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First there was Adam
Then there was Eve
“You’re different,” he said,
“I love you”.

Press the fast forward button

Now she’s so different
She knows so much
And Knowledge is Power
And power in the hands of a Woman
Is dangerous
He burns her at the stake
And calls her a Witch.

Press fast forward again

“You’re different,” he said,
“Let’s get together all the people
That are different like us. Let’s start a
Religion/Civilization/Cult/Country/Social Structure/Government/Club/Secret Society/Millionnaire’s Circle/(insert appropriate social structure)”.

And it was so.
And it was good.

For a while.


“This is boring,” he said,
“Everyone’s the same. Let’s go
Find other people who are
Different. It will be exciting.
We can learn new things from them”.

But what if they’re just
TOO different?

Do you run from them
Back to the safety of your people
And warn them to stay away?


Do you lead your people to war
Against those Others
Who are so Different from you
Because you see them as a threat
Against your own beliefs?

Now it doesn’t matter if you
Press Fast Forward
Or Rewind
Because the examples are aplenty…

Do you start Crusades
And Holy Wars
And Inquisitions
And persecutions
And imprisonment
And torture
And discrimination
Because they are Different?

If so, WHY??

Why does it matter if people
Are Different from you?
Why does it bother you
That people can have a Different
Opinion, outlook, philosophy,
Way of life, eating habits,
Sexual preferences, skin colour,
Hair colour, eye colour,
Size, height, language, etc

Why do we try to make
Different the Same
And yet, when it becomes the Same
We try our best to be Different?

Why not just embrace the diversity
Of human life in all its splendour
Celebrate our Differences
The same way we celebrate
Our Sameness
We are after all, human beings
All from the same 2-stranded DNA
with billions of Different
Nature intended us to be Unique
Each and every one of us
So why are we so afraid
Of those who are Different
That we need to annihilate them
Or assimilate them
Or change them?

You don’t even have to try
To be Different
You already are Different.
I know I’m Different
Just as you’re Different from me
So, let’s be friends, not enemies.


My Wish for 2015

So here we are again
Gathered at the precipice of 2014
Peering over the horizon
Fast approaching 2015
What will the New Year hold for us?

Here’s what I want
Not for myself but for Humanity
This is what I would like
2015 to be

No more wars
Started by profiteers
No more lies
By politicians and governments
No more violence
In the streets in protest
Of police brutality
No more terrorist attacks
On poor innocent people
(What did schoolchildren ever do
To you that you had to kill them?
Or people just having a cup of coffee
With their friends in a café?)
No more fighting over Land,
Religion, Race, Politics
No more fighting, full stop.
How about some Peace instead?

No more conspiracies
To drag the veil over our eyes
No more teaching our children
False truths and fantasies
No more creative history
Wrought by the hands of men
And the minds of little boys
No more creating diseases
And then offering expensive cures
(Free the Weed already!!)
No more poisoning our rivers
No more senseless fishing
Killing poor dolphins and whales
No more clubbing seal pups
As they lay helpless on the beach
No more fracking
No more plundering the Earth
For more timber, oil, diamonds
– the list goes on
At the cost of human life
And animal habitats
It’s time to act responsibly
Like adults

Grow up, people!
Take a good hard look around you
This Planet’s falling apart
And all you do is fight like kids
In a playground?
Mother Earth needs your help
To protect, nourish and grow
So that future generations
– your children, their children
And their children’s children
May reap the benefits
This is a good planet, no
This is the Only planet
That we have to live on right now
So let’s make it a good place to live

We were placed on Earth
As Caregivers of the Land,
Sea and all its lifeforms
Not for selfish purposes
But for good
…and somewhere along the way
We forgot
Or were taught lies and deceit
Fell into the trap of
Consumerism, Materialism, Greed,
Profit and Mayhem
Me me me, more more more!
Stop it right now!
There’s plenty for everyone on Earth
If we learn to share and give
And stop feeding our own Egos
Now it is time to Step Up
Wake Up
And be Caregivers again
Not Caretakers, not to Take
But to Give back to the Planet
What we have so selfishly taken
For millennia.

Don’t wait for someone else
To start the ball rolling
If you want to see the Change
You have to Be the Change
So step up to the mark
And be ready to bat
Let’s make 2015 the year
We turn this thing around
Wipe the slate clean and start again.

AlyZen Moonshadow


A Cautionary Christmas Poem

Summer’s here again
Beach towels and bikinis
It’s that time of year
In the Southern Hemisphere
If you live elsewhere though
It’s a different story
There Winter is settling in
Expect snow flurries and storms
Make sure your home is insulated

The countdown to Christmas
Begins in October for many folks
But in our home the tree
Only goes up the week before
And the presents are useful,
Informative or educational
Or all of the above
We do not consume
For consumerism’s sake alone

Santa in the Land Down Under
Prances in a singlet and thongs
His presents are in a drinks cooler
– called an “Esky” in these parts
His sleigh is a Utility Vehicle
– here it’s called a “Ute”
A Santa in traditional garb
Would be a prime candidate
At the ER for heat exhaustion

Tis the Silly Season
Let the games begin
Tis sad how the true Spirit
Of Christmas has changed
When I was growing up
It was a religious celebration
But now it’s just yet another holiday
A reason to binge buy and
Punish the credit card

Load it up, folks
You know you want it
So get it now, why don’t you
– after all, you have all year next year
To try and pay it off
Let’s all live in the future
Paying an eternity of tomorrows
For the dubious pleasures
Of today

Christmas – what does it mean?
A store Santa, hired to drive a
Sled filled with presents
Pulled by fake reindeer
Along a track high in the atrium
Of a shopping mall
Gets derailed and falls
Three storeys down
Splat! Sled, presents, reindeer and all

And what do people do?
Some film the entire thing
On their new mobile phones
– Santa’s about to go viral
Some take selfies
Others stand and stare
But the rest will scramble and
Fight each other
For Santa’s presents on the floor

My dearest wish is that this scenario
Is not the norm of our Society today
– but look at the evidence
As seen in the snaking queues
For the latest iPhones
And in America, Black Friday
The Spirit of Christmas today
Is very much that fat Coca Cola guy
In the red suit Ho Ho Ho!


Today, the 21st of December, is traditionally the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice) and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere (Summer Solstice). Because we use the Gregorian calendar, the actual day can vary, from 21-23 December each year. This year, the 2014 Summer Solstice for Perth, Western Australia is 22nd December. Today (or, if you’re pedantic, tomorrow), people near the North Pole will see hardly any sun at all, while people near the South Pole will experience nearly 24 hours of daylight.

Here’s some information on the Solstice, if you’re interested:


You Don’t Get To Be Friends

After the Storm clouds have cleared
When things have settled down
And we’re on speaking terms again
And the emotional scars are healing
You say you still want to be friends

We’re not talking about Us
We’re still talking about Her
You hurt Me, you broke My heart
Yet you still want to be friends with Her
Is She more precious than Me?

You don’t come out and say it
But it is implied
She is like a drug and you an addict
You will never be able to leave her
She is in your system, you let her in

Subterfuge, furtiveness, secrecy
Computers locked by passwords
The sudden pressing of the Exit button
When I enter your room
These signs do not indicate Closure

With social media
There is no Perfect Closure
Where a hundred doors shut
A thousand others remain open
So I know you are keeping Her secret

You’re having your cake
And eating it too
Keeping ties with Her
And pretending you’re not
And reassuring me you’re mine again

Perhaps you were never really mine
If faced with two loves
And you married the first
But carried on with the second
Isn’t that disrespecting us both?

You don’t get to be friends with Her
If you really want to heal the hurt.
Unless you seal the rift
Psychically She will photobomb us
There will always be 3 in this picture

It’s not for me to take action
But it is for me to say
Look here, you need to decide
You need to free us all
From this eternal triangle

So Choose Wisely

(7 The Snake card, from The Gilded Reverie Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti. This card symbolises The Other Woman, a sly, deceptive person, temptation, lust, seduction, a literal “snake in the grass”).

AlyZen Moonshadow

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This Is Me

I just Woke Up
I haven’t changed
I might be a bit more vocal
I may express my views more forcibly
I may go out on a limb
I help the homeless
I like giving things away
I like helping my neighbours
I Abandon Art in public places
I believe in telling the Truth
I believe in Honesty and Trust
I still believe in Love, despite everything
I call Bullshit when I see it
I can see a lie from a mile away
I don’t hold back on my punches
I may not agree with you always, but
I don’t backstab you
I don’t attack you personally
I only wish for you to open your eyes
I am merely the messenger
I will be your friend if you want me
I may get “unfriended” by you if not
I don’t mind
I have no agenda
I have no manifesto
I like coffee and doughnuts
I like tea too
I am easily pleased!
I should eat more healthily
I should exercise more
I like to swim and cycle
I learnt to dive from my 11-year-old son
I buy too many Oracle cards
I can say the same about Tarot cards
I am learning to read Lenormand cards
I am Spiritual
I mind my own business
I am Creative
I am Artistic
I am a Mother
I have a First Class Degree in Music
I have an IQ of 160
I have worked in Government
I have worked in banks
I dislike materialism and consumerism
I dislike bureaucracy
I loathe greed and selfishness
I love all Animals
I collect teacups
I love Alice in Wonderland
I buy a lot of books
I love going to the cinema
I follow the Religion of Kindness
I respect what You believe
I am against war and terrorism
I am for decriminalising cannabis
I am for action against climate change
I support the LGBT Community
I believe We Are Not Alone
I believe in speaking out
I haven’t changed
I just woke up
I Am


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She had a way about her
That lit up the room
When she entered it
She did not even have to try

That’s the word for it
She had an Incandescence
About her Being

Pure and simple
Effortless joy
A presence that filled
The heart with pleasure

Not an earthly pleasure
But a higher one
That of lighting the mind
Like a light bulb glowing

She was a being evolved
Like no other human
Therefore, when the time came
She simply shook off her physical form

And so she is Now
Truly Incandescent
And Nascent Everywhere
Now her real work begins

She is the First Light of Dawn
The Last Rays at Sunset
And All that’s in between

image (Google Image : Scarlett Johansson from the film “Lucy”, 2014)

AlyZen Moonshadow

I was inspired to write this poem after watching the superb movie “Lucy” starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. In the film, the main character, Lucy’s body gets infused with a synthetic drug called CH4, and her brain starts developing at an exponential rate, from a normal human’s 10% to ultimately, 100%. At that point Lucy has no further need for corporeal form, and transcends humanity into the very fabric of her environment…i.e she becomes Incandescent. She is Everywhere. If humans could ever utilise 100% of our brains, we would all be Gods.

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We Are All Born Of Stars

Inspired by a phrase I read in Eckhart Tolle’s brilliant book “A New Earth – Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose“:


For some reason, I’m very taken by the first part of the phrase, so much so that I’ve been inspired to write a poem about it.

We are all born of stars

Not one, not many, but Infinite

We all glitter, we all shine

In our infinitesimal way

Reaching out to each other

Across the vast space that separates us

It is because we are so small in ourselves

That the Universe appears big

And the distance between us appears insurmountable

But the reality is this:

Because the atoms that make up your body

Were once forged inside stars

We Are the Stars

We Are the Universe

We Are One with each other

And our Life’s Purpose thus is to find each other

To connect, link and strengthen each other

There are no Problems, only Situations

And Solutions

Just Imagine how wonderful our world will be

If we all acknowledge this Universal Truth

That We Are All Born of Stars


I also drew a card from the Tarot Illuminati on my mobile phone, that echoes the sentiments of Eckhart Tolle and my own poem. Here are the screenshots of the card and accompanying explanation:




The Kaleidoscope Turns

Light through a prism
Shines through my prison
Of tears and a blanket of sorrow
And with that light
Comes the hope that I might
Find Love again tomorrow

Light that is fractured
And is quite unexpected
Shatters the mirror of my heart
The colours that I see
Hold deep meaning for me
Of the promise of a brand new start

Light that is bright
And full of delight
For the heart that longs and yearns
Shines now the way
To light a new day
For look! The Kaleidoscope turns.

AlyZen Moonshadow




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HAIKU : So That Butterflies May Drink

I remember once
The skies were cloudless and blue
The heat relentless

No drop of rain fell
All summer long in that year
The earth lay parched, dry

And in that same year
My emotions ran dry too
Like the barren land

I picked up the hose
My trees were calling to me
I’d neglected them

The water arrived
I sprinkled the earth with it
I heard its glad sigh

I gave it its fill
It slaked its thirst hungrily
And begged me for more

I made mud puddles
So that butterflies may drink
My reward was this

Rainbows in the air
Dancing in the bright sunshine
My garden now blooms


AlyZen Moonshadow

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Imaginary Conversations

He said, She said
Everyone says something
But what are we really saying?
What do we mean by those words
Coming out of our mouths?

We have Language so we may use it
But we choose to distort our meanings
By couching our sentences
Crouching behind smoke and mirrors
To disguise the Truth

Better learn to read between the lines
As one knows oftentimes
What one leaves unsaid
Is far more meaningful
Than what one says

Sometimes it is for protection
I shall not give you everything
Lay my soul bare to you
Because you may not return
The sentiment

You may be preoccupied
Or otherwise unavailable
And if I am simply Honest
And my words are simply the Truth
I fear I may get hurt by your reaction

So instead I maintain
A distant demeanour
I hide behind my facade
Of jokes, half-jokes
And all-out subterfuge

Yes we should all tell the Truth
But in matters of the Heart
Sometimes it is
The most difficult thing to do
– Dare you open that door?

For what lies behind it
Is what frightens us most
– not war, not strife, not illness
But the uncertainty
Of that new place behind the door

So we stand at the threshold
Holding imaginary conversations
With our innermost psyche
Trying to psych ourselves
To cross the line

Because we know
That once that line is crossed
No matter what anyone may say
Something has shifted
Something has changed

And Change terrifies us
Change is the two-headed beast
That tells us to check under our beds
And in our closets
While it sits on our shoulder

Be brave!
Open that door!
Cross that line!
Don’t just stand there
Having conversations that never were

“Barbed Wire Heart Balloon” by Banksy

Poem by: AlyZen Moonshadow

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