A Dystopian Tale of the Disposessed

As the saying goes, you never really appreciate anything until it’s taken away from you. There I was, on a Friday morning, having taken myself off to the cinema to watch The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 1 while the Kid was at school. Jolly good film, that, no matter what detractors may say. Okay, it’s an “in-between” filler show, to link to the grand finale next year. But performances were solid all round, and it was good to see the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in his final acting role. Jennifer Lawrence was even more  beautiful, if that is possible. (Okay, I will admit it was my second viewing of the film, the first time was with the Kid 2 weekends ago, he was talking too much and I missed a few bits. That’s my excuse, anyway LOL).

Anyhow, upon exiting the cinema at around noon, I had to walk through the shopping mall right opposite the cinema, to get to where my bicycle was parked. The mall was surprisingly packed full of people, and as I walked in through the doors, I found out why. There had been a power cut not 5 minutes ago, and the stores had all turfed out their customers for health and safety reasons, and also because none of the cashier tills or self-checkout points would work. Indeed, the entire mall had ground to a halt, all because there was no electricity.

I had my handy new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with me, so I took a few photos of this unusual phenomenon. The disposessed milling around the mall with nothing to do but wait for the power supply to return, so they can go back to their Christmas shopping.

So no, the crowds you see in the following images are Not of an Australian Black Friday. Although it would qualify as a literal Black Friday, as most of the shops were in pitch darkness!







(About the only thing you can do when there’s a power cut in a mall – EAT!!)

All this reminded me of just how reliant we are on technology today.  I hurried home after this because I had a box full of baby quail chicks that were about a week old and that relied on constant heat, which was supplied by a small table lamp over their box. If the chicks didn’t get enough heat, they would get cold and die. So I had to go home to check that they were okay, and if not, I would have to take desperate measures…which, in a home that is 90% reliant on electricity, is a bit difficult. The best I could think of, in a situation like this, would be to pour hot water from the bathroom taps into drinks bottles, wrap them in towels, and place them in the box with the chicks, until the power came back on.

Luckily for me and the residents of Rockingham, the power cut was limited only to the mall. Phew!

I remember many years ago, when I was working for the Office of Fair Trading in London, United Kingdom. We’d just moved offices from an old building 3 streets away, to a swanky, newly refurbished building. The 2nd day there, we hit teething problems. The power went out. As an office that was completely computer-based, we could do little but sit at our desks twiddling our thumbs. Absolutely no work could be done that day.  After waiting a couple of hours for the power to be restored, we were told to just go home and come back tomorrow.

I guess the lesson here is that we should not take what we have for granted. The same goes for Money…those that have always had money, will find it extremely hard to cope with everyday life if that is taken away from them suddenly. However, on the flip side, those who have gone through periods of having little or no money would have learnt to survive, and so when poverty or a financial crisis strikes again, they will be better equipped to deal with it. Let us all be thankful for what we have, instead of wanting more. If we always want more, we will never be satisfied.


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