The Lie of Existence

I passed by a parked car today at the mall, which had a sticker on it that caught my eye. It said, in a humourous yet ironic manner: “I Owe, I Owe, It’s Off To Work I Go”. In the style of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

That got me thinking. Thousands of years ago, humans started exchanging tokens of worth for goods. This “currency” may have started out as simple objects like cowrie shells or seeds, which evolved into more permanent and longlasting objects made from metal, which then became known as “Money”.

Which has become the downfall of humanity.

As more and more people subscribed to this monetary system, and it was given more and more importance, there came to be a division of classes – the “Haves” and the “Have-Nots”. The rich, who were also in positions of power, then imposed taxes on the workers, thus effectively robbing the poor to give to the rich, i.e themselves. And so the rich got richer, and the poor got poorer. Compound this simple formula by thousands of years, and align that with the Fact that the World is ruled by a handful of uber-rich, elite Families, and you’ll have grasped the tip of the iceberg that we are standing on.

Human beings are the only creatures on Earth who have to “earn” a living. Society dictates (or rather, the Elite dictate, through their minions) that all human beings have to be indebted to financial institutions, and trade their skills and time for Money. Which they can then use to pay bills, which are imposed on them left, right and centre. The Carrot being Money, the Stick being Work, and no prizes for guessing who the Ass is.

Let’s throw into the equation Luxury Goods and Services. Humans have big egos, they like to be complimented and put up high on pedestals, they love getting one up on their fellow human beings, because it makes them feel powerful. So, let’s create some special classes of goods that mere mortals will not be able to afford. Cue luxury yachts, fast cars, mansions with dozens of rooms, private islands, holidays abroad, cruises. The “Haves” will then flaunt these in front of the “Have-Nots”. The “Have-Nots” will moan that they want to be able to go on holidays too, or buy large homes and drive flashy cars.

So, the banks (which are ultimately owned by the Elite), offer the hoi polloi such things as Credit Cards, Home Loans and Personal Loans. That’s right, my friend, step right up, here’s enough Money for you to go and indulge in your fantasy of being a “Have”. Remember though, we own your ass now, and you will spend the rest of your life paying us back, with interest.

We tell our children they have to study hard and get qualifications so they can get a “good job”. And what is a “good job”? Why, one that pays enough money to pay the bills and have a little left over at the end of the day. Bills? What bills? Why, the bank loan you took out in order to go to University or Technical College. You mean to say I start my working life being in debt from Day One? And that it only gets worse, because I’ll have to get a loan to buy a car, a house, get credit cards to extend my spending period, so I can live ahead of myself?

Unfortunately, in this day and age…Yes. Sadly, it has become the “norm” for young people to begin their working life wearing a necklace of debt around their neck.

Have you ever wondered just how we humans got ourselves into this predicament? How do we get out of it? Are we doomed to repeat this vicious cycle, generation after generation? Do we even care? Have we been so brainwashed by our governments and the media to actually believe that it is good for our souls to be indentured slaves to Money all our lives? To spend our lives working, paying bills and then dying?

Is this the True Meaning of Life?

I believe those who are waking up are slowly doing what needs to be done. That is, stepping off the conveyor belt to hell. Or, stepping off that stupid wheel, because we are human beings, not hamsters. And speaking out about this pathetic human condition we are in. There ARE better alternatives. There ARE better ways of Living without the need for Money. Society will have you believe that there is nothing better than this current model we live in.

Well, Society is Wrong. Like most people, Society doesn’t want its position toppled by something better, so it will do its utmost best to tell you that there is nothing better out there, that this is as good as it gets.

Bollocks to that.


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