Workflow : INITIATE

Here is another card from my Oracle Cards project. The card is called “INITIATE”. I was inspired by a graphic I saw on Pinterest, which utilised curlicues, shape templates and borders.

For the background, I chose a photo of a piece of scrapbooking paper (oh, I have hundreds of those!).


Which I then processed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the app PicsArt. I added a frame, some curlicues and a shaped template, from the Clipart section of PicsArt. Then I added the text “INITIATE”.


My initial idea was to create an image that looked vintage and mysterious. I quite liked the above image already as it was, but I felt it was missing something.

So I loaded the image to Pixlr Express and toyed with a few filters and effects. Then I noticed a new set of effects that the developers post up for a limited time every now and then, like a teaser.

Of all the effects I tried on my image, this geometric one spoke to me the most.


And there you go. 🙂

INITIATE : If you have a project or a plan but you have been procrastinating about starting it, now is the perfect time to put things into motion. Initiate action now, and things will fall into place. Don’t overthink it, trust your instincts and your heart will tell you if you’re going the right way.

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4 thoughts on “Workflow : INITIATE

  1. Further to your reply to my comment about your Oracle cards some little time ago, I have been inspired by your series to create a series of my own images, based on quotations from Shakespeare. They and many other images are displayed in Flickr
    if you would care to explore them.

    Many thanks for your imsges and the information pertaining to them. Best wishes, David

    1. I just sneaked a look, David. Very good indeed! I’ve favourited the ones I like best. What software or Apps did you use? Are you going to make up a deck of cards? If so, I hear Printer Studio and Gamecrafter are the best printers.

      1. Greetings. Many thanks for looking at my images. I very much doubt that I shall be getting any of them printed. For the last year or so I have been using my iPad for digital art as the workflow seems to work for me. As for the apps, I wouldn’t be without PhotoShop Touch which I mainly use for assembling elements of an image using various blending modes and opacities although I also use Superimpose occasionally. I also use the Drop Shadow, Glow, Tint and Colorize tools. Other apps I often use are Snapseed, Glaze, Repix, Gradient Blender, Grunge HD, Distressed FX, and Grungetastic HD. I am really quite fond of Vintage Photo. I am still learning the ins and outs of iColorama, especially because of the large variety of brushes available, and the ability to import PhotoShop brushes is a tremendous advantage. I sometimes start a project with Brushes, Aquarelle, or Deko and then repaint the generated images with Clever Painter. Finally, I use Title FX to add text.

      2. Those are some great Apps you use, David. I used most of them too, in the days when I had an iPhone. I did ask Teresita a number of times about making iColorama available on Android, but she said she was too busy. So I found several other Android Apps that do the same trick. My Go To App is actually PicsArt, followed by Photo Editor. I generally only work with a few Apps these days, and funnily enough hardly any PS Touch, unless I want a Difference blend. Everything else I can get from a dozen or so Apps. I used to love Grunge Apps, until I realised the Android ones were very low res, so now I get my texture filters from Snapseed, Pixlr Express and Litho. Or superimpose my own texture/grunge photos over my images.

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