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The Problem With Watching And Waiting

He liked her. A lot.
He decided that
He would tell her that
Once he got up the courage to do so
But, for now, he was happy to watch
And wait
And be just friends
Even best friends, perhaps…
After all, he didn’t want his heart
Broken again.

And so, he watched
And waited
And was her best friend
Her confidante
Her buddy
They did everything together
They were inseparable
He let her tell him everything
And he told her everything too
…apart from how he felt about her.

He wanted to tell her so badly
There were times he nearly did
But he was afraid of being rejected
He knew if that line was crossed
There was no going back
It would ruin their perfect friendship
It would be awkward
To say the least
And so he kept quiet, watched
And waited.

And that was how he lost her
He watched as a stranger appeared
And became her friend
This person did and said everything
That he was too afraid to
This person was dauntless
He watched her being swept away
Off her feet by this stranger
Who clearly wasn’t about to watch
Or wait for anyone

He watched his hopes and dreams
Crumble and lay at his feet
He waited to hear the sound of
His heart breaking in two
He watched as two souls
Gave voice, unafraid
And found each other
He let her tell him everything
And he told her everything too
…apart from how he felt about her.

Because now it was too late…
Too late to watch and wait.


AlyZen Moonshadow

I had a dream…

I had a dream
I was on a mission
With some people I knew
But I only knew them in my dream
We were to travel on a train
But I got there late
And the train was pulling away
With my friends on it
Someone said there’ll be another
Along very soon
So I waited on the platform
With some random strangers
Making idle chat

Sure enough
The next train turned up
It was an old-fashioned steam engine
Like the Hogwarts trains
From the Harry Potter movies
This had individual compartments
And handsome interiors
Plush and velvety
I got on with my new friends
And found a seat
I hoped my friends in the first train
Would know to wait for me
At our designated meeting point

Then the door to my cabin opened
And a handsome face appeared
A blast from the past for sure
It was someone I’d lost
In a relationship
It was my husband
Who’d gone his own way
To search for himself
And left me for someone else
Had his cakes
And ate them too
He saw me, came over
Grasped my hand, hugged me to him

I said “I’ve missed you terribly”
And he said the same back to me
It felt so good to be reunited…
Only, this Wasn’t my husband
This clearly was someone else
But it felt so real, so familiar
This handsome face
This beautiful man
This man was a god
This man was… Rick Grimes
From The Walking Dead
Well, it was only a dream

I can dream, can’t I? 😉

Poem by:
AlyZen Moonshadow

Image source: Google Images

I haven’t written in a while…

Dear Younger Self,

I haven’t written in a while
I know I really should
My life has been a-changing
Just as I knew it would

I’ve come a long way from that time
When work was all I knew
And Life was all for paying bills
And looking after You

There’s more to Life than this, I thought
Than working like a slave
Where everything costs money
And it’s impossible to save

Until the penny dropped one day
I ploughed the same old furrow
And then the thought did come to me
To stop living for tomorrow

Fell off the rails I did, you see
When offspring did appear
The race was there, but not the rat
– I suspended my career

I’ve spent the last decade or so
A-wandering on my own
There are no roads, no paths to take
No places I have known

One day I came upon a track
And wondered at its presence
Was there someone else like me out there
Or was it my own essence?

Had I been wandering round in circles
And come across my past?
If so it’s time to make new tracks
And get out of there fast

So, having lost and found myself
I see the World with new eyes
For Change to happen, You have to change
That’s what you have to realise

Dear Younger Self, I know I haven’t
Written in a while
I’ve laid the path before you now
So, step out with a smile

Be not afraid of things unknown
Be brave, be bold, be wise
And speak of things you know are true
Expose Society’s lies

There’s more to Life than paying bills
And saving for the future
Enough of following like a sheep
Now You must be the teacher

Poem and artwork by:
AlyZen Moonshadow (moi!)

Freebie: Sit And Watch The Leaves Turn

Here is another inspirational/motivational card design from my partially abandoned project. Feel free to download and print it if you like. It makes a handy bookmark, if you, like me, still read real books.


This one’s especially for my dear readers in the Northern Hemisphere, who are now entering Autumn and Winter.

Here’s a little Haiku I wrote about the turning of the seasons. Enjoy!

Red sun sets early
A gentle breeze blows through trees
Leaves twirl, turn and fall

Soon the Harvest Moon
Then evenings will draw closer
Now watch the leaves turn

Winter is coming
A mighty wind is brewing
More leaves are turning

Embrace the season
Be calm, and still your movements
Sit, watch the leaves turn

AlyZen Moonshadow

Actions and Consequences

Here’s a parable
For these modern times
A metaphor, analogy
Call it what you will
The point I’d like to make
Is this:

Every word you say
Every action
Every thought
Has consequences
But don’t get them both mixed up
For Actions come before
And not the other way round.

You say I’m boring
Because I don’t want to travel
But perhaps you’ve forgotten
That the reason I don’t travel
Is because of you?

You say I’m not exciting anymore
And that’s why you strayed
But perhaps you’ve forgotten
That you strayed first
And I shut shop because of you?

You say that I’m too detached, aloof
And you can’t talk to me
But perhaps you’ve forgotten
That I’ve always been there for you
But you never felt like talking?

You say that we want different things
And we’re going different ways
But perhaps you’ve forgotten
That you were the one who decided
To seek out greener pastures?

So, before you continue
Confusing your Actions
With their Consequences
Please put your brain hat on
Switch on the light,
And take the rubbish out
Therein lies the metaphor.



You say you’re my friend
Yet you simply stand by
And watch me fall

You claim to have my best interests
Yet your loyalty is divided
As you watch me fall

You say you’re on my side
Yet your actions indicate otherwise
As you watch me fall

You say you’d be there for me
Yet you take a step backwards
As you watch me fall

Well now you can really stand by
Now you can stop pretending
Now you can show your true faces
As you watch me rise

With friends like these
Who needs enemies
I’ve learnt my lesson
Don’t trust the snake in the grass
No matter how pretty it is
Its venom is still as deadly
No matter, first you watched me fall
Now watch me rise again.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
(The above poem was inspired by this quote by Rumi, and also by certain recent events in my life):

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday they’ll see
That I was never crazy
Maybe Someday they’ll see
That I was right all along
That the song I sang
Though harsh and sad
Was also the Truth
Of the good and the bad

Maybe Someday they’ll agree
That I had the right idea
Maybe Someday they’ll realise
That I was on the right path
That we shouldn’t just sit there
And watch as the world
Loses its way
And turns heartless and cold

Maybe Someday they’ll say
That they should have listened
Maybe Someday they’ll learn
That it’s never too late
To rise up against
The tyrants that rule us
To wake up and fight
For the poor and the homeless

Maybe Someday they’ll know
That I never stopped caring
Maybe Someday they’ll hear
That my ideas bore fruit
That my thoughts became action
My lyrics became song
That now you appreciate me
At last, when I’m gone

(Google Images)

Advice for my Sisters

The heart is a fickle organ
That goes against the beat
It longs to find that special person
With whom things will be sweet
And awesome
And cool
And hot at the same time

The heart has no ears but it can hear
The faintest footstep or tremor
It yearns to hear the magic words
“I will love You forever,
You are the Only One
The Love of my Life
There is no one else”

Which is all very well indeed
If only those words were true
My Sisters of the World, beware
The Charmer who says it to you
If his words are like silk
Or gold or honey
Oh honey, he doesn’t mean them

He’s toying with your hearts, you see
You’re Not the Only One
You’ve been charmed out of the trees
So He can have his fun
With you, and you,
And you, and you,
And you, and you and you.

He’ll tell you what you want to hear
And you’ll believe it too
His previous loves hurt him so bad
His ex is a piece of poo
Or crazy, or nuts
Or just vindictive
…everything but Right about him

Hearts can be broken by love or pain
And Charmers know how to play
The Chase and Game are exciting
But Sisters, at the end of the day
The only victor is him, not you
The minute you find out the truth
He’s moved on to the next One

And then you simply stand and stare
With disbelief as he plays the field
With your friends, your Sisters
Who lowered their shield
When they heard the cock crow
And thought it magnificent
Until they saw…it’s just a lark

So, my dear Sisters of the World
Who may share my pain
Or maybe you believe you’re The One
And that I am insane
The day will come
The scales will fall
And you will truly see

For if he can cheat on me with you
Trust me, he’ll cheat on you
Don’t fall for the silky voiced Charmer
If you really want a man who’s true
Is it a mid-life crisis, you wonder
Well, if it is, my dear
It’s the longest mid-life ever

(Found this on Google Images, under “Beware the Charmer”)


I’m right, You’re right
We’re all right
Everyone is right
To each his own
My need to be right
Is far greater than
Your need to be right
But of course you’re right
In saying Your need to be right
Is far greater than
My need to be right
We’re both right
We both just want to have the last word
I’ll let you finish your sentence
Right after you let me finish mine
I’ll hear your side of the story
Right after you’ve heard mine
I’m sure your account is accurate
Just like mine
Of course you have the right
To exercise your right
But you must allow me
To exercise my right too
Of course everyone is important
Of course everyone can have a say
But to decide who speaks first
Is the hardest part
Because most people don’t listen
To understand, but to respond
And the first one to speak
Generally gets the most responses
Crowding out everyone else’s right
To freedom of speech
And this is how
The Tower Of Babel came to be
Everyone clamouring
To exercise their right
To speak their mind
And be heard by everyone else
Everyone needing to state
That they are right
And to prove how right they are
And you know what?
I’m right, You’re right



(Images: Google)

Two, Three, One

The number of Happiness and Hope
Of Plans, Ideas, Ambitions
Of Things done together
Of Safety, Security, A Common Goal
Of Dreams to be realised
Of Visions to behold
Of Places visited hand in hand
Of Sunsets witnessed
Of Kisses, Caresses
Of Whispers of Sweet Nothings
And Everything to come

The number of Chaos and Turmoil
Of Lies and Deceit
Of Cunning and Stealth
Of The Grass Being Greener
Of Apathy, Boredom, Curiosity
Of Planning together to leave
Of Running Away and Hiding
Of Insatiable Carnal Appetites
Of Hurt and Confusion
Of Trying or Not Trying
And Nothing to come

The number of the Warrior
Of Standing Alone and Solitude
Of Stoicism and Resolve
Of Determination, Grit and Guts
Of Finding and Knowing Oneself
Of Enlightenment and Awakening
Of Leaving Things Behind
Of Loving and Caring for Oneself
Of Happiness and Hope
Of Plans, Ideas, Ambitions
Of Everything to come

(Image from Google, quote by Alexander Den Heijer)