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Don’t Be You

Buy this!
Wear that!
This is the latest shade!
You’ll feel ever so sexy in these.
Mr Celebrity uses this.
Mrs Celebrity eats that.
Do it! Do it!
Don’t be You.
Don’t be You.

Read this!
Watch that!
Listen to this channel!
Watch the Daily News
For more Mis-information
Red Flags are currently trending
Do it! Do it!
Don’t be You.
Don’t you dare be You.

She’s famous!
He’s famous!
Let’s all try and be like them!
What, no cash? Here’s a credit card!
Live like there’s no tomorrow
For tomorrow will never come
Buy! Buy! Indulge yourself!
Don’t be You.
Don’t you ever try to be You.

Watch this film!
No, not That one
It needs you to think about things
And we can’t have that, can we?
Frankly, I don’t even know why
Those movies are even allowed here
Just take this popcorn and drink
Now go sit in the dark and enjoy
Not being You.

Don’t think!
Thinking uses up brain cells
Here, have this beer
Have this cigarette
Have these $4000 shoes
Buy that dress
And don’t forget the handbag too
Whatever you do, just
Don’t be You.

Here, buy this car!
Buy this house! That one too!
In fact, just buy the whole lot!
You’ll make lots of money
And Money buys Happiness
Yes, it does!
Yes, it does!
Don’t be You
Never just be You.

Being You sucks
You stick out like a sore thumb
Everyone laughs at You
Because You’re different
You don’t march to the same piper
As the other sheep
You don’t belong in the flock
Isn’t it easier to just follow along and
Don’t be You?

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I know now
It’s not worth asking
It’s not worth knowing the answer
Because the answer
Is simple
– You simply didn’t try

I know now
There will be no closure
You have no explanations for me
Or indeed for yourself
It’s simple
– You don’t even want to try

I know now
That it was your own decision
Your reluctance to admit
You shouldn’t have gone down
That path, the slippery slope, but
– You didn’t try to stop yourself

I know now
You got bored of playing with
Your shiny new toy
Had to go play with new ones
Didn’t want to look after this one
– You decided to try others instead

I know now
That after the fact
You felt there was no need
To repair the damage
You could not find your heart
– You didn’t want to try harder

I know now
You want no responsibility
You don’t want to claim ownership
Of your choices
Or accept the consequences
You just want Out
– You won’t try at all

I know now
More about Myself than ever before
I know my strengths and my heart
I know I will rise even stronger
Because, unlike You
– I will keep trying
But this time
I’m doing it for Myself, not You
It’s My time now
I take my Power back
I have walked alone before
Along paths that never were
I have found my own way
In the wilderness many times before
While in the past I did get lost
I know now I won’t again
Because I’ve tried and tried
And tried again
And now I’ve found Myself
And I know now
I will never be alone again
Or lost, bewildered or confused
Because now I have Myself
And I am Home at last


Still Standing

I’m still standing
After all the fighting
Standing tall
Standing still
With my head held high
Battle scarred, yes
World weary, yes
Fatigued beyond words, yes
But I’m still standing
Standing still
Because my Will is strong
And I will fight on
Fight against Injustice
Fight the good fight
I am not ready to lay down
And die
Not just yet
Not while
I’m still standing
Standing still.


(C) AlyZen Moonshadow

For my oldest and dearest friend, TCM. Keep fighting the good fight.

In a World of Clichés

In a world of clichés
There are no coincidences
Everything happens for a reason
Everything has a purpose
You’ll see it when you believe it
Tomorrow never comes
All we have is Today
There’s no time like the Present
Strike while the iron is hot
Here and Now
Nothing is Impossible
When there’s a will, there’s a way
Be the Change you want to see
Be brave
Be strong
Never give up
It’s not over til the fat lady sings
Do not go gentle into that good night
Fight the good fight
Think outside the box
Colour outside the lines
Live each day like it’s your last
This is the first day of the rest of your life
Don’t worry, be happy.

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I only went for a look
Out of curiosity
And because I love dogs
And wanted to find out
If I could be a volunteer
– not a dog walker
But a dog carer, or dog calmer
– one who gets to sit
With the dogs in the shelter
And keep them company
To help pass the time
In between visits from the public

You were in a secluded part
Of the sanctuary
– an area called “Bricks”
There weren’t many others there
When I saw you first
You were lying on your cushion
And then you saw me
And you leapt onto your feet
And came up to the gate
“Swan”, your card read
“Female Staffy X”
“Date of birth: 26th June 2011”
And below that, on the chart
Under Other Observations:

You had a Roman nose
And looked more like a Bull Terrier
Than an English Staffordshire
Perhaps that’s part of your mix
A beautiful white coat
With black ticking
On your back and around your ears
Your eyes were strangely dark
With parts missing pigmentation
– perhaps a sign of your disability
You came up to the gate
I felt you needed a hug or two
But I could only pat you
Through the wire

I sat there with you
For over 20 minutes
You, of all the other deserving dogs
Because you loved being patted
And tickled under your chin
And I told you what a good girl
You are, over and over
Even though I knew
That you couldn’t hear me
And when I took my camera out
To take your photo
You got really excited
And did the thing I didn’t think
You’d do – you barked!

You must have thought
We were going for a walk
Or that I had a treat for you
You barked excitedly
And jumped up and down
You wanted to get out of there
And go away with me
I wish I could take you
I wish you were mine
I walked round the corner
So you wouldn’t see me crying
And when I came back
I saw how you “hear” things
You do it by looking at shoes
As people approach

You may be deaf
But you hear with your eyes
And with your heart
And that is the lesson I took away
Today from that dog shelter
I hope, I wish I get to volunteer
So I can spend more time with you
Beautiful Swan




We All Fall Down

Nobody’s perfect
Most people don’t even try
Some wander lost through life
A few wonder why

Many believe the best
Is yet to come
Several times a day they ask
Why it only comes to some

We are human beings
Yet some of us are sheep
Following God knows who
Refusing to Wake from sleep

It’s not important how much you earn
Or what you do for a living
Most of us have forgotten
How to be human beings

We have become human doings
Rushing here and there
Searching for that elusive goal
That’s now-here, then no-where

Slow down! Take a deep breath
Everything can wait
Love is the answer
Not the ego, greed or hate

Have you ever wondered
About that ladder you are climbing
And questioned what the reason is
For that which you are doing?

For could it be it’s just a ruse
And we’re headed for a fall?
Or worse, we get up to the top
And find it’s the wrong wall?

(Image source: Google Images)

LIES: The Untold Story

Here is an experimental technique I’m trying out, to write a cohesive and comprehensible story using only images/quotes found on Google, linked by a few words.

Everything you read here is the semi-biographical truth of one aspect of my real life. Read it and weep, or laugh. Whatever floats your boat. I wept last year, this time round I’m laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

…and it did.

…and pictures, videos, emails, chat, messages etc. They were all put to good use.

And even if it never gets to the bed, due to geographical differences, if you’ve entertained lustful thoughts and acted them out online with each other, then, my dear, you are an adulterer. I don’t care what your sainted mother or priest or friends all say, of course they would back you up, they only know your side of the story.

It’s as old as the hills. Truth be told, She’s as old as the hills too…

She said…

…but she turned out to be a serial cheetah. And a man-eating tiger too.

So, you either lied to Her, or to Me. Or to both of us. It doesn’t matter, it still makes you the Boy Who Cried Wolf. How do I know when you’re telling the truth anymore, or if you ever did, for that matter? I’ll just err on the side of caution, and treat everything you say or do as a lie. That way, I can either be justified, or otherwise pleasantly surprised, and never disappointed.

Me too, oh me too! It would certainly keep the house warm all winter.

…and these days I can hardly see it anymore…it’s really teeny tiny…

Finally, I managed to get him to squeeze out an admission of guilt. But not of remorse. So in turn I forgave, but did not forget. Without remorse, an expression of guilt made by coercion is useless. If the person does not believe he’s done wrong, he’ll continue doing it. As was the case here.

Unfortunately, he perhaps lacked the ability to understand the consequences of his ongoing subterfuge. Or maybe the cake was too tasty to give up that easily…

…I’m just sayin’. Listen up, boys! When a woman asks you something, she already knows the truth and is just waiting to catch you out. Why do you suckers always fall for it?

…and boy was I pissed off. Too many times to count. Until one day I decided not to take it personally anymore, and instead became an objective observer. Life is much more fun that way.

Definitely. Forget what I said earlier about it being teeny tiny. It’s virtually disappeared, my dear.

What’s that? You have an issue with what I just said? Well, tough, because I’ve had enough of your lies and deceit.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

He must’ve graduated with top honours from the University of Pathological Liars.

And so here we are now…I have one, he has the other. Or maybe he doesn’t. I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter anymore, in the grand scheme of things. If this were a horse race, it’s a non-starter.

You Cannot Run Away From Yourself

Beware the Destination Addicts
Those who constantly live
In the Future
By believing that what they want
Is just over the horizon
Just round the corner
Residing in Tomorrowland
Today is not good enough for them
Tomorrow will be better

The truth is you cannot run away
And you cannot hide
From yourself
Because wherever you go
No matter how far your destination
Wherever you go
There you are also
No matter how you try to hide
You are always there

When you arrive somewhere
And you decide you hate it
You hate your job, your boss
Your house, your car, your Life
And you wish you could go back
To where you were before
I have news for you –
The place your memories created
– it’s not the same anymore

It’s never going to be the same again
So stop trying to make it fit
The truth is, it’s your perception
That has changed, and You too
So you need to accept that
And appreciate what you have
And not what you want
There’s no running away
From yourself

Stop blaming others
For where you are now
You’re in charge of your Life
– You made those decisions
Maybe they did not pan out
But they still had lessons to teach
And they were absolutely neccessary
To get you from one place
To another

You’re here now
By your own design and intent
A series of events set in motion
By your own hand
Grab those opportunities
As they go sailing past
Don’t wait for them to come to you
Swim out to meet them
Don’t run away from yourself


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The Moreitis Eel

The Moreitis Eel is a funny fish
The more you dread it
The more you get it
The more you get it
The less you have it
The less you want it
The more you have it
The more you need it
The less you want it
The less you need it
The more you dread it

…and round and round
We go again
Happily ever after

I told you it was a funny fish
Didn’t I?

Did you get it?

(Image from this blog, found on Google, thank you).

Thoughts ARE Reflections

Thoughts And Reflections
Thoughts ARE Reflections.

What you Do, Say or Think
Is just a Reflection of Yourself
Some people think
Life’s out to get them
– and they’d be right
Because your thoughts are real,
As real as anything you see
Or touch
Or believe
Your body doesn’t know
What thoughts are
– it only knows what
Your mind feeds it
And everything your mind thinks,
Your body treats as real
So, when you think you’re happy
Your body is happy too
And when you think
You’re going to have a terrible day
Trust me, you will!
If you believe you’re healthy
You are
And the same goes for the opposite.

When someone accused me
Just the other day
Of supporting Communism
Of being a Capitalist
Of not understanding his situation
– all in the same breath
I caught myself before retaliating
And simply told him
To stop reflecting his bitterness
Within himself
By using me as a mirror
I mean, I hadn’t even mentioned
Anything about Communism
Or Capitalism
Or about his situation
– I guess he just needed a scapegoat
Or any excuse to vent his angst
And frustration
And I seemed an easy target
He had created within his own mind
A situation where things were dire
And desperate
And he could not see a way out
Of the prison he’d put himself in
So instead he cast about
In his misery
For someone else to blame
Or to pin his hopes on
Rather than searching within himself
For the Solution.

Look in the mirror
And learn to see Yourself
As you truly are,
Not some distorted view
Of a monster that has trapped you
And will taunt you
And torture you,
Not someone that Society decreed
Must do this, like that, eat these…
But of the beautiful person You are
And know that in all situations
You are there because
Of a series of thoughts
And decisions
That You made
Or allowed to be made
And also know that
If you wish to change your situation
You only have to change your mind
(And it’s okay to do that too)
No one else can do it for you.

(Photo by Louise Docker, curated from her Flickr stream