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Advice for my Sisters

The heart is a fickle organ
That goes against the beat
It longs to find that special person
With whom things will be sweet
And awesome
And cool
And hot at the same time

The heart has no ears but it can hear
The faintest footstep or tremor
It yearns to hear the magic words
“I will love You forever,
You are the Only One
The Love of my Life
There is no one else”

Which is all very well indeed
If only those words were true
My Sisters of the World, beware
The Charmer who says it to you
If his words are like silk
Or gold or honey
Oh honey, he doesn’t mean them

He’s toying with your hearts, you see
You’re Not the Only One
You’ve been charmed out of the trees
So He can have his fun
With you, and you,
And you, and you,
And you, and you and you.

He’ll tell you what you want to hear
And you’ll believe it too
His previous loves hurt him so bad
His ex is a piece of poo
Or crazy, or nuts
Or just vindictive
…everything but Right about him

Hearts can be broken by love or pain
And Charmers know how to play
The Chase and Game are exciting
But Sisters, at the end of the day
The only victor is him, not you
The minute you find out the truth
He’s moved on to the next One

And then you simply stand and stare
With disbelief as he plays the field
With your friends, your Sisters
Who lowered their shield
When they heard the cock crow
And thought it magnificent
Until they saw…it’s just a lark

So, my dear Sisters of the World
Who may share my pain
Or maybe you believe you’re The One
And that I am insane
The day will come
The scales will fall
And you will truly see

For if he can cheat on me with you
Trust me, he’ll cheat on you
Don’t fall for the silky voiced Charmer
If you really want a man who’s true
Is it a mid-life crisis, you wonder
Well, if it is, my dear
It’s the longest mid-life ever

(Found this on Google Images, under “Beware the Charmer”)


I’m right, You’re right
We’re all right
Everyone is right
To each his own
My need to be right
Is far greater than
Your need to be right
But of course you’re right
In saying Your need to be right
Is far greater than
My need to be right
We’re both right
We both just want to have the last word
I’ll let you finish your sentence
Right after you let me finish mine
I’ll hear your side of the story
Right after you’ve heard mine
I’m sure your account is accurate
Just like mine
Of course you have the right
To exercise your right
But you must allow me
To exercise my right too
Of course everyone is important
Of course everyone can have a say
But to decide who speaks first
Is the hardest part
Because most people don’t listen
To understand, but to respond
And the first one to speak
Generally gets the most responses
Crowding out everyone else’s right
To freedom of speech
And this is how
The Tower Of Babel came to be
Everyone clamouring
To exercise their right
To speak their mind
And be heard by everyone else
Everyone needing to state
That they are right
And to prove how right they are
And you know what?
I’m right, You’re right



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Two, Three, One

The number of Happiness and Hope
Of Plans, Ideas, Ambitions
Of Things done together
Of Safety, Security, A Common Goal
Of Dreams to be realised
Of Visions to behold
Of Places visited hand in hand
Of Sunsets witnessed
Of Kisses, Caresses
Of Whispers of Sweet Nothings
And Everything to come

The number of Chaos and Turmoil
Of Lies and Deceit
Of Cunning and Stealth
Of The Grass Being Greener
Of Apathy, Boredom, Curiosity
Of Planning together to leave
Of Running Away and Hiding
Of Insatiable Carnal Appetites
Of Hurt and Confusion
Of Trying or Not Trying
And Nothing to come

The number of the Warrior
Of Standing Alone and Solitude
Of Stoicism and Resolve
Of Determination, Grit and Guts
Of Finding and Knowing Oneself
Of Enlightenment and Awakening
Of Leaving Things Behind
Of Loving and Caring for Oneself
Of Happiness and Hope
Of Plans, Ideas, Ambitions
Of Everything to come

(Image from Google, quote by Alexander Den Heijer)


I challenged myself to write a story in less than 50 words, all beginning with the letters “EX”.



By: AlyZen Moonshadow


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Furry Friends Daily Five #4

Here’s a little poem I’ve written about animal friendship and inter-species love.


Hey, friend, I want you to know
Under normal circumstances
We might have never met
…I’m so glad we did
Because now I don’t know
What I’d ever do without you
You’re the biggest part of my Life
And I want to shout that out
Across the fields and savannah
In the forest glades and dales
Over the waves of the ocean
And high in the soaring skies
This Universal Truth
…I Love You

Friend, we may not look alike
We may not be the same
To listen to us, we don’t even
Share the same language
But that matters not one jot
For beneath that skin and sinew
Beneath tooth, nail and claw
Beneath scales and feathers
Beneath our blood and veins
Our hearts are twin engines
Of synchronised beats
With each beat we grow closer
Our language is Universal
Our language is Love

Dear friend, I want you to know
That people may find us strange
And think us peculiar
For wanting to be together
But we have heard the Call
And we are delivering the Message
With great gladness in our Hearts
…I hope their Hearts are listening
As more and more of us
Reach out, embrace the other
Speak only that Universal language
That’s pure, strong and powerful
Friend, friends, we are all the same
…Love is always the answer






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She’s Amazing (But You Let Her Go)

Whatever you’re searching for
On the world wide web
You know you will never find it
Because you once had it
Not too long ago
It was within your grasp
Held fast in your hands
Beating heart afluttering
Like an elusive, fragile butterfly

You searched and you found her
You were so happy, euphoric
You felt you had arrived at last
Achieved your goals
But, after a while
The feeling passed
How fleeting it was!
Just for one second, it seemed
You had Eternity sorted

She was everything you wanted
She was kindhearted, warm, funny
She was smart, sassy, pretty too
She was amazing
But you got bored, or at least
You convinced yourself of that
So you could search for another
You liked the chase more
Than the catching of your prey

Now you’re lost in a sea of Others
Searching, looking, finding none
But still, trying everyone
And getting disappointed
And disappointing all
So you meet and touch,
Savour the flavour
You think you know this game well
Do you know who’s playing who?

I hope they realise what you are
I hope these ladies know
That they are not the only One
They are not the sole object of
Your affection and emoticons
Or your dripping honeyed sentiments
Maybe they’ve all swallowed
The lies you told them
I hope they have more sense than that

One day, my dear Casanova
You may wake up
And realise, upon looking back
That you had truly loved and lost
Threw away the best
So you could try the rest
And you will think
“She’s Amazing
But I let her go…”


(Poem and digital photography art by AlyZen Moonshadow. All copyrights reserved).


What is this elusive thing
Called Success?
We are born, we grow out of our
Nappies and babygros
We learn to crawl, toddle then walk
We graduate from baby gibberish
To childlike talk
Then we go to school
And we learn even more things,
Subjects that may
Or may not be relevant
To our everyday lives
But which Society deems
Are Essential to a
“Well-rounded” Education

We go to Career Days,
Our parents drill into us
The importance of succeeding
In our studies
We learn it’s Essential
That we get qualifications
And join the eternal paperchase
On our way to Success
If we fail to get high grades
We are berated and made to
Feel like failures
And we are expected to improve
Our performance
Or go to remedial classes
To help us Succeed

So, now we are armed with
A ream of papers
Proclaiming our worth to Society
Now what?
Some go on to chase more papers
Others go on to chase each other
Up the Career Ladder
Yes, there is such a thing, and it
Promises that when we get there
We will have Succeeded
We will be a Success
And woe to those who remain
At the bottom of that ladder
For they will be downtrodden
And they will be in menial,
Mundane jobs
And never be a Success
Unlike us

Is that really what Success means?
I’m telling you now it’s Not.
It’s not what we’ve been taught
In schools and colleges
Or universities
It’s not the yardstick by which
Society measures your worth
It’s nothing that can be found
Outside ourselves
We have been lied to
Since the day we were born
And we are being lied to
At every twist and turn of this Life

The real meaning of Success
Is in you being born
Growing out of your nappies
And babygros
Success is in you learning
To crawl, toddle then walk
When you graduate from
Baby gibberish to
Childlike talk
And when you learn
Through experience
Through a sense of wonder
And amazement
At everything you see
When you question everything
Around you
And you get real answers
– not the answers Society
Deems you should hear
Success is in cultivating in yourself
A curious, creative, captivated mind
Not a narrow, blinkered, ignorant one
Success is where in your Life
You apply Logic
And Compassion
And Empathy
And a sense of Community
And a willingness to Teach others
As well as Learn from others
Where you learn to Share
And Contribute
And Care for one another
And Work towards the Greater Good
Of everyone on Earth

Success is Not about
Earning the most money
Or having the best job
Or buying the most properties
Or the biggest yachts
Or going abroad on holidays
Yes, it is true
We are bombarded
At every twist and turn
By social media and advertisements
By the television, radio and internet
That to have more stuff than others
Should be our ultimate goal in life
That our level of Success
Can only be measured
By our level of material wealth
And it is true that this Great Lie
Has been fed to us
From the day we were born
Going back hundreds of years
And it is also true that
Most of the world’s population
Accept this definition of Success
And by following its principles
Actively promote it
And so the circle continues

But I say
We need to Wake Up
And we need to acknowledge
That we have been asleep
For far too long,
We have had the wool pulled
Over our eyes
For far too long
And Now is the time
To Rise Up
Now is the time
For Revolution
And if each one of us
Believes in ourselves
In our infinite potential
For greatness, no matter what
Our level of education
Or social status
Or race, religion, culture
If each one of us
Firmly believes he or she
Is Already a Success
Just by being here today
– then that Revolution
Is well under way
And it will be
The Real Success of Humanity

Are You Ready
For Real Success?




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Another Day Dawns

Another day dawns
Orange glow over
Treetops green
And dark pink rooftops
Grey clouds skitter away
Purple skies now painted blue
With wisps of white
Birds are black shadows
Slowly turning gold

What’s on your mind?
Another day, another dollar?
Another day, another war?
Or, perhaps, just perhaps
Another day, another chance
To get it right this time?
To make things better
To set Humanity on the path
To Love and Truth and Freedom?

The Universe doesn’t reset each day
And show us its Beautiful Nature
So we can simply carry on
Our pointless, futile lives of
Violence, Anger, Carnage and Death
Or Greed, Selfishness and Ego
Have we become so inured
That we cannot see the message
Of Hope and Redemption
That’s carried in the very air
We breathe, every time
Another day dawns?

(Image source: Google)

Don’t Be You

Buy this!
Wear that!
This is the latest shade!
You’ll feel ever so sexy in these.
Mr Celebrity uses this.
Mrs Celebrity eats that.
Do it! Do it!
Don’t be You.
Don’t be You.

Read this!
Watch that!
Listen to this channel!
Watch the Daily News
For more Mis-information
Red Flags are currently trending
Do it! Do it!
Don’t be You.
Don’t you dare be You.

She’s famous!
He’s famous!
Let’s all try and be like them!
What, no cash? Here’s a credit card!
Live like there’s no tomorrow
For tomorrow will never come
Buy! Buy! Indulge yourself!
Don’t be You.
Don’t you ever try to be You.

Watch this film!
No, not That one
It needs you to think about things
And we can’t have that, can we?
Frankly, I don’t even know why
Those movies are even allowed here
Just take this popcorn and drink
Now go sit in the dark and enjoy
Not being You.

Don’t think!
Thinking uses up brain cells
Here, have this beer
Have this cigarette
Have these $4000 shoes
Buy that dress
And don’t forget the handbag too
Whatever you do, just
Don’t be You.

Here, buy this car!
Buy this house! That one too!
In fact, just buy the whole lot!
You’ll make lots of money
And Money buys Happiness
Yes, it does!
Yes, it does!
Don’t be You
Never just be You.

Being You sucks
You stick out like a sore thumb
Everyone laughs at You
Because You’re different
You don’t march to the same piper
As the other sheep
You don’t belong in the flock
Isn’t it easier to just follow along and
Don’t be You?

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I know now
It’s not worth asking
It’s not worth knowing the answer
Because the answer
Is simple
– You simply didn’t try

I know now
There will be no closure
You have no explanations for me
Or indeed for yourself
It’s simple
– You don’t even want to try

I know now
That it was your own decision
Your reluctance to admit
You shouldn’t have gone down
That path, the slippery slope, but
– You didn’t try to stop yourself

I know now
You got bored of playing with
Your shiny new toy
Had to go play with new ones
Didn’t want to look after this one
– You decided to try others instead

I know now
That after the fact
You felt there was no need
To repair the damage
You could not find your heart
– You didn’t want to try harder

I know now
You want no responsibility
You don’t want to claim ownership
Of your choices
Or accept the consequences
You just want Out
– You won’t try at all

I know now
More about Myself than ever before
I know my strengths and my heart
I know I will rise even stronger
Because, unlike You
– I will keep trying
But this time
I’m doing it for Myself, not You
It’s My time now
I take my Power back
I have walked alone before
Along paths that never were
I have found my own way
In the wilderness many times before
While in the past I did get lost
I know now I won’t again
Because I’ve tried and tried
And tried again
And now I’ve found Myself
And I know now
I will never be alone again
Or lost, bewildered or confused
Because now I have Myself
And I am Home at last