
…then what?
On to the next conquest?
…and then what?
Is it a case of
“Try before you buy”?


And people call Them “Primitive”??

I recently saw a video on a friend’s Facebook wall, about how many ancient Tribes are under threat of extinction due to modern man’s “intervention”. Yes, you read that right. It’s PEOPLE I’m talking about, not animals.

Modern Man has a lot to account for, mostly negative when it’s regarding fellow human beings and animals. Kill, maim, capture, rape, torture, exterminate!! If it’s different, it’s a threat!! Shudder.

Sure, we live in a world of technological wonders, where anything we can imagine is possible…if not now, then in the next 10 minutes. But we seem to have lost our humanity along the way. And instead picked up plenty of ignoble traits. Shame on us!

The video clip (just one of many by Survival International) had captions which read like a Wish List for the “Modern” World:

No Debt
No Bombs
No Prisons
No Poverty
No Homeless
No Pollution
…and people call Them “Primitive”??

I was compelled to leave a long comment about those Tribes on my friend’s Facebook wall. I’ll share what I said here too:

These people are living the life that most of us dream about – a life with no debt, everyone contributing to the whole, communities rich in culture, where the young look after the old and the old look after the very young, everyone suppports each other and helps out in the fields, hunting or gathering. There is respect throughout, and the handing down of ancient healing and shamanic knowledge.

It’s the Western World that has twisted the whole idea and gotten it wrong. And it’s they who think these Tribes should get “civilised” and join the modern world. But why?? So these Tribes can be exposed to the corrupt world we live in? Where there’s all manner of manmade diseases that they won’t have any natural immunity to? Where they will encounter amorality, violence, wanton excesses, rampant consumerism, selfishness, greed and ego? Where they will be relegated to ghettos or reservations, put through the “System” and treated like second or third class citizens, on the dole, forced to live in modern houses, their children forced fed an alien education stripped of morals and ancient teachings, so that they forget their own culture and history but have to assimilate what the government decrees should be learnt instead?

We have come so far down the wrong path, that we now see ourselves as progressive and modern, and these Ancient Tribes as backward and uncivilised. When in actual fact it is US who are backward and uncivilised, squabbling like children over stupid invented realities like Money, Property, Land and Ownership, and starting wars because someone said/did/is something different to what we’ve been brainwashed to believe in.

It’s high time we looked towards creating a simpler society, or literally got back to our roots. We need to be more like these Tribes, we need to help them survive and thrive instead of dragging them kicking and screaming into this chaotic world we live in. We need to change our own perception of what is inherently good for us and what we’ve been brainwashed to believe is good for us. WAKE UP, WORLD!!

Want to help? Then donate to, or better still, join Survival International, the only organisation that champions tribal people’s rights.

Take a stand now. Be the Change you want to see.


Coming To My Senses

I am
Coming to
My senses
Waking up
My reality
Is changing
My world
Suddenly I am
Standing on
The other side
A stranger
Looking in
When in the past
I was like
Those in the bubble
To what is
Believing that
I was born to
Pay bills
And Die
Because isn’t that
What everyone else does?

Now the scales
Have fallen
And I can see
Really see
How we must
Turn right round
Scratch out
The past
And start again
If humanity
Is to have
A chance
To survive
All the wars
All the enmity
All the struggles
All the strife
All the heartache
All the stress
All the worry
All come down to
Just one thing


The concept of
Money begets
The concepts of
Power and Ownership
Which in turn beget
The concepts of
Greed and Profit
Which beget
The concept of
Selfishness and Ego
Which beget
The concepts of
Us and Them
Rich and Poor
Me, Me, Me

Trust me
When I say
That without Money
The world will not end
It will not
Be Chaos
Think about it
I know the truth
And many more
Are waking up
We cannot continue
To live this great Lie
That pretends to be Life
They say
Those that know
The Truth
Those that can see
Past the great Lie
Come across
As the crazy ones
I’m a lunatic then
Will you Wake Up
And See for yourself?




A Gift is not a Gift these days

a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.
synonyms: present, donation, offering, contribution, handout, presentation, bestowal, largesse, alms, charity, bonus, award, premium, bounty, boon, favour, bequest, legacy, inheritance, settlement, subsidy, grant, endowment, benefaction;

Once upon a time, when I first started working at a Customer Service Call Centre for a bank, there would be incentives for meeting sales targets. If you made X number of sales in a month, you’d get $ vouchers or even an actual physical gift. I once won a kettle BBQ set and then there was a slew of €20-€50 movie vouchers, or pre-paid supermarket cards valued the same.

Then the economic climate changed. Suddenly, gone were these little motivational boosters and incentives. They were replaced by this concept instead:

If you meet your sales targets for the month, you will be eligible to ENTER INTO A LUCKY DRAW to win a prize.

So, instead of everyone who met the target getting a prize, now they would have to jump through more hoops just to win ONE prize. Do the math – instead of giving away a paltry sum of $50 to 100 deserving people each month i.e (a total of $5000), the bank would now only need to give away $50 to 1 “lucky” person each month. A quick and instant savings of $4950. Small wonder profits were up.

That’s just one way how big banks cut costs. They make their staff work hard for little or no reward. And they also love to change people’s job descriptions, so that you end up doing 2 people’s jobs and only get paid 1 salary. Clever, eh?

In the old days, not so long ago actually, store loyalty cards would give customers actual Freebies to reward their loyalty. Now, however, the same cost-cutting/profit-increasing tactic has seeped over. Now loyal customers get “Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price” (see, not even Get 1 Free anymore). Or, worse, “Spend $80 a week for 4 weeks and get $20 back”. Or “Spend $150 in one shop and get 15% off!”

Which looks good only on paper. You’d be thinking, wow, get $20 back, or wow, get 15% off…but remember you’d have had to spend $320 in the first instance and $150 in the second, in order to even qualify. And we’re not talking about discounts here.

I don’t have the money to be splashing out on groceries so wantonly every week. That’s why I always disregard these offers. “A Gift For You!” scream their headlines. Well, I’m sorry, but a Gift should be given with no strings attached, not with terms & conditions attached to it.

What has our world come to??? Shocking, just shocking.

When I blog about giving away things, I mean it. I Abandon my Art around town just so it makes someone’s day. I sometimes give away backgrounds, textures, bokeh effects, or even prints, just for the practice of giving away something, so someone can say they actually got something for Free. That, I feel, should be the true spirit of giving. I’m not after fame or fortune, I don’t even care if no one knows who I am or what I do.

I must be nuts.

You don’t get nuthin’ for nuthin’, goes the old saying. Well, here in Australia, even nothing costs you money…see image below. This was taken at my local railway station just the other day. Alright, they probably ran out of stock within 5 minutes of putting up this sign, but still it makes for food for thought:


Caption this: (multiple choice)
A. Only in Australia do you have to pay $1 to buy absolutely Nothing
B. Nothing costs $1 in Australia
C. What can you get for $1 in Australia? Nothing!
D. All of the above

Or E. Priceless

Fifty Shades of Red

I went to watch the much-hyped “Fifty Shades of Grey” at the cinema, mostly out of curiosity but also to see if there was anything new this old dog can learn. I think it should be re-titled “The Contract”, as that seemed to be Christian Grey’s main hang-up throughout the entire arduous 2 hours plus. Maybe he’s suffered through litigations before.

If you don’t like spoilers, look away now. Really, you shouldn’t mind, seeing as the books have been out for years now. I have all 3 of E L James’s books, (got them from my local thrift store), but I couldn’t get past the first 3 chapters of the first book.  The style of writing just didn’t gel with me, and I soon got very tired of Anastasia Steele’s vacillating between “Should I/Shouldn’t I sign the contract and become Christian Grey’s Submissive”.  Which is another reason why I decided to watch the film instead – to find out what happened after the first 3 chapters…

Hmmpf.  I wasn’t too impressed by it, to be honest. Much ado about nothing, and then there’s the message that comes across. It claims to be about BDSM (Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism), but in reality it’s nothing more than glammed up rape and narcissistic blackmail. The poor girl.

Christian Grey is hot and eligible because he’s a young billionaire. So naturally, this makes him a babe magnet, or so you’d think. He makes every woman swoon with his sharp suits, big eyes and youthful Colin Firth looks. Besides, he owns a fleet of flash cars, knows how to fly planes and helicopters and god knows what else. Money is no object to him. He can do what he likes, when he likes. Doesn’t seem to work much, but obviously worships at the Cult of Apple, judging from the various gadgets he plays with. He even gives Anastasia an Apple Mac laptop when hers breaks down. The guy oozes capitalism and materialism. He’s clearly one of the Elite at the top of the pyramid. He pursues Anastasia Grey relentlessly, even though she’s clearly just a down to earth girl, confused about his intentions and even more so about his aloofness. He won’t let her touch him, but wants to play with all parts of her body, especially when it involves being tied up or handcuffed to the bedposts. Likes to dish it…but can he take it?

Not likely. I kept hoping throughout the film that Christian Grey would change and learn a thing or two about Love. But nope. It was all about him, him and him. His needs. His desires. His intentions. His pleasure. What about HER needs? He tells her that she’ll get pleasure out of doing things his way, and that she’ll have all of him. At this point, alarm bells should have been going off like klaxons in her head. All of him?  Are you serious??? But no, she plays along, out of curiosity, and also because for some reason she fancies him. But girl, how can you fall for a man who won’t let you into his personal life, who wants to treat you like a sex slave or plaything, who won’t even let you touch him, who tells you he doesn’t believe in romance or making love (he calls it “fucking hard” instead), and who wants to hurt and “punish” you even though you’ve done nothing wrong?  Read the contract, girl – no hope of a happily married life with kids with this guy. It’s all about eating the right foods, no excessive drinking or doing drugs, taking contraception as prescribed by his doctor, behaving as he would like you to, playing his sick mind games,  being at his beck and call. Letting him convince you that it’s what you want, when in actual fact, it’s just plain Rape.

He even tries to blackmail her into signing the Contract, by throwing in a sweetener: “Once a week we’ll do the things normal people do – like eating out or going to the movies” (or words to that effect – I wasn’t paying too much attention as I was busy trying to control my gag reflex). Sorry, mate – the things normal people do should be the norm, not the exception, in any healthy relationship. Walk away, girl!

The whole premise of the film is so wrong on so many levels. Part of me wanted to get up and exit the cinema, but the other part of me said “Maybe he does change for the better, maybe she shows him how to be a real man and love a woman. Maybe he grows up and stops being a total jerk”.

But he doesn’t. Towards the end of the film, Anastasia lets him whip her buttocks 6 times. And he sadistically makes her count each time out loud for him. He’s clearly getting off on it, but she’s just as clearly in pain, both physically and mentally. Apparently she’s come to her senses, and she finally does the right thing – she leaves. (But I hear there’s a sequel or two in the pipeline, they get married or something…poor thing).

Then, there’s the element of Obsessive Stalker Danger inherent in Christian Grey. Anastasia graduates from college and moves to Seattle with her roomie Kate. Barely has she settled in then one night she’s startled to find that Christian has let himself into her apartment. Trespass, anyone?  But, because it’s Christian Grey, that’s okay then??? And she lets him throw her on the bed and have his wicked way with her? Rape, anyone? WTF?!

Christian gives Anastasia a brand new car as a graduation present. Why? She was perfectly happy with her battered old Beetle. She asks him where her car is, and he tells her his right-hand man has been tasked to sell it. Ummm…isn’t that theft? If your boyfriend did that to your car without your permission, you’d have him for stealing it. Again, because it’s Mr Perfect Christian Grey with his Billions, that’s perfectly fine?? I’d have socked him one right there and then. Where it hurts most. Control freak!

Anastasia goes to visit her mother in a different state. Christian shows up at the hotel, where she’s having cocktails with Mummy dearest. She can’t even have a bloody cocktail on her own.  He steals her away to go fly a glider plane, which the stupid cow can’t see is merely him trying to impress her. FFS, the girl went to visit her mother to get away from you, and what do you do, you stalk her and follow her and whisk her away from her family?

Call me old-fashioned, call me a prude, but isn’t sex meant to be consensual between adults? When one party is bullied or coerced into doing things they don’t like or don’t wish to partake in, it stops being consensual. I don’t have any experience with S&M or Dominant/Submissive sex, so maybe the whole scenario above is OK with some? Whatever wets your whistle, then. But I think there’s plenty of guys out there who brought their girlfriends to watch this film, who are now thinking it’s alright to make their ladies do demeaning things just for their own pleasure, that their ladies should submit to them and allow themselves to be tortured in the name of sex…because if Anastasia allowed it and even liked it, they should too?

Well, I’m sorry. If a knight in shining armour came up to me and offered to take me away from it all, to start a new life with me and those most precious to me, of course I’d jump at the opportunity. But if said knight offered me nothing more than a good old roll in the hay now and then, a booty call, let’s leave our problems at home, let’s just have fun, etc etc …i.e it’s all to HIS benefit… Ummm, thanks but no thanks. It’s not sex that’s missing in my life, it’s good old intellectual conversation and a connecting of minds. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn if I never have sex again. Way over-rated by men. Women want the Romance, the whole Happily Ever After thing. Not some twisted, sadistic game of Let’s Waste Each Other’s Time. You want the woman, you jolly well woo her with bells attached, and you don’t make her do things that YOU like, you do things that you BOTH like, you make plans for the future, you tackle problems head on instead of sweeping them under the carpet and pretending they don’t exist. Have some RESPECT, clearly something that’s missing in the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.









A Material Obsession

I have come to realise that, when it comes to obsessive collecting, I am my father’s daughter. But now that I know where that trait has come from, I’ve taken steps to consciously put the brakes on my compulsion to accumulate stuff. I don’t need more clutter than I already have in my life.

Today I’d like to share with you my father’s obsession with Blue & White porcelain. Thankfully, my own obsessions do not run to these, instead my passion lies in collecting vintage teacups and saucers. But I can see where the collecting bug comes from in my family.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, oh okay around 35 years ago when I was a sweet little girl, we lived in Malacca, in Malaysia. Now, Malacca, or Melaka to give it its Malay spelling, was a cultural hotpot for many centuries, with a rich and diverse history that encompasses the traditions, religions and culture of India, China, Portugal, The Netherlands and England.

On the outskirts of Malacca was a hill called Bukit Cina (Chinese Hill), where the Chinese immigrants buried their dead. Now, as the Chinese had been long settled in Malacca since the 1500s, the Bukit Cina cemetery was, as you can imagine, rather crowded.

Anyway, as a young girl then, all this history was unknown to me at this time. What I remember though, and very clearly too, is that my father loved collecting antiques and already had quite an extensive collection. But one day he came back with a flatbed truck…and on the back of this truck was a gigantic lump of fused stone/sand/concrete…and embedded within this massive lump were shards of blue and white Chinese porcelain.

I reckon my dear father had done a bit of grave-digging. Either that, or he’d gotten wind that someone had dug up a whole lot of ancient ceramics and reburied them in a hole, which was then filled in with concrete or sand and stone. And that he’d hired a guy with a truck to help him steal the large “rock” and bring it home.

Whatever the case, there was now this big yellow lump of rock in our garden, with porcelain pieces embedded in it.

You’re probably wondering what my dear parent had in store for that lump of rock. Well, the next day, and for weeks after that, after work he would sit patiently by that rock with a hammer and chisel, and chip away at it until he managed to release a complete piece of ceramic, such as a bowl or a plate. Now, my father was a dental specialist, so he had all the tools and expertise required for precision chiselling, such as it were.

True story, this. To this day, I know my father still has many of these salvaged pieces in his collection. In his house, there is a room with at least 18 wooden chests, all filled with priceless Ming Dynasty Blue & White porcelain, antique chime clocks, and silver jewellery.

My father has no intention of selling any of his antiques. My brother and I live too far away to be carting away pieces every time we visit our folks back home. Having said that, my brother has already managed to get his hands on the colourful Peranakan Porcelain, which I had expressed an interest in very early on, so my guess is that most of it will go to my brother when the old man passes on.

No matter. Once upon a time I might have minded that my brother, being older and male, would be our parents’ main heir. But now, I truly understand the meaning of “You can’t take anything with you when you die”. So, instead of waiting around to enjoy something that I might never receive anyway, I’ve found a way of enjoying such things right now.

Yes, right now and at no cost. And guess what, you won’t even need to make room in your house to accommodate them.

Yes, it’s all in my head. And in yours too. I’m talking about our ability today, to curate entire collections of “Stuff” online. I blame and thank Pinterest for this.

So, I’ll leave you now with some images of Ming Dynasty Blue & White porcelain, that are similar to the ones my father has. There are thousands of wonderful pieces out there, with vibrant, bright colours, but the ones you’ll see below are the type my father used to collect, which may be more muted in colour.
















What If…

Let’s play a little game
Of make-believe…
It’s called “What If”.


What if
We all held hands
Instead of holding guns?

What if
We all carried smiles in our hearts
Instead of money in our wallets?

What if
Helping others out was normal
Instead of being seen as heroic?
Being kind was an everyday thing
Instead of being an effort?

What if
We didn’t have to be afraid
Of walking alone at night
Because violence was gone,

What if
We didn’t have to be afraid
Of not having money to pay our bills
Because Money no longer exists
And bills are a thing of the past?

What if
We didn’t have to worry
About putting food on the table
Because food is plentiful
If we All shared the work
Harvesting and making it?

What if
We all put our differences aside
And embrace each other
And accept and celebrate our
Individual Uniqueness?

What if
We all put aside our Egos
The need to be Top Dog
The Best, The Richest,
The Prettiest, The Fastest,
The One With The Most
The One Who Is Always Right?

What if
The World became a Better,
Brighter place?
A place where people Cared
And Shared
Without thinking about
How they could profit from it
Or how they could gain
Advantage over another
Or how their name would be
Lit up bright for others to admire
And emulate?

What if
Utopia really exists
But in order to reach that state
We need to look at ourselves
And Change our attitude
And outlook and philosophies
And admit that we were wrong
To have allowed and endorsed this
Harsh, violent, unforgiving,
Selfish, demanding, argumentative,
Greedy, grasping, opportunistic,
Capitalist, consumerist,
Cut-throat, amoral, self-indulgent,
Illogical, egoistic, narcissistic
Society that we live in?

What if?

Pack Lightly, Travel Far

We all have periods where we may get obsessed about something (or someone), and spend a good proportion of our time and money going about accummulating information/books/items/memorabilia/paraphernalia in relation to these things.

Some people develop one obsession and stick to it their entire lives. For example, my husband’s been obsessed with Tangerine Dreamand its founder, Edgar Froese, since he was a young teenager. That’s more than half his life now. He has over the years accumulated thousands of CD albums, badges, posters,  backstage passes, photos, tribute albums, t-shirts etc all in relation to Tangerine Dream. Now that Edgar Froese has passed away, hubby knows the value of these items will rise and rise. But he’s not letting anything go, no way, Jose! 😄

As for myself, I’ve run through a gamut of obsessions. They range from teddy bears, to teacups, cheesemaking, angora goats (yes, really, though I did not get quite as far as purchasing my own flock), handmade handbags, handmade paper, handmade books, soapmaking, felting, needle-felting, raising worms for composting (That did not work out too well), creating recycled art, assemblage, Steampunk, just to name a few.

I believe in the principle of Total Immersion. LOL.

Lately though, I’ve had an Epiphany. And I lament the thought of all that money gone to waste feeding my obsessions. I don’t begrudge the Time and Effort spent searching for these items, but I do the Money.

For you see, now I realise one major flaw in human nature: the need for Ownership.

If you think about it, really, we never own anything. Nothing really “belongs” to us completely, it’s always temporary. You can’t take anything with you when you die. Not a single thing. Zilch. All those years of buying and hoarding stuff…nope, sorry, you won’t be able to take it with you up to Heaven.

But I can leave it to my children and my children’s children, right? Nope. You may be able to pass your stuff down to them, sure, but if they have the same attitude of hoarding them, and not being able to enjoy them right now, then it’s a wasted exercise. Plus, the time will come when They realise that it’s only Stuff, and they can’t take Stuff with them when it’s their turn to die.

The solution? Simple. Pack Lightly, Travel Far. Stop accummulating Stuff. Or, if you really have to, do it in the name of Research and Product Development (if you’re an artist like me, you may understand the need to get your hands on some tangible Art or books on artists and techniques, so you can study them in depth and learn from them).

And afterwards, Let Your Stuff Go. Do not keep them or hoard them with the hope that they will bring you lots of money later, when their value has risen. Because, I can guarantee that when that time comes, you’ll not be wanting to sell them, but instead you’ll be thinking that if you keep them just a wee bit longer, they might fetch just that little bit more later. And a little bit more even later. And then you will never be able to part with them at all. Ever.

So, with that in mind, these days I travel light. Admittedly I do have a small and growing collection of fortune telling cards – Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand and a few other esoteric oddities. Yes, it’s tempting to hold on to them and hope to sell them at a premium later on. But, the main difference between me 10 years ago and now, is that now my intention, after having studied the artwork and little instructional booklets that come with most decks, and taken inspiration and ideas from them, is to put them up for sale…Not to make any profit, but just so I have less Stuff cluttering up my home.

I don’t, and You don’t, need all that Stuff. All that food at the supermarket? Leave it there til you really need it, after all they have better fridges and bigger freezers than you at home. All those lovely clothes you could buy and wear perhaps once, maybe twice? Leave them on the shop’s mannequins, and enjoy looking at the mannequins wearing them until the fashion breeze changes 2 weeks later. All those beautiful items you’ve just seen at a home decor store? Enjoy them while they’re there on display, feast your eyes and savour the memories. Do you really want your home to be so cluttered? Next month, visit the store again, and enjoy savouring the new displays as if they belonged in your home…only you won’t have any tidying up or dusting to do.

So, pack lightly, and travel far.