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You Don’t Get To Be Friends

After the Storm clouds have cleared
When things have settled down
And we’re on speaking terms again
And the emotional scars are healing
You say you still want to be friends

We’re not talking about Us
We’re still talking about Her
You hurt Me, you broke My heart
Yet you still want to be friends with Her
Is She more precious than Me?

You don’t come out and say it
But it is implied
She is like a drug and you an addict
You will never be able to leave her
She is in your system, you let her in

Subterfuge, furtiveness, secrecy
Computers locked by passwords
The sudden pressing of the Exit button
When I enter your room
These signs do not indicate Closure

With social media
There is no Perfect Closure
Where a hundred doors shut
A thousand others remain open
So I know you are keeping Her secret

You’re having your cake
And eating it too
Keeping ties with Her
And pretending you’re not
And reassuring me you’re mine again

Perhaps you were never really mine
If faced with two loves
And you married the first
But carried on with the second
Isn’t that disrespecting us both?

You don’t get to be friends with Her
If you really want to heal the hurt.
Unless you seal the rift
Psychically She will photobomb us
There will always be 3 in this picture

It’s not for me to take action
But it is for me to say
Look here, you need to decide
You need to free us all
From this eternal triangle

So Choose Wisely

(7 The Snake card, from The Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. This card symbolises The Other Woman, a sly, deceptive person, temptation, lust, seduction, a literal “snake in the grass”).

AlyZen Moonshadow

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This Is Me

I just Woke Up
I haven’t changed
I might be a bit more vocal
I may express my views more forcibly
I may go out on a limb
I help the homeless
I like giving things away
I like helping my neighbours
I Abandon Art in public places
I believe in telling the Truth
I believe in Honesty and Trust
I still believe in Love, despite everything
I call Bullshit when I see it
I can see a lie from a mile away
I don’t hold back on my punches
I may not agree with you always, but
I don’t backstab you
I don’t attack you personally
I only wish for you to open your eyes
I am merely the messenger
I will be your friend if you want me
I may get “unfriended” by you if not
I don’t mind
I have no agenda
I have no manifesto
I like coffee and doughnuts
I like tea too
I am easily pleased!
I should eat more healthily
I should exercise more
I like to swim and cycle
I learnt to dive from my 11-year-old son
I buy too many Oracle cards
I can say the same about Tarot cards
I am learning to read Lenormand cards
I am Spiritual
I mind my own business
I am Creative
I am Artistic
I am a Mother
I have a First Class Degree in Music
I have an IQ of 160
I have worked in Government
I have worked in banks
I dislike materialism and consumerism
I dislike bureaucracy
I loathe greed and selfishness
I love all Animals
I collect teacups
I love Alice in Wonderland
I buy a lot of books
I love going to the cinema
I follow the Religion of Kindness
I respect what You believe
I am against war and terrorism
I am for decriminalising cannabis
I am for action against climate change
I support the LGBT Community
I believe We Are Not Alone
I believe in speaking out
I haven’t changed
I just woke up
I Am


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The Price of Affluenza

My local thrift stores often have book gems that I snap up immediately. One such book was Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”, highly recommended reading.

I love my serendipitous trips to these thrift stores. I like to think of it as the Universe providing knowledge and information for me in a timely manner.

Another book surfaced last week, “Affluenza” by Clive Hamilton and Richard Denniss. I’ve only just begun to delve into this book, and already something has jumped out at me.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Nineteenth century economists predicted that the abundance made possible by technological advance and the modern organisation of work would result in the emergence of “post-materialist” humans – people existing on a higher plane, where their cultural, intellectual and spiritual powers are refined. In such a world the importance of economic considerations would naturally diminish. The 1960s and 1970s saw a flood of literature predicting a future in which technological progress would allow for us to work only a few hours a week and our main problem would be how best to enjoy our leisure. Futurists saw a future transformed by the fruits of sustaimed growth – a society in which humankind, freed of the chore of making a living, would devote itself to activities that are truly fulfilling. But, instead of witnessing the end of economics, we live in a time when economics and its concerns are more dominant than ever before. Instead of our growing wealth freeing us of our materialist preoccupations, it seems to have had the opposite effect. People in affluent countries are now even more obsessed with money and material acquisition, and the richer they are the more this seems to be the case”.

This book was written in 2005, even before the iPhone was a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye. And yet how relevant and accurate the statement above is today.

It seems to be the case of “The more we have, the more we want”. Today’s generation seems unable to appreciate what they already have, they always want the latest, the most expensive, the best. And they generally put themselves out to get it at all cost. Then they sit back and enjoy their latest toy…Until the next one comes along less than a year later. Then it’s a mad scramble all over again, to get THE latest toy.

When will it stop? In case the above was too lengthy to visualise, here is a simple analogy:

A city starts out as a village, which becomes a town, that grows and grows as it attracts more and more industry and with it, people. Its lanes soon turn into roads. Roads turn into highways. As more and more people drive cars, these highways get congested. So the city council decree that they need to widen the highways, from 4 lanes to 8. They say that will ease the congestion and make driving more pleasant and convenient. And so 4 lane highways become 8 lane superhighways. But what do you think happens next? Yes, now there are even More cars on the road, more people buying cars and driving, and the congestion builds up again.

“Build it, and they will come”…that saying has never been truer when reflected on today’s society. Perhaps the economists of the 19th century were correct in theory, apart for one oversight: that humans are not mature enough to make that ideal scenario a reality. We are still very much like children, squealing with delight at the latest shiny gadget and toy, we simply Have to have it, and because we’ve indulged, we’ve fed the industry that creates such shiny gadgets and toys, so they in turn create more and more for us. Then, when we find our money depleted, we shrug and simply find ways to get more money. To buy more stuff. And so it goes on.

When will we grow up? “Poor” countries don’t suffer as much from Affluenza as “Developed” countries. They literally can’t afford to be. They’re more concerned with putting food on the table for their families, staving off starvation, staying alive when wars break out. Affluenza is a disease of the haves, the wannabe-haves and the desperate have-nots.

Perhaps it’s time to step off the treadmill.

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If You Make A Mistake…

…I hope you are big enough to admit it.
There’s nothing our Ego dislikes more than to be told it is wrong, or to be challenged. It will do all it can to convince us that it is right and the other person, or even the World, is wrong, and it will defend itself at all costs, even when deep down inside, you know that is the wrong course of action. For this very reason we have to try to put aside our Egos, in order to move forward. Otherwise, the cycle repeats simply itself and you’re stuck like the proverbial hamster in the wheel.

If this sad world of ours is to have a chance at saving itself, a good place to start would be for each of us to have the sense to admit our faults, learn and move on.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m rather embarrassed at how materialistic I used to be in my “old” life. I put too much emphasis on material things, and not enough on the things that truly mattered, that of trying to make the world a better place by doing my part. I thought if I could get enough savings in the bank, then I could afford to take up worthy causes and help my fellow men and women. It never occurred to me back then, that that kind of mentality was exactly like the attitude that declared that “We’ll have children when we can afford it”. Well, guess what, if you waited for that day to arrive, you’ll never have children. Ditto helping the world. You will never have enough in the bank to start saving the world; it’s got to start NOW.

These days, I look around me and I cringe at all the people going round with trolleys laden with stuff that’s not really necessary. I know some people who spend all year buying Christmas presents for their relatives. I pass by a jewellery shop with a woman announcing extra special deals on gold, silver and diamonds – why?? You won’t die without those! TV ads are even worse – who needs an indoor abdominal exerciser for 5 instalments of $49.99, when you have the floor and ab crunches you can do for Free? Or a free mobile phone every year, when your phone can last you another 5 years perfectly well? Who really needs to change their car every single year? Seriously??!

My own vice was magazine subscriptions. I especially love Elle Decoration and Vogue Interiors, and last year I was engrossed with the idea of becoming a textile or surface pattern designer. So I subscribed to these magazines…which weren’t cheap, as they came from the UK. I also invested in Adobe Creative Cloud and a dozen books on textile designing. I admit I did enjoy the whole learning process, but ultimately the whole exercise, with a little more thought, could have been done for free through online courses or videos, instead of the thousands of dollars I spent on buying stuff. So yeah, silly me (face palm roll eyes).

What makes me sad is that many people don’t even pause in their daily stride to consider these things. They think it’s normal, because it’s what everyone else is doing. Sheep following sheep. Sheepwalking, I call it. Or, worse still, they think that to even contemplate doing something different from the norm is Wrong. That You’re wrong for wanting to rock the boat or change the status quo. And why? As I’ve already outlined above, because they are coming from the place of their Ego, which prevents them from admitting that there’s anything wrong with the picture.

Here are my favourite quotes about making mistakes, taken from my favourite source, Google Images. Each individual image remains the copyright of their creators, naturally.









So, dear friends, take a good look around you. Can you see where the human race has gone wrong? Are you able to see your own involvement in it? Are you helping perpetuate the Lie? Are you willing to admit your own mistakes in life and move forward?

Or, do you believe the world is perfectly fine as it is, and that nothing needs changing? That the people who tell you about these things are the crazy ones?

YOU decide.

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Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

It is human nature to not welcome Change. We all want to continue living in our cosy little bubble, doing the things we are accustomed to doing and getting the same results…and yet in every one of us there is a niggling seed of doubt which asks this question:


Well, if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. Only a Fool believes in repeating the same action over and over again, expecting a different result. So, don’t be that Fool. Step outside your Comfort Zone and make that evolutionary leap forward. Yes, it feels uncomfortable, strange even, you’re out of your depth, treading water infested by unknown dangers beneath it, but swim you must, for if you simply stay where you are, you will surely drown.

On a personal level, 2014 has been a tumultous year for me. For a while I struggled to find my feet, for a while I was disheartened as time after time I got knocked back in the job stakes. I was even made to feel that because I had no income I was worth less. Then I had a sudden epiphany one day, and realised that what was happening was simply the end of a Dream that I’d been in for many years. I’d actually started my spiritual awakening years ago, without even realising that’s what it was. Then the toll of daily life, work, responsibility and family commitments took over. Now I realise that That was the Dream, not the Reality. The Reality is Now, and I feel my real work has only just begun. It’s been a hard Dream to shake, it felt so comfortable and reassuring while I was in it. Everyone I knew was living in the same Dream.

But now Reality is exciting, unknown, mysterious and full of possibilities and potential. It is also exhilaratingly terrifying. You know the saying “Leap, and the Net will appear?” Well, I’d like to add to it: “And if the Net doesn’t appear, then you damn well better learn to fly, fast!”

I’ve collated some quotes from Google Images to show you what I mean:











Today’s words to ponder are : Comfort Zone, Change, Step Out Of Your Box, Grow.

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What will You do…

What a wicked world we live in! Apathy, greed, avarice, selfishness, egoism, laziness, materialism, the list goes on and on. We as a human race appear to have lost our way, in the Pursuit of  Happiness. Know though, that Happiness cannot be bought by Money. There is no such thing as the Pursuit of Happiness, just the Pursuit of Money. Money can buy you Things, that is true, but Things don’t make you happy. Only You can make you happy, so choose to be happy no matter what, and you will have Happiness. Just look at the swamis and sidhus in India, or any of the gnostics and ascetics around the world – they live very simply, but they are happy.

I have no lessons to teach. I have no manifesto. I’m about as intuitive as a lamp post. No, that’s not right…the lamp post is more intuitive than me. I feel awkward and inadequate when in a crowd of people and everyone seems so clever. I’m just a simple person who has been blessed recently with a clarity of vision. I have had my eyes opened to where our world is heading, and sadly it is heading towards destruction and not salvation. We need to wake up now and take up just causes, there are so many good causes to choose. Pick one or two and devote your attention and time towards it. We are caretakers of the Earth, not its owners, so we need to take care of it, instead of plundering its resources for our own selfish gains. Now is the time to work together, not against each other.

Just the other day, I posted up these 2 photos on my Facebook Wall. And boy did that incite a great debate or what! I won’t go into too much detail, just have a look at these 2 photos and think about it.


In one photo, people are queuing up for the bare neccessities of life. In the other, they are queuing up for something they don’t NEED but WANT. One shows people sacrificing their time for the benefit of others. The other shows selfish people. One is of a breadline. The other is the queue to buy the new iPhone 6.

The backlash from this simple comparison caused a “friend” to unfriend me on Facebook. She felt I was being anti-Apple, that I was offending her by “shaming people into becoming better”. Not at all, what I was objecting to was the attitude of people today, I was simply pointing out where their priorities were skewed, and that people need to wake up and do something to turn the tide. If that had been a photo of people queuing up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the latest PlayStation, XBox, etc, I would have still written about it the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things too, I’m only human. But I wouldn’t sacrifice a month’s food for my family, just to feed my own Ego.

Ask yourself this question: Does our constant lust for consumables advance our society towards the greater good? If yes, how? If not, what will You do about it?

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A Sore-y Tail

My Pitbull-Mastiff cross puppy, Shelagh (okay, she’s 2 years old now but still as exuberant as a puppy) is normally a big bundle of energy first thing in the morning. Her tail is the first thing you notice. Slapping you around the legs, that is, as she dances around with her entire body wagging with happiness.

Shelagh was introduced to our swimming pool at a young age, and very quickly learnt to jump in to retrieve her favourite ball. It used to be a soccer ball. After getting the “Shelagh treatment” it is nothing more than a deflated sac with an orange rubber lining that sometimes peeks out of a large hole in its outer skin, rather vulgarly. But despite its imperfections, it is still Shelagh’s favourite pool toy.

After 4 1/2 months of cold weather, we finally declared our swimming pool open again. The water is still quite cold, but once you’ve mustered the courage to jump right in and swim around a bit, it’s just dandy.

After such a long time without being in the pool, I was impressed that Shelagh remembered what swimming was all about. She ran straight to where “Ball” was kept, grabbed it and did her “Victory Lap” around the perimeter of the pool. She jumped in to get “Ball”, and even remembered to let us hold onto her back as she swam. After an hour of vigorous exercise, I towelled her dry and let her run around the garden before letting her back into the house.

That was when I noticed that Shelagh seemed strangely unable to settle down on the chaise, like she usually does. She would turn round and round, flop down for a minute, then she would change her position and whine. She jumped off the chaise, lay down on the rug, jumped up again after a couple of minutes, whined, wandered over to the kitchen where she lay on the wooden floor. A minute after that she came back to the chaise, tried to settle down again, got up again etc.

I noticed her carrying her normally waggy tail low, almost tucked under. I wondered if she’d broken her tail, if she’d thwacked it too enthusiastically against something hard. When I touched her tail where it was drooping, Shelagh yelped in pain. I tried to make her wag her tail like she normally does, but she couldn’t lift it over her back. Oh no!

It was night and the vet was closed for the day. So I hopped on my computer onto Google and the keywords “dog broken tail?”. A few entries down, I came across a site that described exactly Shelagh’s symptoms. There are many terms for this condition – caudal myopathy, sprained tail, limber tail, dead tail, cold water tail.

Cold water tail. I’m almost certain that’s what poor Shelagh has. You could think of it as RSI (repetitive strain injury) of the tail, caused by over-exertion after a prolonged period of inactivity. My poor baby’s tail was inflamed, hence the swelling at the point where the droop began.

Limber tail can occur in any dog with an undocked tail, but certain breeds, especially pointing and retrieving dogs, seem particularly susceptible to it. Among these breeds are Labrador, Golden, and Flat-Coated Retrievers; English Pointers and Setters; Beagles; and Foxhounds. Both sexes and all ages can be affected. Other common names for the condition are “cold tail” (especially among Retrievers, who often exhibit symptoms after swimming in frigid water), “limp tail,” “rudder tail,” “broken tail,” or even “dead tail.”

The exact cause is unknown, but there are a few different factors that seem to be linked to limber tail. Overexertion seems to be a common precursor, especially if an animal is thrown into excessive exercise when he or she is not in good condition.

Limber tail has an acute onset. It is not a condition where the tail gets progressively weaker. Instead, it is an acute inflammation. Typically, the tail is suddenly limp and the dog may seem to have pain near the base of the tail. Over the next three to four days, the dog slowly recovers to the point where by four to seven days he’s usually back to normal.

The condition resolves over the course of a few days or a week and usually leaves no aftereffects.


So no more swimming til you get better, my dearest Shelagh. And even then we will make sure you don’t over exert that beautiful tail of yours. I like it best when it’s carried proudly over your back and wagging with pure joy!


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They Have Eyes But Do Not See

…or rather, they choose to see only what is in front of them. I’m talking about Materialism in this sorry old World of ours.

Nevermind the Apple vs Samsung or iOS vs Android debate. Today I went into the city to buy some of my favourite coffee. (Cubania by Nespresso, limited edition while stocks last only). Yes, I do like my coffee, but it’s my only worldly vice, apart from wanting to buy every oracle/tarot/lenormand card deck there is ahem!!

So up to Perth CBD on the train I go. I’m walking along Hay Street towards Elizabeth’s Secondhand Bookshop (where they have a nice little New Age/Spiritual section), and I notice some men in high-visibility vests conducting crowd-control. For yeah, there was indeed a crowd on the street. Ahhh yes, the penny dropped. Today was the day Australians got to see and/or buy the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Hurray for them!

imageThe front of the queue on the road. These are people who are buying the new iPhone.


imageInside the Apple Store. A multitude of people gawking at the new iPhone models. But, if you decided you just Have to get one today, haha Mister, join the queue, literally!

imageThis is the iPhone 6 actually, not 6 Plus. Only a man could call something 5.5 inches a “6 Plus”!

imageSuckers Customers buying the iPhone 6.

imageThe iPhone 6 Plus. Well done, Apple for finally catching up with the competition!



imageSome people had actually camped outside overnight. So sad. I was also embarrassed to see that 95% of the desperados queuing up were Orientals. It looked like the entire Asian population of Western Australia had descended on the Apple Store today.

Materialism gone mad. On the one hand, we have all these people wanting the latest gadget in their hands. They don’t know why, it’s not something necessary to their lives, they certainly don’t Need it. But they Want it. Because they believe that it will bring them happiness. Hello? Things can Never bring you happiness. $1000 for a badic iPhone 6? That can feed a family of 4 for an entire month!

On the other hand, and in the next street, actually, I befriended Shane, a homeless man, and bought him a chicken and mushroom flaky pastry, orange juice and a bottle of water. I had a pastry and a cappuccino. We sat on the bench and talked. We talked about Life, what was important and what wasn’t. We spoke about Shane’s personal circumstances. I encouraged him to get himself together once the City Council had found him a home (he’s 4th on the waiting list). I showed him photos of the queue outside the Apple Store, and we laughed ourselves silly at the thought of psychologists labelling Shane crazy, when out there in the very next street were possibly over 2000 lunatics queuing up for an expensive toy!

Shane was pretty clued up about things, for example, he’d read and heard that cannabis oil cured cancer. So we talked about the efforts of some groups to decriminalise cannabis. I showed him Rick Simpson’s video on how to make cannabis oil.

I also showed Shane a couple of Tarot/Oracle card Apps on my Samsung Galaxy S4. His cards came out really positive – 2 of Cups, 7 of Pentacles and 10 of Cups. I told him those were the cards he’d chosen, and he now needed to put himself in the path to make it happen. I said he shouldn’t think of himself as down and out, because Up was the only way he could go from here. I gave him a big hug before I left.

I know who I’d rather have as a friend in this world. Not any one of those people in the queue, that’s for sure! They have eyes but they do not see.

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Selfish People

Our local McDonald’s sometimes has free newspapers for customers to read while they’re having their meal. I sometimes go there just for a hash brown and a coffee and a good read. The newspaper belongs to the establishment and does not leave the premises with the customer, unless McDonald’s is offering a free paper to take away with their breakfasts, which sometimes happens. After you’ve read the newspaper, the unspoken agreement is that you either pass it onto someone else who may want to read it, or you place it back on the countertop for anyone else coming in later.

I was at McDonald’s on Saturday with my son, for breakfast before going to the cinema to watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. As we sat down, I noticed a woman in her 60s at a nearby table with the weekend papers. Now, the Weekend West, as our newspaper is called, is a veritable tome, comprising a main news section, and various other pull-out supplementaries such as Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Sports, Entertainment, Gardening and Children’s.

The woman was reading one of the pull-out supplementaries, so I approached her and asked if she was done with the main news section of the paper. She looked up at me and immediately placed a proprietal hand over the newspaper, while shaking her head and saying no, she was still reading it.

Fair enough. I could wait a while til she finished. My son and I ate our meal and I kept my eye on the woman, so I could ask her again for the newspaper once she’d finished.

She finished the supplement she was reading. Then she dug into her handbag and brought out a piece of tissue paper. She delved into her bag again…and brought out a bottle of, wait for it…nail polish remover! She then placed her elbows right on top of the pile of newspapers on her table and proceeded to meticulously clean her fingernails. One by one. Slowly and patiently. While the unread papers lay there.


I couldn’t believe my eyes.

What this woman did next was even more selfish than I’d already observed. A little boy, presumably her grandson, ran in from the playground outside and climbed onto the chair next to her. She immediately put away her nail polish remover and started to play with him. Did she put aside the newspapers so someone else could read them? Of course not. She let the little monster rifle his grubby hands through the papers instead, and laughed delightedly when pamphlets, brochures and mini magazine supplements went scattering onto the floor. Did she pick them up? Of course not.

The little boy was joined by his father, mother and 3 siblings of a similar age. The kids ran off back to the playground soon after, but their parents sat talking to the woman. All that time the newspapers lay on the table between them, unread.

We were at McDonald’s 30 minutes. And in that time, that selfish woman cleaned her nails, played with her grandson and had a conversation with her son and daughter-in-law. Time spent actually reading that newspaper?



Okay, rant over. But I don’t get it. How can some people be so selfish, self-centred and inconsiderate? Maybe she was just ignorant? Because I sure wouldn’t like the other plausible explanation…which is that she had deliberately made up her mind NOT to let anyone have the papers, as a show of power, because it made her feel good about herself.

One thing’s for sure. Selfish people like that woman are part of the reason why this world of ours is so riddled by malaise, apathy and ignorance. Kindness is free and costs nothing, we should spread that around at every opportunity. Practice random acts of kindness wherever you are, and whenever you can. The seeds of happiness lie within acts of mindful kindness.


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She had a way about her
That lit up the room
When she entered it
She did not even have to try

That’s the word for it
She had an Incandescence
About her Being

Pure and simple
Effortless joy
A presence that filled
The heart with pleasure

Not an earthly pleasure
But a higher one
That of lighting the mind
Like a light bulb glowing

She was a being evolved
Like no other human
Therefore, when the time came
She simply shook off her physical form

And so she is Now
Truly Incandescent
And Nascent Everywhere
Now her real work begins

She is the First Light of Dawn
The Last Rays at Sunset
And All that’s in between

image (Google Image : Scarlett Johansson from the film “Lucy”, 2014)

AlyZen Moonshadow

I was inspired to write this poem after watching the superb movie “Lucy” starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. In the film, the main character, Lucy’s body gets infused with a synthetic drug called CH4, and her brain starts developing at an exponential rate, from a normal human’s 10% to ultimately, 100%. At that point Lucy has no further need for corporeal form, and transcends humanity into the very fabric of her environment…i.e she becomes Incandescent. She is Everywhere. If humans could ever utilise 100% of our brains, we would all be Gods.

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