Oracle Cards

Today’s post is about Oracle Cards. Some of you may be religious and consider them the devil’s work; I would ask that everyone please read this post with an open mind. The angle I’m coming from here is not a religious one, but a mixture of spirituality, affirmation and artistic creativity.

Strangely enough, Wikipedia does not have an entry for Oracle Cards. But I found one that doesn’t self-promote or advertise products, which a lot of other sites do.

From e-How:
Oracle cards are types of cards that when used together form a card deck that provides individuals with answers to their innermost questions. These questions and answers are generally prophetic in nature and are thought to provide a glimpse or outlook into the future. An individual can buy and use her own set of cards for gathering insight, or may choose to seek the services of a psychic or medium who professionally reads oracle cards.

Oracle Card Meanings

You can find many types of oracle card decks. There are also many types of oracle cards within each deck. Each of these cards has its own meaning. As an example, “Amethyst” is a card found in the Crystal oracle deck. When this card is selected in a reading, you are being told to embrace your “shadow side.” This means that you must learn to love all parts of yourself. By comparison, the “Tiger” card in the Creature Teacher oracle deck suggests that an individual learn to face all fears head on.


Although you may think the use of oracle cards for divination is relatively new, it might surprise you to learn that they have been in existence for over 200 years. One of the most popular decks of oracle cards is the Lenormand Oracle cards. These cards are named after famed fortuneteller Madame Marie Lenormand. While there is no certainty as to whether she created the very first oracle deck or not, she is noted as having devised her own deck of oracle cards to give readings. Today, while still not as well known as tarot cards, the cards bearing her name continue to remain popular in certain parts of Europe.

Oracle versus Tarot

While the decks of tarot cards were originally created for playing games, the oracle card was created as more of an inspirational tool. Unlike tarot cards that have the darker images of the “Hanged Man” and “Death,” oracle cards typically stick with more positive images and many decks are based on angels or healing themes. There are 78 cards in tarot decks; however, the number of cards in an oracle deck can vary from about 44 cards to as high as 55 or more, since each card deck is unique.

Oracle Card Readings

The reading of oracle cards is quite similar to that of tarot cards. The person performing the reading focuses on the question at hand before shuffling the deck of cards. The card reader then selects a card and notes any impressions that are immediately apparent when she sees the card. Additional cards are then chosen as needed. Each card offers insight into the answer to the original question. The number of cards chosen generally depends on the reader and the type of spread she prefers. Some readers find that three cards can offer a past, present, future explanation, while other card readers may prefer 12 or more cards pulled out of the deck. These cards are then placed in a card spread for a more detailed reading.

In my personal photographic art projects, I like to do a Series of 100 images. Or at least 50. (I like round numbers). My first big project was my Madhatter’s Teaparty project, which I have placed under license with Kess InHouse now. My 2nd big project, and an ongoing one, is the 100 Butterflies project, of which I’ve done 45.

Most recently, due to a personal spiritual awakening in my life, I’ve decided to embark on another project, that of creating my own Oracle Card deck. I figure I have the artistic means to create the artwork, literally at my fingertips, so why not explore the spiritual world too. I won’t pretend to know much about clairvoyancy or psychic powers, but I do know I can at least write positive sayings or affirmations to go with the cards I create. Even “negative” cards will have a positive spin on it.

So that is my plan.

I’ve been experimenting with the layout and themes for my Oracle Cards, using Apps like PicsArt and Pixlr Express. The first one I did was to accompany a Haiku “The Lesson” I wrote, which I posted up a few days ago. That was just an image, without any text on it. It was titled “As Above, So Below”.

The feedback I’ve received from friends has been very encouraging.

So I created another image, this time with text on it.

And here is another one.

And a third.


I like how the latter 3 turned out, and I think that’s the way I’ll be going with this project.

I’m not sure yet about the text or explanatory notes to accompany my cards, but I’m fairly certain that when the time is right, the words will flow. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Oracle Cards

  1. Alyzen, my wife and I were led to your cards tonight. We hope you’ll update this post with information as to your progress in creating your deck. Your visual creativity is amazing!

    1. Hi there Gille and Colin, so nice of you to visit my humble blog, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed reading about my explorations into Oracle Cards. Thank you both very kindly for your lovely compliments.

      I just 2 days ago published a further update on where I’ve gotten to since last time. Here is the link to it: MY ORACLE CARDS PROJECT: THE JOURNEY SO FAR

      Namasté! 🙇

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