If You Make A Mistake…

…I hope you are big enough to admit it.
There’s nothing our Ego dislikes more than to be told it is wrong, or to be challenged. It will do all it can to convince us that it is right and the other person, or even the World, is wrong, and it will defend itself at all costs, even when deep down inside, you know that is the wrong course of action. For this very reason we have to try to put aside our Egos, in order to move forward. Otherwise, the cycle repeats simply itself and you’re stuck like the proverbial hamster in the wheel.

If this sad world of ours is to have a chance at saving itself, a good place to start would be for each of us to have the sense to admit our faults, learn and move on.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m rather embarrassed at how materialistic I used to be in my “old” life. I put too much emphasis on material things, and not enough on the things that truly mattered, that of trying to make the world a better place by doing my part. I thought if I could get enough savings in the bank, then I could afford to take up worthy causes and help my fellow men and women. It never occurred to me back then, that that kind of mentality was exactly like the attitude that declared that “We’ll have children when we can afford it”. Well, guess what, if you waited for that day to arrive, you’ll never have children. Ditto helping the world. You will never have enough in the bank to start saving the world; it’s got to start NOW.

These days, I look around me and I cringe at all the people going round with trolleys laden with stuff that’s not really necessary. I know some people who spend all year buying Christmas presents for their relatives. I pass by a jewellery shop with a woman announcing extra special deals on gold, silver and diamonds – why?? You won’t die without those! TV ads are even worse – who needs an indoor abdominal exerciser for 5 instalments of $49.99, when you have the floor and ab crunches you can do for Free? Or a free mobile phone every year, when your phone can last you another 5 years perfectly well? Who really needs to change their car every single year? Seriously??!

My own vice was magazine subscriptions. I especially love Elle Decoration and Vogue Interiors, and last year I was engrossed with the idea of becoming a textile or surface pattern designer. So I subscribed to these magazines…which weren’t cheap, as they came from the UK. I also invested in Adobe Creative Cloud and a dozen books on textile designing. I admit I did enjoy the whole learning process, but ultimately the whole exercise, with a little more thought, could have been done for free through online courses or videos, instead of the thousands of dollars I spent on buying stuff. So yeah, silly me (face palm roll eyes).

What makes me sad is that many people don’t even pause in their daily stride to consider these things. They think it’s normal, because it’s what everyone else is doing. Sheep following sheep. Sheepwalking, I call it. Or, worse still, they think that to even contemplate doing something different from the norm is Wrong. That You’re wrong for wanting to rock the boat or change the status quo. And why? As I’ve already outlined above, because they are coming from the place of their Ego, which prevents them from admitting that there’s anything wrong with the picture.

Here are my favourite quotes about making mistakes, taken from my favourite source, Google Images. Each individual image remains the copyright of their creators, naturally.









So, dear friends, take a good look around you. Can you see where the human race has gone wrong? Are you able to see your own involvement in it? Are you helping perpetuate the Lie? Are you willing to admit your own mistakes in life and move forward?

Or, do you believe the world is perfectly fine as it is, and that nothing needs changing? That the people who tell you about these things are the crazy ones?

YOU decide.

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