My Art Abandonment Project “REMNANTS” PART 1

A little while back, I wrote about the Art Abandonment Project. And I decided to have a go at abandoning Art myself.

I bought a set of 5 brown blank cards and string envelopes from my local KMart. I think it cost me under $5. I have always loved those envelopes which you secure not by licking a gummed flap but instead twist the attached string in a figure 8 around a circular brad.

I don’t usually create my art in a square format, so I didn’t have any real pieces to fit the square cards. What I did have an abundant supply of, however, were many prints on tissue paper that I had rejected because of imperfections in the printing process itself. Meaning streaks, smudges, incomplete prints, inaccurately lined up prints, prints where the colours of the inks had run, prints where the tissue was torn in places. These are what I would use on the blank cards. Waste not, want not.

Plus, I also had to hand a number of embellishments and stamps that I could use to spice up my handmade cards.

imageFirstly, I spread acrylic gel medium over the front of the card blanks, then adhered my tissue prints to them.

imageI then cut around the card and put aside the cast-offs. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a use for them…as gift tags, perhaps?

imageHere they are, with their extra bits chopped off ;-).

imageAnd here they are with their corresponding envelopes. I’ve put one in and done the figure-8 bit to close the envelope, just to show you. There’s another card inserted halfway into its envelope.

imageThese are the 5 cards I’ll be abandoning. I shall seal them with a coat or two of spray varnish. I’ve already printed off some Art Abandonment tags onto watercolour paper and vellum, which I will use on the envelopes, so that the lucky recipient of my Abandoned Art understands what it is all about.

To be continued in Part II next.

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