I ❤ Pit Bulls : Shelagh’s Story

We all know the saying “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Similarly, Pit Bulls aren’t savage, it’s their owners who encourage them to become vicious. We humans have a lot to be ashamed of.

I wasn’t sure about getting a Pit Bull when I was searching for a dog to keep our terrier-cross dog, Scruffy company. And that was because I’d listened to the hype against Pit Bulls. What started out as the search to find a white or white-and-black, mature, un-neutered female dog to physically match Scruffy and possibly get puppies out of, became the search to get a Puppy instead.

The Universe must have had plans for us. We narrowly missed out on a West Highland terrier because we were in the wrong part of the city that day, and the lady letting her go decided she wouldn’t reserve her for us til we got back across the river, and gave her away to someone else. I had had my sights on getting a Westie, and even considered rescuing one, a male, that had been surrendered to our local pound…but that was over the weekend and by the time I rang the pound up on Monday morning, the dog had already been rescued by a member of the West Highland Dog Breeders Society.

I truly believe our Shelagh was meant for us to find her. I found a listing on Gumtree for 6 English Staffy-Mastiff puppies, $100 each, and the owner wasn’t too far away. So we hopped into the car to go see. The puppies were all absolutely adorable and only 6 weeks old. When we saw them, their doggy parents were watching intently from outside the glass sliding doors, neither of them looked like English Staffies. The lady owner said she believed the mother was an English Staffy x Mastiff, and the father was a Pit Bull x Mastiff.

Two of the puppies, a fawn and a brown one, had beautiful bright blue eyes. I couldn’t decide between the two. My son Jack and I were sitting crosslegged on the floor by the puppies. And then the fawn puppy clambered onto Jack’s lap, curled up and went to sleep. Jack looked at me and said “This one, Mummy”.

And that was how we got Shelagh.

Oh, she was a terrible puppy. She chewed her way through our entire dining room furniture set – table and chairs. She tore her doggy bed to shreds. 2 of them. Tug toys lasted 5 minutes with her. We ended up buying replacement furniture with steel legs, to deter her. We called her “Mrs Chew”, and Scruffy “Mr Yap”…on account of her enormous propensity for chewing everything, and his for barking at anything and everything. They were a team right from the beginning, and they are still inseparable.



I’ve done research online and looked at hundreds of photos of English Staffies, Pit Bulls and Mastiffs. And I’m convinced that Shelagh has no English Staffy in her. And possibly little or no Mastiff either. The breeder may have been trying to downplay the dogs’ Pit Bull heritage, by mentioning the other breeds. But the more I look at Shelagh and observe her mannerisms, the more I believe she is a Pit Bull. She just grew and grew and now she’s twice Scruffy’s size, but she’s always gentle with him when they play.

Shelagh has the sweetest nature, is extremely affectionate, loyal and is super intelligent too. I love her low, booming bark, she’s an excellent watchdog. We have a lot of other animals on our property, and she’s very gentle and respectful with them. She’ll chase any birds that land on our lawn, but she gives our 2 hens a wide berth.

Shelagh’s favourite exercise is swimming in our pool. She has her favourite ball, which is sadly deflated, and she loves to dive into the water to grab it. Sometimes she’ll even fly through the air and catch the ball in mid-air, before splashing into the water. So, we have a dog that not only walks, runs and swims, but that also flies!








I ❤ ❤❤ my Shelagh! Scruffy ain’t bad either 😄 …but that’s another story.

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