My Wish for 2015

So here we are again
Gathered at the precipice of 2014
Peering over the horizon
Fast approaching 2015
What will the New Year hold for us?

Here’s what I want
Not for myself but for Humanity
This is what I would like
2015 to be

No more wars
Started by profiteers
No more lies
By politicians and governments
No more violence
In the streets in protest
Of police brutality
No more terrorist attacks
On poor innocent people
(What did schoolchildren ever do
To you that you had to kill them?
Or people just having a cup of coffee
With their friends in a café?)
No more fighting over Land,
Religion, Race, Politics
No more fighting, full stop.
How about some Peace instead?

No more conspiracies
To drag the veil over our eyes
No more teaching our children
False truths and fantasies
No more creative history
Wrought by the hands of men
And the minds of little boys
No more creating diseases
And then offering expensive cures
(Free the Weed already!!)
No more poisoning our rivers
No more senseless fishing
Killing poor dolphins and whales
No more clubbing seal pups
As they lay helpless on the beach
No more fracking
No more plundering the Earth
For more timber, oil, diamonds
– the list goes on
At the cost of human life
And animal habitats
It’s time to act responsibly
Like adults

Grow up, people!
Take a good hard look around you
This Planet’s falling apart
And all you do is fight like kids
In a playground?
Mother Earth needs your help
To protect, nourish and grow
So that future generations
– your children, their children
And their children’s children
May reap the benefits
This is a good planet, no
This is the Only planet
That we have to live on right now
So let’s make it a good place to live

We were placed on Earth
As Caregivers of the Land,
Sea and all its lifeforms
Not for selfish purposes
But for good
…and somewhere along the way
We forgot
Or were taught lies and deceit
Fell into the trap of
Consumerism, Materialism, Greed,
Profit and Mayhem
Me me me, more more more!
Stop it right now!
There’s plenty for everyone on Earth
If we learn to share and give
And stop feeding our own Egos
Now it is time to Step Up
Wake Up
And be Caregivers again
Not Caretakers, not to Take
But to Give back to the Planet
What we have so selfishly taken
For millennia.

Don’t wait for someone else
To start the ball rolling
If you want to see the Change
You have to Be the Change
So step up to the mark
And be ready to bat
Let’s make 2015 the year
We turn this thing around
Wipe the slate clean and start again.

AlyZen Moonshadow


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