Inspired by the Dalai Lama

After writing about the Dalai Lama in my previous post, I was inspired to create some digital photography art ony Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I had amassed over a hundred images of Buddha statues in the past. But done nothing with them. Now was the time.

I’ve created 3 images so far. My favourite is the 3rd one, I do love colour, so I may make more in that vein.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful day, wherever you may be!




13 thoughts on “Inspired by the Dalai Lama

    1. Thanks, David. I tried to attach that to my email to you yesterday, but the camera roll didn’t come out as folders but rather in chronological order, and it would’ve taken me yonks to find that 3rd Buddha image. Are you still on holiday? πŸ™‚

      1. Yes, on holiday until Saturday. Having fun. Found a wonderful art gallery. Jay fell in love with a beautiful, abstract, painting. Cost Β£800. Waiting for prints to be available.

      1. They are all great! I really like the last one I think it’s because I relate it to the bloom of flowers and I find a deep connection in spirituality and that type of imagery. At this point I am actually giving up most of my posessions but thank you so much for the offer! You should go to your local monastery and donate they would love it! Your very talented.

      2. Oh ok. Looks like you’ve made the leap spiritually, that’s good to know. I’m not a Buddhist, but I come from a family of Taoists, and I love the wisdom of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. That’s why I’m going to hear him speak this weekend. I don’t know of any monastery here in Perth, but hey I’m having a bite to eat in Chinatown right now so I’ll ask around. Thank you for the compliment. All the best with your Journey ahead!

      3. Thanks so much πŸ™‚ and Taoists wow that would be an interesting environment to grow up in. Here in Canada we don’t have much Daoism to my knowledge but from what I’ve been exposed to it seems like a wonderful faith and very rich πŸ™‚

      4. Do you do your art professionally? If so provide me a link and I’ll put it on my blog to help give you more exposure πŸ™‚

      5. Well, I dabble in the Arts, mainly digital photography art and also gelatin printing. I do have some of my images licensed by Kess InHouse Designs. I used to sell my images on sites like Society 6 and Red Bubble, but making money is not my main motivation. In fact, if you follow my blog you’ll see I have a habit of Abandoning art for people to find in my local area :-). Perhaps the best link would be back to this blog, that way readers can keep up with my latest endeavours and contact me directly.

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