Awake in the night

Awake in the night
I’m thinking
Of things that have happened
Are happening
And are yet to happen
To me

Maybe I’m psychic
But haven’t realised it
Maybe it’s just my
subconscious talking
– crazy cosmic psychobabble

Why do I seem to make
the wrong decisions
the wrong person
the wrong thing
the wrong time?

Here I stand, once again
at the edge
of a chasm
of apocalyptic proportions
Where voices from the deep keep
Yelling “Make up your mind!”
To me in sweet sulphuric tones
Yeah, been there,
done that before already…
Tell me something new, please
Sing me a new Song
Dante’s Inferno is so yesterday

Is it Karma?
Was I a bad person in a previous life?
– What did I do to deserve this?

Or has someone pushed the players on the board, rearranged them and reassigned them different roles
So what was left is now right
And what was right is now wrong
– the Wife is now The Other Woman
– The Other Woman is now the Wife
Or so the perception appears to be…

Why is it Me who has to
pick up the pieces
And glue things back together
When I was not even a player
in these cruel
Games People Play
I do not know the rules
So I cannot make the decisions
I do not like this game.
I do not like the strange feeling Superglue leaves on my fingers.

I wonder…
Is there a “Reset” button for Love?

AlyZen Moonshadow


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3 thoughts on “Awake in the night

  1. What a beautiful way to describe a life.. you have written mine here also…there have been many times when I blamed myself for bad Karma in a past life.. but I have grown to love me, I have done nothing wrong….. “what is left is now right” … Thank you ❤

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