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The Giving Heart

…or, a tale of serendipity and synchronicity.

I received an email from my local library that one of the items I had reserved was now ready for collection. And so, although it was a rather rainy day, I made the trek by bicycle to the library today.

The library has some shelves in the foyer where they sell discarded library books. Old books, not so popular books, books superceded by new imprints – you could get them cheap for 50 cents or a dollar each.

After picking up my books, I decided to have a look at the books for sale. Sometimes the pickings are slim, other times there’d be a golden nugget or two. Today one book in particular seemed to jump out at me.

It was “The Giving Heart” by M.J Ryan. The strapline read “Unlocking the Transformative Power of Generosity in Your Life”.


The strange thing was, all the other books bore “discarded” stamps inside their covers. And all had the standard library stickers and catalogue numbers on their spines.

Except this one. There was absolutely nothing on or in this book to indicate that it had ever been a library book. Could it perhaps have been left there on purpose for someone like me to find? Abandoned with good intention by someone who had learned from its contents and now wished to share it with others?

I took the book to the librarian at the counter. She couldn’t explain how it had ended up on the book sale shelves either. She didn’t hesitate to charge me a dollar for it, though.

I believe there are No accidents in life, and that I was meant to find and take this book home with me. It might explain why I like giving things away, like my Art, the oranges from my tree, my hens’ eggs, bread and cakes that I’ve baked, clothes I don’t wear anymore. Another clue or insight into what or who I am, and why.

The Giving Heart: Unlocking the Transformative Power of Generosity in Your Life

So, it seems the Universe has decreed today that I start reading this book first, instead of the one I went to the library to collect. OK, Universe!

Thoughts ARE Reflections

Thoughts And Reflections
Thoughts ARE Reflections.

What you Do, Say or Think
Is just a Reflection of Yourself
Some people think
Life’s out to get them
– and they’d be right
Because your thoughts are real,
As real as anything you see
Or touch
Or believe
Your body doesn’t know
What thoughts are
– it only knows what
Your mind feeds it
And everything your mind thinks,
Your body treats as real
So, when you think you’re happy
Your body is happy too
And when you think
You’re going to have a terrible day
Trust me, you will!
If you believe you’re healthy
You are
And the same goes for the opposite.

When someone accused me
Just the other day
Of supporting Communism
Of being a Capitalist
Of not understanding his situation
– all in the same breath
I caught myself before retaliating
And simply told him
To stop reflecting his bitterness
Within himself
By using me as a mirror
I mean, I hadn’t even mentioned
Anything about Communism
Or Capitalism
Or about his situation
– I guess he just needed a scapegoat
Or any excuse to vent his angst
And frustration
And I seemed an easy target
He had created within his own mind
A situation where things were dire
And desperate
And he could not see a way out
Of the prison he’d put himself in
So instead he cast about
In his misery
For someone else to blame
Or to pin his hopes on
Rather than searching within himself
For the Solution.

Look in the mirror
And learn to see Yourself
As you truly are,
Not some distorted view
Of a monster that has trapped you
And will taunt you
And torture you,
Not someone that Society decreed
Must do this, like that, eat these…
But of the beautiful person You are
And know that in all situations
You are there because
Of a series of thoughts
And decisions
That You made
Or allowed to be made
And also know that
If you wish to change your situation
You only have to change your mind
(And it’s okay to do that too)
No one else can do it for you.

(Photo by Louise Docker, curated from her Flickr stream

Images to Soothe, Images to Inspire

Today I’m childminding The Kid’s best friend Cooper, so it’ll be full on making sure the boys have enough to eat and to keep them occupied. Should be easy enough, as they have the PS3 and computer to play on. And Scooby Doo snack-sized hotdogs in flaky pastry in the freezer for when they get hungry. Scooby snacks. Yeah, I’m that kind of Mum 😄.

I just won’t have the time for any heavy writing today. So instead, I’ll share with you some images I either found on Google, Pinterest or saw on friends’ Facebook walls, that are just too good to keep to myself.

A friend showed me this first image and told me there’d been a Full Moon on 1st July, which was my birthday. How cool is that? The Native Americans call it a Thunder Moon. July 2015 will have 2 full moons, one on the 1st and one on the 31st. Yay!












And this last one makes me want to take up sewing. Seriously.


These Final Hours

I watched the film “These Final Hours” at the cinema a year ago. It’s made by a local film-maker from Perth, Western Australia, and was shot on location right here in Western Australia. The last scene on the beach in the film was actually shot at Point Peron in my own town of Rockingham.

I just so happened to surf onto the film again this morning on Foxtel cable television, and decided to watch it again.


The storyline of “These Final Hours” is rather grim. The trigger-happy powers that be have pressed those fatal buttons and assured the total annihilation of the entire world. America, and the entire Northern Hemisphere, is gone. A rolling, unstoppable tsunami of hellish fire is on its way to the last 2 countries left in the world – Australia and New Zealand.

No “On The Beach” dramas here a la Nevil Shute. There’s only a scant few hours left for Western Australia before the fires reach our shores. A lone radio broadcaster summarises the end of the world as it happens. In the film, James, the main protagonist is just about to leave his girlfriend to go to the Biggest and Last Party On Earth, when she tells him she’s pregnant. At the start of the film, James is a two-timing scoundrel, who’s estranged from his own mother and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. He’s about to go to this Party to hook up with his other girlfriend.

On the way, James happens upon a little girl lost, Rose, who begs him to help her get to her aunt’s house in the hills (Roleystone, to be exact), where she believes her father has gone to spend these final hours. Reluctantly, James agrees to help her. After he’s gotten to the Big Party first, of course.

The Party is as hedonistic as it gets. It is, after all, the Party to end all parties, the last one ever, let’s all go out with a bang and not a whimper. One of the partygoers, who calls herself “Mandy’s Mum” (the wonderful actress Sarah Snook in a short but memorable role) is obviously high on drugs or otherwise off her rocker, and makes little Rose take a pill, which makes her sick. Meanwhile, James’ (other) girlfriend shows him the underground bunker that’s been prepared for her family to ride out the Apocalypse in. James tells her it’s not deep enough underground, and a year’s supply of food and water won’t be any good, as the radiation will take thousands of years to dissipate. Basically, we’re all dead already.

Anyway, because Rose is throwing up and feverish from taking that pill, James doesn’t know what else to do but to take her to his estranged mother’s house. There, while Rose recovers, James and his Mum are able to reconcile. He asks her what she intends to do with these final hours. Previous scenes showed groups of people praying in the streets, and mercy killings and suicides of entire families, as well as looting and The Party. James’ Mum simply says she’ll be doing some jigsaw puzzles.

Now James has had a change of heart and mind, and is determined to get Rose back to her family. And then he intends to go back to his pregnant girlfriend, that he’s realised is his real love. We’re talking Redemption here.

Alas, poor Rose’s other family members have done away with themselves out in the bushland behind her aunt’s house. James wants to take Rose with him back to his waiting girlfriend, but Rose tells him she promised her father they would see the end of the world together, and she’s staying put. So James drives away, with the poignant vision of Rose in his car mirror, running behind him and waving good bye, until neither of them can see each other anymore.

Halfway down the highway, James’ car overheats and he gets out and starts running. The heat is becoming unbearable, as the lone radio broadcaster states that there’s under an hour left before the tsunami of rolling fire reaches the shores of Western Australia. Birds are literally dropping out of the sky.

James manages to run back to (presumably) Rockingham, where he’d left his pregnant girlfriend earlier. Only, she’s not in the house, so James runs down to the beach to look for her. He sees the rolling, roiling clouds of fire coming towards him, but he also sees his girlfriend standing alone on the beach, waiting for the inevitable.

With scarcely five minutes left, James and his girlfriend still manage to find time to have one last argument before reconciling. Finally, they stand together, arms around each other, faces turned towards the wall of fire.

Then, white out.

Watch the trailer of “These Final Hours” here.

This film made me cry. It wasn’t so much the fact that okay, the world is ending, so what will you do with these final hours? But more the question of: How the hell did we let it come to that? Why were we unable to stop ourselves from self-annihilation? Why did we allow all those wars to happen, all that killing, terrorism, destruction of the environment? Were we too complacent? Were the voices of those who spoke out and spoke up too soft for others to hear and heed? Or were we too far gone down the route of consumerism and capitalism, that we no longer cared about the wellbeing of our humanity and Mother Earth?

Yes, it might have been only a movie. But in that movie, the whole World ended. And it was all our own bloody fault.

And do you know what the scary thing is? That it could bloody well happen to us one day, if we all continue down this destructive path of negligence, ignorance and mis-information. If we don’t wake up now and realise that we are responsible for our own future and the future of Mother Earth. This isn’t a spaceship that’s taking us to the Promised Land. This IS the Promised Land, and we are failing miserably to appreciate what we have, to protect it and preserve it for our children and future generations.

What frustrates me is that we are custodians of the Earth, but look at what our greed, selfishness and egos are doing to it. More and more creatures have gone extinct or face extinction due to human activity, in the name of Money.

Where land should be farmed and tilled for crops to feed the hungry, there are vast housing estates filled with homes that not everyone can afford, while the homeless linger on the fringes of society, largely unnoticed. In some countries, it is even ILLEGAL to feed the homeless and destitute!

Also, in some countries, it is ILLEGAL to live off the grid, to be self-sufficient and live off your own land, store rainwater, generate your own power. Why?? So that the government can keep you under control, by plugging you into The System, like those millions of other drones.

You have been warned.


Birthday Bread

Today, the 1st of July, happens to be Canada Day. It would’ve been also Princess Diana’s birthday. It is also my birthday.

I’d been meaning to try out this recipe that I came across on Pinterest. It’s for a round loaf of crusty bread that needs no kneading. The idea of using a cast iron pot, instead of a loaf pan, appealed to me. I must confess I’m not very good at making breads. They always come out flat, or grey. Sometimes both at once. So this no-knead, “Dutch oven” crusty loaf recipe seemed too good to be true.

Here is the link to that recipe.

I didn’t follow the measurements in the recipe per se. I had bought a box of Laucke soy and linseed bread mix, so all I did was mix it with the amount of water and yeast as specified, and only from thereon did I follow the Dutch Oven recipe.


You have to leave the dough to rise for 12-18 hours. I’d prepared 2 lots of dough last night, and left them to their own devices overnight.

This is the batch The Kid mixed.

And this is the batch I mixed.

So, roll on the morning. The recipe says to preheat the oven to 450 Farenheit (around 225 Celsius). The cast iron pot you use (aka the “Dutch Oven”) also needs to preheat.

Next, all I had to do next was flour my kitchen worktop, scoop out the risen dough, form it into a ball, and drop it into the preheated pot. Like so.


And then, put the lid on the pot. Pop the whole thing into the preheated oven for 30 minutes. The lid is important for ensuring a crusty crust, as it keeps the moisture in as the loaf bakes. After the 30 minutes are up, take the lid off and continue baking for 15-20 minutes, to brown up the crust.

Et voila! C’est incroyable!

This is the loaf just after removing the lid.

Here it is after browning up.

And here it is in all its magnificent crustiness. Yum yum yum! Happy Birthday to me!

(I made 2 loaves. My neighbour Diane had baked me a loaf in her breadmaker, and The Kid loved it so much he urged me to get a breadmaker so we could have freshly baked bread every day. But I figured, if this recipe really works, then there’d be no need for a breadmaking machine. So I’m giving Diane a loaf and sharing the recipe with her).

Ta Daaa!



I’ve just realised something. Bread makes me happy!

Silence The Noisemakers In Your Head

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they are only the sound
Of ceaseless, meaningless chatter,
Of your ego’s fears and concerns
Fashioned out of the wings of
And flown by the mechanics of
Your mind.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they tell not the truth,
Only that which your ego
Is eager to hear,
To justify to yourself
That the world is out to get you
And that you must
Get them first.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they can drive you mad
With their convolutions,
More twists and turns
Than a rollercoaster ride
And even more frightening
Because, at least on a rollercoaster
When the ride ends, you can get off.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they only cause you
Headaches and stress
With their constant worrying,
Writhing like a ball of worms
Looking for a way out
Of the labyrinth
That they themselves have created.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they are constantly searching
For that Magic Pill
That Grand Solution
To a problem that they created
To entertain your ego
When in actual fact
There is no problem.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For their greatest wish
Is to create problems
And then offer solutions
And urging you to accept
Those as the truth
When they are only figments
Of your own imagination.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For what you think
Is perceived as real by your body,
And the more you listen
To those unruly noisemakers
The more your body believes
That the crisis is imminent
And prepares to fight or flee.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For nothing in this world is real
Except for the things you accept
What you believe
Is true
What you say
Becomes real
You really are the Architect
Of your own Universe.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
Listen to your heart instead.

AlyZen Moonshadow

(Image by szerbijn on Flickr, as seen on Google Images).

The Company Of One

So, I’m sitting in a local eatery waiting for my cappuccino and a “Crispizza” (see photo below). I’d read a book, but the one I’m on (“Men, Money and Chocolate” by Menna Van Praag, I’ve just finished). I decide to people watch instead.


There’s a couple at the table next to me, who don’t seem to be agreeing on much. He’s decided to eat his lemon garnish. She’s scrunching up her face thinking about the taste of it.

Another couple are sitting in the corner. They’re not saying much to each other. In fact, they’re not speaking to each other at all. She looks fed up. He looks bored. A couple of times he stifles a yawn. I wonder what their story is. She seems a tad angry to me. Maybe they’ve had an argument.

An elderly couple are just finishing their lunch. There’s a trolley full of purchases parked next to them. As the couple get up to leave, I wonder who will push the trolley. He simply wanders off, leaving her to do it.

A lady on her own walks into the eatery and sits at a table near me. I wonder if she’ll nod or acknowledge a fellow solitary customer. She doesn’t even see me. She whips out her mobile phone and starts texting on it. It’s glued to her hand the whole time she’s there, even when her food arrives and she’s eating.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.

There’s another lady at the table opposite me. She’s finished her meal, but seems to be lingering and pondering deep thoughts. Finally, she gets up and leaves. And I notice that there are 2 pots of tea on her table, 2 cups and saucers, but only 1 plate with a half-eaten sandwich still on it. I wonder what this lady’s story is, she of the Pink hoody and the Twilight shopping tote. Was she there with someone earlier? Or did she really have 2 pots of tea all to herself?

The book I just read, “Men, Money And Chocolate” tells the tale of Maya, who fantasises about finding the right man and having enough money to live a fulfilled life, but who instead drowns her sorrows and disappointments by eating cake. Lots of it. It’s not light, frothy chick lit like a lot you see these days. This book is published by Hay House Publishing (the UK’s leading mind, body and spirit New Age publisher, with branches across the globe, including Australia). There isn’t much action in it, but rather a lot of deep conversations between Maya and the people she meets, about Life, Love and Destiny. It reminds me of the fabled Ouroboros, the snake that devours itself, as in the story Maya decides to be Bold and Go For It, sells everything she has, leaves the United Kingdom and takes her self-published book to America, where, when she least expects it, the last piece of the puzzle falls into place and she finds love. The title of Maya’s book in the story? Men, Money And Chocolate. The theme of Maya’s book? About a woman finding herself after much trial and tribulation. Very clever indeed!

And so, back to where I am. No, I haven’t written a book. But I would like to, and I might. My point is, I love my own Company Of One. You never have to put up with someone’s traits and behaviour that you can’t stand. You don’t have arguments and silent sulks with yourself. You don’t need to wonder who’s going to carry the shopping, because you already know the answer. You don’t have to pretend to be having a conversation with someone else by texting or playing on your mobile phone, when you could be enjoying the food placed before you. And, if you came into the eatery by yourself, you don’t have to pretend to be waiting for someone else, or order 2 pots of tea, 1 for your imaginary friend.


The Company Of One is the Best Company you’ll ever have. Learn to enjoy and appreciate it!

Louise L Hay Quotes

I’m currently reading Louise L Hay‘s seminal book “You Can Heal Your Life“. Well, at the same time I’m also reading “Men, Money And Chocolate” by Menna Van Praag, and “The Book Of Secrets” by Deepak Chopra.

How do I do it? How do I read more than one book at a time? Those of you who know me by now, know that I like to be doing everything all at the same time. It’s simple, really. I just leave books around the house – in the bedroom, on the living room sofa, on the kitchen table, yes, even in the toilet. That way, wherever I chance to be, whichever book that lies within reach is the one I’ll start to read or continue where I left off earlier. (Just so you know, I have a little library of books inside that toilet, yes really. Shelves of books. Just in case you get bored while sitting on the throne).

That is the method to my madness. Or perhaps it’s the madness to my method.

Anyway, moving along swiftly, I’ve always admired Louise L Hay. Her “Power Thought Cards” deck was one of the very first oracle/affirmations decks that I’d bought, back in 2008 when I first moved from Spain to Ireland. I still have those cards, and from time to time I like to shuffle the deck and draw a “Card of the day”. Those cards contain affirmations to motivate and reassure the person, rather than my personal preference, quotations.

I’d just like to share some of my favourite Louise L Hay sayings/affirmations/quotations with you today. Who knows, they may trigger off something inside you.

These are all curated from Google Images, and all credit and copyrights remain with the original artists/writers.













To The Boy In The Orange Onesie

Our eyes met
Across the space of ten feet
You were sitting behind
An elderly couple
And I was standing by the door
You had on a light orange onesie
With ears, I think it was a
Pokemon suit
But I could be wrong
It’s been a very long time
Since I last watched that show
You were smiling, I remember
But I don’t know what
You were smiling at
Or why
But our eyes did meet
For just a second
And then you smiled again
That secret, funny
Mona Lisa smile
You were the most
Beautiful person on the train.

And then the train stopped
And everyone got off
Including you
And we all went to the Convention
Making our own way
Up the escalators
Across the concourse
And into the Convention Centre
And you were lost to sight
After a while I had my lunch
On the grass in the park outside
It was a crisp, sunny day
And later, I went back inside
To see if I could get a photo
Of the Alien or of Groot
Or Darth Vader or a Dalek
Or maybe find myself
Some nice art prints for my wall

And there you were again
Still in that onesie
With the light orange floppy ears
Still with your Mona Lisa smile
And once again
Just for a second
We smiled at each other
As our eyes met again
And then you were lost in the crowd
And even though I kept my eye out
For your cute floppy orange ears
Hoping to catch another glimpse
Of your beautiful grey eyes
I never saw you again

All I wanted to do
If I saw your face again
In the crowd
Was to go up to you
Give you a hug
Onesie and all
And say
“Please don’t leave
without saying Hello”.
But I couldn’t find you
And so I leave it
Up to Fate to decide
If we should meet again
Somewhere, sometime
And perhaps next time
We will do more than nod and smile
Perhaps we will have the courage
To say “Hello”.








The Tipping Point

What does it take
To change the World?
10 percent, that’s all
The first 9.99 percent
Are the hardest to get up to
Tantamount to climbing
A mountain without guides
Or ropes or oxygen tanks
Or crossing an ocean
In a liferaft without an oar
Or water or shade from the sun
– but remember
These HAVE been done
And so are possible
Despite the odds
Never being in your favour

Yes, if just 10 percent
Of the population of this World
Believe in something
And start to disseminate
Their knowledge and information
To all their friends and family
And to anyone who dares listen
And even if only 10 percent
Of those listening
Dare to take action
And do the same
To Their friends and family
…you will get an unquenchable fire
As the saying goes
“If you think you are
Too small to make a difference,
Try sleeping with a Mosquito”
So, lets all be Mosquitoes!

As more and more people
Realise the dream they are living in
Is actually a false one
And that it is actually a
Nightmare perpetuated by the
few Elite Families
Who control governments
And entire countries
Who raise Red Flags
And spread Official Fairy Tales
To keep you from finding out
The Truth
Who engineer wars
To control the population
And to exploit the earth’s resources
To line their own pockets
And the pockets of those
In their keep – their lapdogs…

As more of us Wake Up
And realise that no one is
Going to help us
– that the only ones who
Can help us
Are Ourselves
We then need to do something
We need to Take Action
To Speak Out, Speak Up,
To rally for action
To participate in this revolution
That will change human evolution
To free ourselves from this form of
Slavery and Servitude
That our Masters
Who hold the purse strings
Keep reassuring us
“That’s just how Life is”

We need to Wake Up
And be those little mosquitoes
That, on their own
Are small and seemingly
But, which, gathered in a swarm
And acting as a united body
Can no longer be ignored
Will you join the mosquitoes?
Will you form part of the collective
That will become the Tipping Point
That makes the 9.99 percent
The Perfect 10?
The 10 that will generate
11, 12, 13 and counting…
Like a Tsunami wave
That is slow in building up
But which, when it arrives
Is simply unstoppable?

I hope so!
It’s easy, you don’t even have to
Climb that mountain
Or cross that ocean
– that 9.99 percent is already there
All you need to do is
Be that last grain of sand
That changes the whole equation
That starts the gathering momentum
Of that great swarming tsunami
Of angry mosquitoes

Open your eyes.

I was inspired to write this poem after reading an article by Zen Gardner on the website Wake Up World. If you are in any way interested in finding out for yourself just how far our governments and leaders have fooled us into following their false prophets, into swallowing “Official Fairy Tales”, Wake Up World is the ideal place to begin.

It’s a real eye-opener, to say the least.