Six months or so ago, I wrote about my madness for collecting here. Amongst the subjects I “collect” were my mobile photography series of stacked teacups and saucers a la Alice in Wonderland.  I called this series “The Madhatter’s Teaparty”.

I never got round to showing you more of the images, as I’d simply posted the link to the Series.  But, just to give your tired fingers a rest so they can curl round a teacup instead, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of the images from this Series with you here.  Someday I hope to be able to have a solo exhibition of these works, as I have about 35 A3 canvasses languishing in storage in my Japanese Quail Nursery Studio at home.

So, without further ado, here are some of my zany teacup and saucer images.  (Yes, the teacups and saucers are mine, sourced from Etsy and eBay).

To read about how I created these A3 canvasses, read my post about it here:

1363420318600_0_wm  1363421525467_0_wm  1363422393739_0_wm  1363425781283_0_wm  1363431763890_0_wm  1363431780614_0_wm  1363434274826_0_wm  1363435146873_0_wm  1363442204915_0_wm  1363485740409_0_wm  1363491279301_0_wm  1363493207866_0_wm  1363502726087_0_wm  1363529385558_0_wm  1363530195466_0_wm  1363530770795_0_wm  1363533441658_0_wm  1363534093205_0_wm  1363616708935_0_wm  1363617425878_0_wm  1363994066120_0_wm  1363792753979_0_wm  1363994336595_0_wm  1363998300797_1_wm  1363999454410_0_wm


    1. I’m just about to start a new project funnily enough called “Project Alice”. Again, with teacup stacks but this time with Alice-y props such as white rabbits, playing cards, keys, mushrooms, er..macarons etc. All of which will be in the background while the cups take pride of place.

  1. These are really nice, I hope that you managed to sell them all. I am playing around with some digi stuff just now, mainly scanned in images of my paintings and drawings. By the way the link doesn’t seem to work for me anyway!

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