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Silence The Noisemakers In Your Head

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they are only the sound
Of ceaseless, meaningless chatter,
Of your ego’s fears and concerns
Fashioned out of the wings of
And flown by the mechanics of
Your mind.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they tell not the truth,
Only that which your ego
Is eager to hear,
To justify to yourself
That the world is out to get you
And that you must
Get them first.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they can drive you mad
With their convolutions,
More twists and turns
Than a rollercoaster ride
And even more frightening
Because, at least on a rollercoaster
When the ride ends, you can get off.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they only cause you
Headaches and stress
With their constant worrying,
Writhing like a ball of worms
Looking for a way out
Of the labyrinth
That they themselves have created.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For they are constantly searching
For that Magic Pill
That Grand Solution
To a problem that they created
To entertain your ego
When in actual fact
There is no problem.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For their greatest wish
Is to create problems
And then offer solutions
And urging you to accept
Those as the truth
When they are only figments
Of your own imagination.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For what you think
Is perceived as real by your body,
And the more you listen
To those unruly noisemakers
The more your body believes
That the crisis is imminent
And prepares to fight or flee.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
For nothing in this world is real
Except for the things you accept
What you believe
Is true
What you say
Becomes real
You really are the Architect
Of your own Universe.

Silence the noisemakers in your head
Listen to your heart instead.

AlyZen Moonshadow

(Image by szerbijn on Flickr, as seen on Google Images).

To The Boy In The Orange Onesie

Our eyes met
Across the space of ten feet
You were sitting behind
An elderly couple
And I was standing by the door
You had on a light orange onesie
With ears, I think it was a
Pokemon suit
But I could be wrong
It’s been a very long time
Since I last watched that show
You were smiling, I remember
But I don’t know what
You were smiling at
Or why
But our eyes did meet
For just a second
And then you smiled again
That secret, funny
Mona Lisa smile
You were the most
Beautiful person on the train.

And then the train stopped
And everyone got off
Including you
And we all went to the Convention
Making our own way
Up the escalators
Across the concourse
And into the Convention Centre
And you were lost to sight
After a while I had my lunch
On the grass in the park outside
It was a crisp, sunny day
And later, I went back inside
To see if I could get a photo
Of the Alien or of Groot
Or Darth Vader or a Dalek
Or maybe find myself
Some nice art prints for my wall

And there you were again
Still in that onesie
With the light orange floppy ears
Still with your Mona Lisa smile
And once again
Just for a second
We smiled at each other
As our eyes met again
And then you were lost in the crowd
And even though I kept my eye out
For your cute floppy orange ears
Hoping to catch another glimpse
Of your beautiful grey eyes
I never saw you again

All I wanted to do
If I saw your face again
In the crowd
Was to go up to you
Give you a hug
Onesie and all
And say
“Please don’t leave
without saying Hello”.
But I couldn’t find you
And so I leave it
Up to Fate to decide
If we should meet again
Somewhere, sometime
And perhaps next time
We will do more than nod and smile
Perhaps we will have the courage
To say “Hello”.








Rain, rain, rain!

The weather forecast
This coming week
Is rain, rain, rain.
So what could go wrong?
The clothes won’t dry
On the line outside,
So they’ll have to be hung
On the rack in the bathroom
No cycling around town for me
As my tyres are slick enough
And raincoats look ridiculous
On bicycles
And umbrellas are of no use
No playing Fetch! with the dog
In our garden
With the grass torn up by her
Great big paws
And I’ll be sloshing around
With gumboots on
Getting all mucky
Feeding the animals

We’ll spend our time indoors
Making fried eggs
With skull-shaped silicone molds
Or whipping up delicious
Brownie Cupcakes
Or creating Art
– we can Always do That!
Or watching a film together
On the telly
And eating homemade popcorn
Made with real butter
Chess is a game
The Kid and I can play
He hasn’t beaten me once yet
“Fetch!” is a game that
Can be played both
Indoors as well as Outdoors
– lucky dog!
And I’ll have no excuses
For not reading all those
Lovely books I have
Sitting on my shelves
Oh, and I Do Love
To snuggle under my duvet
And sleep on cold
Wet and windy days
Like these

So, Bring It On!! :-)

(Image source: Google Images)

We Are Born, We Live, We Die


We Are Born
We Live
We Die
Everything in between
Is what matters

Make It Count

Everything we do
Affects everything else
Ripples in the water
No pebble on the beach
Stands alone – we are All connected

As a Single being
We are weak
But as a Collective
There is great Power and Strength
In Us

Power to do Good
Power to create Change
Power to Influence and Lead
Power to make this world
The Paradise it should be

We are Born
We Live
We Die
Everything in between
Is what matters

Make It Count

AlyZen Moonshadow

Knights in Rusty Armour

Yes, you, I’m talking to you, and you
You all know who you are
And you all know what you are
Yet you choose not to face up to it
…maybe another day
Sweep everything under the carpet
Deal with it later, alligator,
In a while, crocodile
I’ll be with you in a minute
..maybe she’ll forget?

When you want something
You can’t get it fast enough
You’ll move mountains to get it
No obstacle is too much of a hurdle
But when you’re not sure
Teetering on Maybe/No
Then no excuse is too great
I’ve heard everything under the Sun
(Yes, this poem is full of clichés
Don’t I know it!)

Oh, you have to go clean your car?
Your house needs tidying up?
Visitors coming unexpectedly?
You’re too tired?
Not in the mood?
Pissed and broke?
I’d love to, but I’m busy
Tomorrow, maybe, I promise?
I just have to do this one thing
And then I’ll be with you?
Oh, sorry, something else came up
I’m going to have to bail.

Yes, No, Maybe
I don’t know
You sure blow hot and cold
Like an emotionally unavailable
See saw, Margery Daw
If you can’t deliver
Then don’t make promises
If you can’t make the effort
Then take a hike
If you can’t stay on the path
Then don’t set out on the journey
If you can’t stand the heat
Then stay out of the kitchen
If you can’t tell the truth
Then keep your mouth shut
If you can’t finish something
Then don’t bother starting
Faint heart never won fair maiden.


Unmasked (Facebook, It’s On You)

How, you ask
Does it feel
To be unmasked
After years of living
In another skin?
Does it feel like
Is it liberating
To not have another
Face to hide behind?

Listen, I say
If my life was so easy
I would have never
Needed to create a
Second Life
And if I’d never done that
Then there would not have been
Any need for all this palaver
No need to
Reveal myself
And place my life in danger
Put my neck on the line

With me
What you see is
What you get
Always has been
And always will be
It was never about the person
It was only about the name
I was
And still am
AlyZen Moonshadow
And I built a new life
Under my new name
– call it my homemade
Witness Protection Plan

I made friends
I met my chosen family
I made Art
I created my own brand
Under that name
And I was proud of
Who I was under that second skin

Until yesterday, when
As a cruel joke, perhaps
(It was, after all, April 1st)
Facebook decided
In its almighty
Impotence I mean Omnipotence
To browbeat me
Into revealing my real name
Dear benign malignant Facebook
Decided my 5-year-old persona
Wasn’t real
Wasn’t permitted
Decided I had to come out
And say my true name

Talk about an Exorcism!

So now the deed is done
The great reveal revealed
Are you proud, Facebook,
Of having made
A victim of domestic violence
Strip herself almost bare
And made it that much easier
For her abuser to track her down
And carry out long-held threats?
No, wait…
Facebook, You have just
Become an abuser yourself
Make no qualms about that

Now I have to start over
As not many of my friends
Recognise my new name
The one I never really used anyway
The one I don’t associate with
Now I have to
Run around doing damage control
Try to plug and repair
The holes and craters in my life
That Facebook created
When it decided
To murder me

Yes, if one day I am found
And my child
Let it be known now
That Facebook did it.

AlyZen Moonshadow


The Perils of Homework

Why so much

And I’m not even
In school anymore
So why am I doing
So much

I used to wait
Til the school bell rang
To welcome my kid home
Every day
From Primary School
So we could catch up
And talk about his day
Watch a bit of TV
Have dinner
Then kiss him
Off to bed

But now
When he comes home
From Secondary School
With his school bag
Heavy on his young shoulders
I shudder
To think about what
He has to do

Like any Mother
Who wants her child
To do well
In his educational years
You just have to
Keep up with their
You have no choice
And there’s a
Helluva lot of
Homework to do!!

I will of course
Help him
As far as I’m able
But inside
I’m cringing
Inside I’m screaming
“I’ve done my time
In school already,
Been there, done that,
Got the t-shirt
I have more than enough
On my own plate
Why must I now
Deal with
All over again?!!”

The Perils of Homework




Persuasion Before Contact

Whatever happened
To chivalry?
Where have all
The Gentlemen gone?
Why is this Life
So much of a
Rush rush rush
That even Love
Must be hurried
Got over
Done with?
Let’s skip the formalities
And just get down to business?

Whatever happened
To the Art of
Gentle Persuasion?
Of talking and wooing
Before instigating
Has Love taken
A backseat
To Lust?
Or are we just
Too busy
To make the effort
Shoot first
Ask questions later?

Persuasion Before Contact
Romance 123
Perhaps get to know
The Person first
Before you get to know
The Body
A relationship
Based on physical attributes
And no intellectual
Or emotional connection
Is one headed for
A cul-de-sac
Sure, it’s fun
But when it ends
…then what?
On to the next conquest?
…and then what?
Is it a case of
“Try before you buy”?


Coming To My Senses

I am
Coming to
My senses
Waking up
My reality
Is changing
My world
Suddenly I am
Standing on
The other side
A stranger
Looking in
When in the past
I was like
Those in the bubble
To what is
Believing that
I was born to
Pay bills
And Die
Because isn’t that
What everyone else does?

Now the scales
Have fallen
And I can see
Really see
How we must
Turn right round
Scratch out
The past
And start again
If humanity
Is to have
A chance
To survive
All the wars
All the enmity
All the struggles
All the strife
All the heartache
All the stress
All the worry
All come down to
Just one thing


The concept of
Money begets
The concepts of
Power and Ownership
Which in turn beget
The concepts of
Greed and Profit
Which beget
The concept of
Selfishness and Ego
Which beget
The concepts of
Us and Them
Rich and Poor
Me, Me, Me

Trust me
When I say
That without Money
The world will not end
It will not
Be Chaos
Think about it
I know the truth
And many more
Are waking up
We cannot continue
To live this great Lie
That pretends to be Life
They say
Those that know
The Truth
Those that can see
Past the great Lie
Come across
As the crazy ones
I’m a lunatic then
Will you Wake Up
And See for yourself?




What If…

Let’s play a little game
Of make-believe…
It’s called “What If”.


What if
We all held hands
Instead of holding guns?

What if
We all carried smiles in our hearts
Instead of money in our wallets?

What if
Helping others out was normal
Instead of being seen as heroic?
Being kind was an everyday thing
Instead of being an effort?

What if
We didn’t have to be afraid
Of walking alone at night
Because violence was gone,

What if
We didn’t have to be afraid
Of not having money to pay our bills
Because Money no longer exists
And bills are a thing of the past?

What if
We didn’t have to worry
About putting food on the table
Because food is plentiful
If we All shared the work
Harvesting and making it?

What if
We all put our differences aside
And embrace each other
And accept and celebrate our
Individual Uniqueness?

What if
We all put aside our Egos
The need to be Top Dog
The Best, The Richest,
The Prettiest, The Fastest,
The One With The Most
The One Who Is Always Right?

What if
The World became a Better,
Brighter place?
A place where people Cared
And Shared
Without thinking about
How they could profit from it
Or how they could gain
Advantage over another
Or how their name would be
Lit up bright for others to admire
And emulate?

What if
Utopia really exists
But in order to reach that state
We need to look at ourselves
And Change our attitude
And outlook and philosophies
And admit that we were wrong
To have allowed and endorsed this
Harsh, violent, unforgiving,
Selfish, demanding, argumentative,
Greedy, grasping, opportunistic,
Capitalist, consumerist,
Cut-throat, amoral, self-indulgent,
Illogical, egoistic, narcissistic
Society that we live in?

What if?