Tutorial: The Magic Watering Can

Early September is the best time to visit Araluen Botanical Park near Roleystone, Western Australia. That’s when the Tulips come out in force, creating beautiful, vivid, natural fields of colour that attract photo-happy visitors in their thousands every day. I was lucky enough to visit Araluen recently, and came away with 500 or more images in my Samsung Galaxy S4’s camera roll.

Here is the link to Araluen, so you can read for yourself about the fascinating history of the park, and enjoy images of the flowers within. Not just Tulips, of course – I also saw Magnolias, Camellias, Californian Poppies, Bottlebrush, Zinnias, Daisies, and many more flowering plants that I’m not familiar with.


I’m still sifting through my images of Araluen, but decided I’d share with you all how I created this one of a humble metal watering can. This was by a patch of wonderful Californian poppies, in a vegetable patch next to the Araluen Gift Shop. I only managed to get 2 shots of the watering can, as a little girl nearby took a fancy to it and toddled off with it a few seconds later.

Here is the original, unedited image:


I ran this through the app Repix, which recently became available on the Android Playstore. The effects I used were Drips and Daubs. I used Drips to obscure the background around the watering can, then Daubs for the finer parts that Drips proved too big for. I also used Repix’s other controls to tweak the vibrance, brightness, contrast, temperature etc.


Next, I used PSTouch, another universal App to blend both the original image and the Repix image. I used the Screen blend mode. I wanted a painterly look for the background, but I also wanted to further delineate the outline of the watering can.


After this, I used the App Smoothie to further enhance the image. I recently downloaded Smoothie and am currently experimenting with it and am pleased with it so far. Here is the image post-Smoothie, the effects I chose are very subtle.


After this, I decided to run the image through Repix a second time. This time, I added some glittering sparkles around the watering can’s spout, to look as if stars were coming out of it instead of water. Then, just for fun, I added some dandelions, to look like they were twirling around the magic watering can. I hope it’s as magical for you as it obviously was for that little girl who ran off with it!


Finally, I used the Android App “Add Watermark” to sign off the image.


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