Kintsukoroi for the Broken Heart

Let’s get this straight:
In every relationship, there exists
Ample opportunities for straying.

All it takes is for one party to start
Lying, in real life or online,
In relation to, and undermining
Everything held sacred by marriage.
No longer is confidence shared or
True…When one party loses
Respect or honour for the other,
In fact, when the spouse
Becomes “the other person”, why then
Everything changes.

The moral analogy of this tale is:
If you throw a plate to the ground, it breaks. Even if you then say “Sorry” to the remains of the plate, even if you heartily mean your apology, there is nothing on earth that will change that plate back to the way it was before. The Japanese have an artistic method of repairing old, broken ceramics, called Kintsugi or Kintsukoroi, using gold or silver lacquer inlay. Yes, it is indeed repairing the breaks and restoring the vessel to some degree of functionality, it may even make the vessel look even more beautiful. But remember, that plate/vessel/heart will NEVER be the same again.

The cause of my own personal pain is written here on this very page; it is concealed to be revealed. I know my heart will heal with time, and I know it will be more beautiful for having been broken by the one person that I thought I could trust, and another that I thought was a friend. Ahhh…Kintsukoroi for the broken heart!


(By the way, if you’re wondering, it is not defamation/libel/slander if the facts are TRUE). I rest my case.

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