What If…

Let’s play a little game
Of make-believe…
It’s called “What If”.


What if
We all held hands
Instead of holding guns?

What if
We all carried smiles in our hearts
Instead of money in our wallets?

What if
Helping others out was normal
Instead of being seen as heroic?
Being kind was an everyday thing
Instead of being an effort?

What if
We didn’t have to be afraid
Of walking alone at night
Because violence was gone,

What if
We didn’t have to be afraid
Of not having money to pay our bills
Because Money no longer exists
And bills are a thing of the past?

What if
We didn’t have to worry
About putting food on the table
Because food is plentiful
If we All shared the work
Harvesting and making it?

What if
We all put our differences aside
And embrace each other
And accept and celebrate our
Individual Uniqueness?

What if
We all put aside our Egos
The need to be Top Dog
The Best, The Richest,
The Prettiest, The Fastest,
The One With The Most
The One Who Is Always Right?

What if
The World became a Better,
Brighter place?
A place where people Cared
And Shared
Without thinking about
How they could profit from it
Or how they could gain
Advantage over another
Or how their name would be
Lit up bright for others to admire
And emulate?

What if
Utopia really exists
But in order to reach that state
We need to look at ourselves
And Change our attitude
And outlook and philosophies
And admit that we were wrong
To have allowed and endorsed this
Harsh, violent, unforgiving,
Selfish, demanding, argumentative,
Greedy, grasping, opportunistic,
Capitalist, consumerist,
Cut-throat, amoral, self-indulgent,
Illogical, egoistic, narcissistic
Society that we live in?

What if?

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