Sneak Preview of Project “100 Butterflies”

I’ve been working on “100 Butterflies” for about a month now. I first started this project using PicsArt on my Samsung Galaxy S4 to blend several images together to create the background for my butterfly. Then I discovered the App “Blend Collage” and utilised a different kind of blending. “Blend Collage” sadly went kaput as soon as I updated my mobile phone to Android KitKat 4.4.2. Then I found the App “Photo Tangler” to replace “Blend Collage”, but after just a week it too stopped working and was consigned to my App Cemetery as well.

Fortunately, after testing out and rejecting dozens of wannabe replacement Apps, I discovered I that the answer to my prayers had been under my nose all this time. A favourite App of mine, “AThumb Cut”, which I had previously only been using for cutting out my butterfly images, also has a collage function offering that feathered edges look I require. Happy days again!

So, we are back in business. I never really stopped, even with the App catastrophes I mentioned. I’ve been busy creating my “100 Butterflies” digital mixed media collages, and here are a few of my newest ones, I hope you like them!






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