Artist Inspiration : DIANNE FERRER

I love the art of Zentangle. But I’m afraid to even start. Why? Because I know that once I start in earnest, I will get hooked, and then that crazy woman at KMart buying up all the Sharpie pens, coloured gel pens, pencils and art paper – that will be me. My home will be littered with my many attempts at Zentangling. No housework will get done (not that it ever gets done anyway!). Meals will consist of cereal and milk, the animals can feed themselves, the plants can water themselves. Hooray!

And so, I contend myself by observing the wonderful Zentangles of masters. I wonder at the artistry that emerges seemingly effortlessly from the pens of these artists. It seems almost meditative, which alludes to the very name itself – Zen Tangle.

One such Zentangle master is DiAnne Ferrer. DiAnne is a CZT, a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Yes, there really are such things. The following is an excerpt about DiAnne Ferrer from this site.

DiAnne Ferrer
Featured Bio:
DiAnne Ferrer, Zentangle® Artist

Creating beautiful pieces of art is DiAnne Ferrer’s passion. DiAnne started her training at Baruch College in NYC and went on to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). She also obtained a Masters from Brooklyn College in Brooklyn NY. She channels her inspiration from her surrounding environment of patterns. DiAnne specializes in Zentangle inspired art work. DiAnne became a Certified Zentangle Teacher under the direction of Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas who both created the Zentangle® method.

DiAnne Ferrer is also a Brooklyn Art Teacher. She came across Zentangle® while attending an art teacher conference in NYC and was hooked immediately. She States, “I have not put down my pen yet, since learning this fantastic art form. The greatest thing about this artistic impression is you do not have to have any artistic experience to create beautiful art work.” Each piece of art is drawn one line at a time. She is one of a very few CZT’s in Brooklyn NY at present.

What is Zentangle®? Zentangle ® is an easy to learn art form by creating amazing images from repetitive patterns. Zentangle ® is fun and relaxing. It can help increase focus and creativity. Zentangle® provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being.

Zentangle has many other uses: Relaxation, Inspiration, Stress Reliever, Therapy, Increase attention span and ability to concentrate. Zentangle® is enjoyed by all ages and a wide range of skilled participants. There is always success after completion of a tile. Zentangle ®uses a 3 ½-inch x 3 ½-inch square card of fine, individually die-cut Italian printmaking paper, selected for its texture and archival characteristics. Archival quality inks are also used to produce images that will stand the test of time.

You can also use other sizes of paper plus watercolors, markers etc. to add some color to create Zentangle Inspired Artwork. All beautiful art tangles grow out of our imagination. There are no boundaries that limit the possibilities. Our imagination is Endless.

DiAnne Ferrer has created a website dedicated to this art form. Within this site, viewers see many different images created from patterns. The possibilities are endless. – See more at:

Here are a few examples of DiAnne’s work. I was drawn to her portraits of dogs, but she also draws other animals as well as objects.











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