(S)Printing back into action

I learnt the hard way that you’re absolutely not meant to leave your printer-scanner-copier machine idle for months on end while you gallivant about doing this, that or other. No, you need to play with it at least once a week, if only to print out test pages to ensure that the ink printhead doesn’t dry out from disuse. One simply does not neglect it, my dear. πŸ˜‰

So, when my trusty old Canon Pixma MX870 suddenly started printing everything in light blue only, I had to go searching on the good old internet for possible reasons and solutions.


If that ever happens to you, fear not, you won’t have to waste hours looking up keywords on Google and checking out various websites and forums. Because here is the very simple solution, and one that works:

How to remove and clean a Canon printhead: http://youtu.be/ZheZf-vdho8

There’s no need to be precious about it. The printhead is very robust.
And don’t worry either about the chip getting wet, it doesn’t harm it one bit. Just run your tap under the hottest setting you can handle, and rinse the printhead until no more ink drops appear and the water runs clear. Some sites will tell you to use distilled water and/or a hairdryer to dry off the printhead. But I just did exactly as shown on the YouTube video, and now my printer works perfectly again.

You’re very welcome. πŸ™‚

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