Why checking my emails is so easy these days

If you’re anything like me, you have more than one email address. Perhaps one for personal stuff, one for business-related stuff, one for subscriptions, another just for family, and one for everything else. I have these, they help sort out what hat I should be wearing when writing emails or replying to them. (Yes, I know you can create folders and sub-folders within the one email address, but it can get really messy).

The problem with juggling several email addresses is that the amount of junk mail that gets into your mailboxes can be phenomenal. And these days junk emails can come cleverly disguised as personal emails. They even address you by name now, instead of the dead giveaway “Dear Sir/Madam/Customer” at the start. It’s only when you scroll down that it becomes obvious that it’s nothing more than advertising touting for your custom and exhorting you to part with your money.

I have now devised a very easy way of managing my inboxes. Here’s a (short) list:

1. If it’s not from a recognised person, or if the subject line sounds suspect: DELETE

2. If it’s something you may have subscribed to in the past, but are no longer interested in, but the company still has you on their mailing list : UNSUBSCRIBE & DELETE

3. If it’s from someone who has the habit of compiling contact lists and blanket-emailing/forwarding rubbish to them on a daily basis, believing it to be an acceptable way of “keeping in touch”: PUT THEM IN THE JUNK MAIL CATEGORY. Or, BLOCK THEM

4. If it’s from a retail store purporting to be giving you something for free: DELETE. There is No Such Thing as FREE these days. Don’t waste your time. They just want your money.

And that, folks, is why it’s so easy to manage my emails these days. My favourite icon on my eMail manager application is the trash can, yes. Life’s too short to be reading through all the rubbish that gets thrown at you in the name of consumerism. Just bin it!


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