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Pattern Observer

For those of you interested in designing and printing wallpapers, or indeed any kind of surface design, Pattern Observer is an invaluable resource. I cannot praise it highly enough. It offers an insight into the burgeoning surface pattern design industry, you can subscribe to their regular email updates (I do), join their Textile Design Lab to enter into discussion with fellow likeminded artists, keep up to date with the latest news and trends in the industry. There are even e-courses you can sign up for to improve and hone your designing skills, learn new techniques and improve your own sales and marketing.

If you are the least bit serious about becoming a surface pattern designer, or even if you just want to investigate the ins and outs of surface design before you decide, you simply MUST join or follow Pattern Observer.

I love the layout of the blog, which can be used as a launchpad to visit other areas of the Pattern Observer microcosmos, all neatly organised and categorised for your benefit. Use the drop down menu there and you’ll see what I mean.

Pattern Observer can also be found on Facebook. So you can keep abreast of the latest news without even having to leave your favourite social media platform.

One of the many highlights of following Pattern Observer is that each week a different artist is showcased, providing insight into their processes, techniques, business practice, etc. Very useful and inspiring for aspiring designers.

Here I’m simply posting the links to bring together Parts 1 and 2 of Pattern Observer’s primers on wallpaper printing techniques through the ages. A potted history, if you will, for your enjoyment.



For those wanting to take the guesswork out of designing pattern repeats, check out Pattern Observer’s 5 week self-study e-course, The Ultimate Guide to Repeats. Be aware though, this course assumes some prior knowledge of, and experience with, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

(Photo taken from the blog’s “About” page shows Pattern Observer founder Michelle Fifis and her family.)

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You Need to read this! Creatives At Work

I stumbled across this blog while surfing the Net for “careers for mobile photography artists”. It’s called Creatives At Work Blog.


How the hell has this wonderful blog been able to escape my radar until now? It’s a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of resources and articles for artists, designers, photographers, writers etc. If you fancy contributing to the blog as a guest writer or have any ideas to contribute to the blog, do contact Eileen Fritsch directly, at mailto:eileen.fritsch@creativesatworkblog.com

Eileen has thoughtfully organised her blog into categories: Artists, Designers, Photographers, Writers. She has been writing for many years now, so each category spills over with articles and resources of relevance. Sub-headings helpfully steer the reader towards more specific information. If you are any or all of the above, you NEED to read this blog. (Be aware of the dates of each post, as some of them go back a few years and the information may be outdated, especially in relation to exhibitions and competitions).

For my fellow Photographers wanting to up the ante on our game, check out this page, which contains links to numerous other useful articles (or access it via the blog under the Menu button, then click on Photographers):


I’ve only had time to skim read a few of the articles within Eileen’s blog, but already my head is buzzing with ideas and inspiration. Suddenly, there seem to be so many more opportunities for mobile photography artists and designers like myself. It’s all there, if we only knew where to look. I just hope I haven’t arrived too late to the party!

I think I will certainly tap into this motherlode of information, and expand on them in future posts. There really is A LOT of information within Eileen’s fantastic blog. I couldn’t even begin to tell you about what’s there, trust me when I say you just Have to look for yourself!

Just to whet your appetite, here’s a list of the Sub-headers under the Photography category. Each of which contains lots of links to other sites.

Career and Business
Photography Marketing
Niche Services
Changing Technology
Cross Training and Skills Development
Photo Merchandise
Trends and Forecast
Photo Printing and Display Options
Photo Exhibitions

Run, don’t walk!


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Taking Your Art Further

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year 2014 and are now settling in to enjoy what I’m sure will be your BEST year yet.  My resolution for this year is this: “To continue to explore, expand and push the boundaries of Mobile Photography Art, especially concentrating on utilising both iOS and Android platforms, as I have literally at my fingertips the best of both worlds. This will be the year I get my work Licensed by global companies, and really make my mark on Print On Demand online stores.”

And so, to begin the New Year with a fresh start, I’ve found this site which explains various avenues the aspiring artist can explore. It’s called Fresh Rag, and the banner reads “The No BS, straight talk approach to earning more from your creative pursuits”. Dave Conrey is his name, and he has the scoop on how you can get your art selling online.






Dave also recommends these sites on his blog:


Etsy – The site to be on if you’re selling arts and crafts, vintage goods or supplies online.

Artfire – Similar to Etsy, but with a much tighter community.

Meylah – Like the two above with a bit more focus on art and design.


Zazzle – My personal favorite print-on-demand site for selling art online (shirts, iphone cases, posters, etc.) where you never have to manage the manufacturing side of the process. They print, fulfill, ship and handle the customer service for you.

Society6 – Print-on-demand with a very strong focus on top-notch artists. Does not have the reach of the other services, but has some really great products offered.

Red Bubble – Similar to Society6 in that they offer really great designs on their limited amount of products.

Cafe Press – Probably the largest of the print-on-demand providers, but quality has a tendency to be less than the others.

Spreadshirt – Print-on-demand with a focus toward shirts and other clothing items.

Another site I found that has a good listing of potential avenues of income for the artist is this one:


Towards the bottom of the article is a run-down of sites that may assist the fledgling or veteran artist:


Society6: society6.com

Bouf: bouf.com

ClickforArt: clickforart.com 


Blurb: blurb.com

Unbound: unbound.co.uk


Moo: uk.moo.com

Inky Little Fingers: inkylittlefingers.co.uk

Printclub London: printclublondon.com

Ditto Press: dittopress.co.uk

WS Bespoke: wsbespoke.co.uk

Printshop: thisisprintshop.co.uk

Döts Printhaus: dotsprint.co.uk



Awesome Merchandise: awesomemerchandise.com

Spoonflower: spoonflower.com


Twinne: twinne.com

Ardentees: ardentees.com

Kneedeepinsleep: kneedeepinsleep.com

Threadless: threadless.com

Ist Kunst: istkunst.com

Global Thread Collective: globalthreadcollective.com

Mintees: mintees.com

Phone, tablet and computer accessories

Cygnett: uk.cygnett.com

Gelaskins: gelaskins.com

Iconemesis: iconemesis.co.uk

Uncommon: getuncommon.com


Buttercup china: buttercupchina.co.uk

Now, as I am primarily a mobile photographer and my medium is digital and as such not tangible until made into prints, posters, t-shirts, etc, I think my concentration will be more on the Print on Demand Market and less on the Art Market. I am currently researching more Licensing sites and will of course report back here in due course.

Seeing as I have a whole, brand new year ahead of me to work on achieving my New Year Resolutions, I’m going to explore these avenues, and more, and I hope you will too!

My Profile/Bio updated

Just updated my Profile/Bio on 500pix and thought I might as well post it here, for those of you who are wondering who I am and what makes me tick :’).

I’m an iPhoneographer/iPhone Artist/mobile photography artist based in Perth, Western Australia. I love taking images of the mundane, trivial and pedestrian, and turning them into something extraordinary and special. My website is http://alyzenmoonshadow.wix.com/alyzenmoonshadow. I am also on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/alyzenmoonshadow. I have my work up on several online sites such as: Redbubble at http://www.redbubble.com Zazzle at http://www.zazzle.com FineArtAmerica at http://www.fineartamerica.com deviantArt at http://alyzenmoonshadow.deviantart.com  Society6 at http://www.society6.com/alyzenmoonshadow and ArtOfWhere at http://www.artofwhere.com/alyzenmoonshadow. When not engaged in making mobile photography art and design, I also like to set my images to accompany original music, by creating YouTube videos using iMovie on the iPhone 4/iPad/Macbook Pro. To date, I have created several YouTube videos for the electronic musician ElectroCelt (who also happens to be my husband), you can find them under my publishing name or channel “electroceltess10″ on YouTube. My first outside collaboration with another musician, Brian Vassallo, set my images to his electronic music track entitled “I Am Always In Your Heart”. I am also a Classically trained musician currently working on composing music on my Yamaha Tenori-On. You can follow my work and my words on my blog http://www.alyzenmoonshadow.com

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Blogs vs Websites

My blog site is http://www.alyzenmoonshadow.com

My website is http://www.alyzenmoonshadow.wix.com/alyzenmoonshadow

So why do I have both a blog AND a website? Good question! In my case, I didn’t have a website prior to May this year, until I wanted to be featured on Carolyn Edlund’s ArtsyShark page http://www.artsyshark.com/2013/08/09/featured-artist-alyzen-moonshadow/, and the requirement was to have a website. Not knowing any code (seeing even a page of it makes me fall asleep!), I turned to Wix. Over the last weekend of April I laboured over the Wix site, choosing my theme, colour scheme, fonts, adding widgets and other add-ons, etc…until finally, many, many hours later, I was able to produce the site you see above. It was quite an enjoyable experience, creating my website, even though loading the hundreds of images onto it took quite some time. I am now also an Amazon affiliate, so if you purchase a book from Amazon through surfing onto my webpage, I will be in line to get paid a few pennies.

But, a web page is a static entity. I regard mine as a depository for my best works, for images that I feel best represent me. My website is an online portfolio that I can refer potential customers or Licensees to, when pitching to them. Or simply so I can show my friends and family when they ask to see examples of my work.

A Blog, on the other hand, is a live entity.  It’s like an ongoing Journal where the writer shares his or her thoughts and creative processes, or ruminates on topical subjects, or has a rant, or shares a recipe. I only started this blog in July, and when I sat writing my very first post, I was thinking to myself “What the heck am I supposed to write about, that people will even want to read?”. That first post was the hardest to write, but it does get easier, believe me. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. The more I write, the more ideas I find to talk about.

I was reading a book called “Not Quite Nigella” the other day, bought as a Kindle edition from Amazon (so I could read it on my Galaxy S4 on the commute to work in the mornings, without having to lug around a physical book). The writer, Lorraine Elliott, started out by writing a blog about her Food adventures, and then her readership gathered momentum and grew exponentially over the course of a few short years…and before she knew it, the blog was being turned into an actual book. My readership number is still in the teens as I write this, but who knows, if enough people find my musings interesting enough to start following me, I may have the beginnings of my autobiography right here?  Or, I could get it printed for posterity and leave it to my son, so he can remember his wacky Mum by her wacky words.

So, I blog because I find it cathartic to write down my thoughts, and to share my knowledge with my readers, and make a few new friends and increase my social circles.  I keep a website as my online portfolio, and I update it once a month at least. There are many hosts for both blogs and websites, but I chose WordPress and Wix both for their ease of use. As I’ve said before, I’m not a techie, and I don’t want to be confronted with pages of mind-numbing and mind-boggling code.  I’m a cut-n-paste, drag-n-drop kind of girl! And for me, WordPress and Wix offer me peace of mind, and more time to do what I like to do, which is write and create more mobile photography images.

Featured Artist AlyZen Moonshadow | Artsy Shark


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So pleased to make it as a Featured Artist on Artsyshark, the best resource for artists.