I have, after 16 months of blogging, finally cracked the ceiling and surpassed 200 followers. That’s not many, by most accounts, but these followers still follow me even after realising that I blog every single day. And despite knowing that my posts could be very random, from a funny anecdote, to Life philosophy, a poem, an expression of sadness, a rant, curated images from my Pinterest boards, inspirational quotes, the sharing of my digital imagery workflow, recipes, gardening etc. Maybe they don’t read every single entry that I post, but I appreciate the fact that they are still following me. So, I am very grateful to you all!

Besides, the number of followers you have isn’t necessarily an indication of how good a person you are. Look at Hitler, he had millions. Jesus Christ had twelve. Just sayin’ ;)!

Anyway, when I wrote this initially I was on the cusp of getting my 200th follower, and I thought it was time again to give out freebies, to help celebrate this milestone. Just one freebie this time, though. And not a virtual one, either.

However, I got my 200th follower before I finished writing this piece…so now the prize will instead be awarded to my 222nd follower. I like number repeats :).

This is what you will receive:


This is one of my images from my ongoing Oracle Cards Project, created using my Samsung Galaxy S4 and Android Apps. It will be printed onto glossy photographic paper, A4 size, signed on the back and shipped out to you. I will contact the lucky winner via your blog or email. I will find a way! 🙂

(The lucky winner will get a mention in an update on this post).

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