What will You do…

What a wicked world we live in! Apathy, greed, avarice, selfishness, egoism, laziness, materialism, the list goes on and on. We as a human race appear to have lost our way, in the Pursuit of  Happiness. Know though, that Happiness cannot be bought by Money. There is no such thing as the Pursuit of Happiness, just the Pursuit of Money. Money can buy you Things, that is true, but Things don’t make you happy. Only You can make you happy, so choose to be happy no matter what, and you will have Happiness. Just look at the swamis and sidhus in India, or any of the gnostics and ascetics around the world – they live very simply, but they are happy.

I have no lessons to teach. I have no manifesto. I’m about as intuitive as a lamp post. No, that’s not right…the lamp post is more intuitive than me. I feel awkward and inadequate when in a crowd of people and everyone seems so clever. I’m just a simple person who has been blessed recently with a clarity of vision. I have had my eyes opened to where our world is heading, and sadly it is heading towards destruction and not salvation. We need to wake up now and take up just causes, there are so many good causes to choose. Pick one or two and devote your attention and time towards it. We are caretakers of the Earth, not its owners, so we need to take care of it, instead of plundering its resources for our own selfish gains. Now is the time to work together, not against each other.

Just the other day, I posted up these 2 photos on my Facebook Wall. And boy did that incite a great debate or what! I won’t go into too much detail, just have a look at these 2 photos and think about it.


In one photo, people are queuing up for the bare neccessities of life. In the other, they are queuing up for something they don’t NEED but WANT. One shows people sacrificing their time for the benefit of others. The other shows selfish people. One is of a breadline. The other is the queue to buy the new iPhone 6.

The backlash from this simple comparison caused a “friend” to unfriend me on Facebook. She felt I was being anti-Apple, that I was offending her by “shaming people into becoming better”. Not at all, what I was objecting to was the attitude of people today, I was simply pointing out where their priorities were skewed, and that people need to wake up and do something to turn the tide. If that had been a photo of people queuing up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the latest PlayStation, XBox, etc, I would have still written about it the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things too, I’m only human. But I wouldn’t sacrifice a month’s food for my family, just to feed my own Ego.

Ask yourself this question: Does our constant lust for consumables advance our society towards the greater good? If yes, how? If not, what will You do about it?

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