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We All Fall Down

Nobody’s perfect
Most people don’t even try
Some wander lost through life
A few wonder why

Many believe the best
Is yet to come
Several times a day they ask
Why it only comes to some

We are human beings
Yet some of us are sheep
Following God knows who
Refusing to Wake from sleep

It’s not important how much you earn
Or what you do for a living
Most of us have forgotten
How to be human beings

We have become human doings
Rushing here and there
Searching for that elusive goal
That’s now-here, then no-where

Slow down! Take a deep breath
Everything can wait
Love is the answer
Not the ego, greed or hate

Have you ever wondered
About that ladder you are climbing
And questioned what the reason is
For that which you are doing?

For could it be it’s just a ruse
And we’re headed for a fall?
Or worse, we get up to the top
And find it’s the wrong wall?

(Image source: Google Images)


The Kid was given an assignment by his teacher in his swanky private high school, the topic being Sustainability. After a false start, when he told me his idea was to re-use bomb sites for residential housing and commerce, and I told him the radiation count would be too high to sustain lifeforms and crops, and also that people would think more than twice about moving into an area similar to Chernobyl, he decided to write about Hemp as a sustainable crop instead.

So we did some research online, and printed out some articles on the wonderful properties of Hemp. I told The Kid to brace himself for negative feedback from his teacher, due to the stigma attached to the subject of Hemp/Cannabis/Marijuana. I myself was prepared to defend The Kid’s honour should his teacher give him grief about choosing such a touchy subject. It’s happened before, in a different school in a different country…and that made the News.

As it turned out, it didn’t even get that far. The Kid came home from school saying he was having to re-do his entire assignment. Apparently, the teacher had told him that his speech in class about Hemp would Not be acceptable, as, and I quote, “Everyone will laugh at you, because it’s silly”.

Hello, ARE YOU READY??? Apparently this is one teacher who isn’t. Either she’s ignorant of the facts, or she’s afraid the subject is too topical and contentious, or she’s terrified of the repercussions that might happen in her class and the school if it did get out. Or she does not wish her students to think for themselves, but rather to just become rote-learning drones.

Or, all of the above. It’s not like The Kid was going to enthuse about taking hard drugs. He’s not even going to talk about why Cannabis should be decriminalised. He wasn’t even intending to talk about medical marijuana. All he wanted to talk about was how Hemp, grown as a crop, could save the world. The topic was Sustainability, remember? Maybe the teacher did not realise the Janus or double-faced nature of the Marijuana plant, and assumed the worst. Ignorance can be bliss, but not so in this case.

Rather than bore you with hard, dry facts about the wonderful properties of Hemp, here are some images I’ve culled from Google, as visual aids.











As for The Kid, he was worried that he might get a Red Mark for his assignment, as he now had no time left to research a new topic. He had been getting lots of Green Marks and commendations in the last month, getting to be a Student Councillor has raised his self-esteem somewhat, and he was getting very diligent about doing his homework and assignments properly now. A Red Mark would be a disappointment for him, after a long run of all Green Marks.

I reassured The Kid that even if he did get marked down for this Assignment, we would discount it, as we both knew he had a valid point to make regarding Hemp as a sustainable crop. And we accepted the fact that his teacher, his classmates, possibly his school and perhaps even this country, Australia, might not be ready to WAKE UP yet.



Apathy Must Die


I was once in a class where the lecturer asked for the meaning of Apathy. No one answered, so I put my hand up and said “Don’t know, don’t care”. Which was funny and also ironic at the same time.

But now, as I’ve grown older (and more mature, I hope!), I see that my flippant reply may have been rooted in ignorance and naivety.

Why? Because Apathy is the greatest weapon of mass destruction the world has ever seen. Never mind wars or crime – what you don’t stop, will continue. What you ignore, you condone. What you don’t speak out against, you approve of by default.


Jane Goodall stood up for primates. And it’s thanks to people like her (and Dian Fossey) that wild primates and gorillas even have a future today. Someone has to care, otherwise these creatures will go the way of the black rhinoceros.

So, take up a cause or a dozen. Fight against injustice, cruelty, greed, oppression, discrimination. There are hundreds of just causes out there. You just have to care.


There is really no excuse for anyone to say “But I’m just one person, how can I make a difference?” Because you Can. Look at the image above…what do you think will happen if you, and all the other “little people” refuse to listen to the voice of insanity, and just leave?

Some may consider the works and words of Dr Seuss childish and aimed for an audience under the age of 6. But in reality, just like the stories of Winnie The Pooh by A.A Milne and my favourite, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, there are many, many nuggets and gems of good Life’s Lessons to be learnt from them.

The sad thing is, most of society today have been conditioned by TV advertisements, billboards, the internet, radio etc to do only one thing – BUY. Consumerism is the biggest occupation or pre-occupation on earth, subscribed to by 90% of the population. We go about our daily lives purchasing things that we hope will make our lives more fulfilled…not realising that material things will never fill an emotional void. We ignore what goes on behind the scenes – slave labour, child labour, sweatshop scenarios, etc etc etc, or, if we are not ignorant of that, we convince ourselves that all that suffering is for the greater good.

You wouldn’t buy a Blood Diamond, would you, where innocent lives are killed for the sake of increasing the wealth of a few uber-powerful families? So why do you queue up around the block to buy the latest Apple iPhone?

Yes, the gleaming skyscrapers of Dubai are wonderful feats of architecture. I’ve always wanted to visit that city for its buildings. But recently I found out, to my utter horror, exactly how these wonders of the modern world are constructed. Slave labour. That’s how. Here’s Wikipedia’s entry about it, there are dozens more articles about this atrocity.

Imagine thousands of foreign workers from poor countries enticed by false promises of good pay, job prospects, clean housing…and when they arrive, their passports are taken away from them, they are forced to live 12 to a room in hovels, forced to drink unclean, salty water, forced to work up to 16 hours a day in the searing desert heat, for mere cents.

And up above, in the dreaming spires, a few thousand feet closer to heaven, the rich and beautiful flaunt their wares and eat, drink and make merry. Without a care about the plight of the people who built the very floor they stand on.

Ask yourself – in a city that is so full of wealth, where millionnaires abound, why must their buildings be based on the sweat and blood of poorly paid servants? Can these millionnaire Sheikhs not afford to pay their workers more for their labour? Oh, don’t tell me they’re too poor to afford a few dollars more per hour per worker, too poor to provide clean and hygienic housing, too poor to provide desalinated drinking water?

And what are we doing about this? People say these rich Arab countries are too powerful to go up against. So must we just accept the bullying that goes on? Or must we speak out and continue to speak out, until our collective voices are too many to be stilled? I’m speaking now.

Another great quote by a great man. Ignorance is not bliss. Neither is Apathy. If you want to see a change, you must first BE the change. Even if you think your voice is too small to be heard, speak out anyway. Someone will hear you. Someone will agree with you. Someone will show you the way.


And we stand by and watch wars being fabricated by governments, in the pursuit of material gains (oil, diamonds, minerals), and swallow the false background stories they dish out to us?? Why??


It happened in Plato’s time. It happened in our grandparents’ time, our parents’ time. It is happening to us now. And it will continue to happen unless we stop it.

This quote is by far the most powerful I’ve come across. And it is by the most hated man on earth. But it is 100% accurate. We are like the proverbial frogs in a pot of slowly boiling water. If we don’t take action now, it may be too late. And sadly, for a lot of people, Apathy has already won.

Remember, what you allow, continues.

I will leave you with this quote I found on Google, that made me smile and at the same time acknowledge its double-edged sharpness.