Imaginary Conversations

He said, She said
Everyone says something
But what are we really saying?
What do we mean by those words
Coming out of our mouths?

We have Language so we may use it
But we choose to distort our meanings
By couching our sentences
Crouching behind smoke and mirrors
To disguise the Truth

Better learn to read between the lines
As one knows oftentimes
What one leaves unsaid
Is far more meaningful
Than what one says

Sometimes it is for protection
I shall not give you everything
Lay my soul bare to you
Because you may not return
The sentiment

You may be preoccupied
Or otherwise unavailable
And if I am simply Honest
And my words are simply the Truth
I fear I may get hurt by your reaction

So instead I maintain
A distant demeanour
I hide behind my facade
Of jokes, half-jokes
And all-out subterfuge

Yes we should all tell the Truth
But in matters of the Heart
Sometimes it is
The most difficult thing to do
– Dare you open that door?

For what lies behind it
Is what frightens us most
– not war, not strife, not illness
But the uncertainty
Of that new place behind the door

So we stand at the threshold
Holding imaginary conversations
With our innermost psyche
Trying to psych ourselves
To cross the line

Because we know
That once that line is crossed
No matter what anyone may say
Something has shifted
Something has changed

And Change terrifies us
Change is the two-headed beast
That tells us to check under our beds
And in our closets
While it sits on our shoulder

Be brave!
Open that door!
Cross that line!
Don’t just stand there
Having conversations that never were

“Barbed Wire Heart Balloon” by Banksy

Poem by: AlyZen Moonshadow

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