Give and Take

– your time freely to those who need it most
– your full attention to the task at hand, no matter how small
– your efforts to help the poor, the destitude, the helpless
– your love to children and animals
– yourself to the one you love and who loves you back, unconditionally
– your body to help build bridges, toil the soil, build homes, rescue victims of tragedies, fight fires
– your mind to the betterment of your fellow human beings, to help create a brighter future for your children and future generations
– your spirit to the Higher Good, and do only good deeds and think only good thoughts

– no notice of those who will speak against you or about you negatively
– no offense to the arguments of idiots
– and accept a person’s thanks when you’ve done something for them, and ask for nothing more
– care to nourish your body, mind and spirit
– time to play, no matter how old you may be
– umbrage at unfair practices, and speak out against injustice and suppression
– a moment to consider all the facts, before uttering a single word in response
– a break from your usual activities and do something totally spontaneous and unpredictable
– a deep breath, it’s good for your heart and clears your mind

See, a little bit of Give and Take goes a long way. Mind that it’s the right kind of Give and Take, though…not your usual suspects, but the examples above. Notice that the twin devils, Money and Ego, do not even figure into the equation, nor should they. Practice at least 1 Give and 1 Take each day, and see for yourself the difference it makes to your life and the lives of others.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Namasté!

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