The Butterfly Effect

It’s funny how, when you tune into something, you start seeing  connections and correlations wherever you go. For a few months now I’ve been attuned to butterflies, ever since I saw that quirky quote about butterflies and on that same day found that piece of butterfly wall art at my local thrift shop, here:

Since then, I’ve been led to the Museum in Perth twice, where I spent a couple of hours happily immersed in photographing the Museum’s extensive collection of butterflies. I’ve found an Australian company, Clear Cut Crafts, that makes beautifully realistic acrylic butterflies for cake toppers and displays. I even bought a Buddleia plant just the other day, and quite quickly started attracting butterflies to my humble garden. I even managed to identify a butterfly on a friend’s Facebook page. I’m in the midst of my “100 Butterflies” art project, you’ll have seen some of them already here in previous posts : and and

So the other day, while out window shopping (as one does when feeling pauperish but itching to get out of the house at any cost – haha, pun intended), I happened upon a shop called Thingz in neighbouring Port Kennedy. And saw the inspiration for yet another butterfly-inspired art project.

I can’t wait to get started! My plan is to make abstract tissue paper prints and then transfer the prints to butterfly templates. I can then use them in assemblage, or make up a flatpack that can be easily posted worldwide and assembled by the recipient. For the butterfly shapes, I’ve been considering the use of air-hardening clay, which I will roll out thinly and die-cut or stamp. Then I will adhere my prepared tissue paper prints onto the shapes, and then varnish to seal. Some wire for the antennae and for attaching to other objects, and et voila! Colourful, abstract butterfly sculptures.

Here are some photos I took of the butterfly wall art sculptures that inspired me:







And, if I do go down the route of creating my own assemblage butterflies, here is the inspiration for that (found on Pinterest):


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