New Artwork : Surreal Fantasy

I had a sudden surge of creativity last week, after stumbling upon some hitherto neglected filters and clipart in an App on my mobile phone. I got so inspired by the possibilities of combining several disparate elements together to create a new series of digital artwork with a Surreal Fantasy theme, that I stayed up late over several nights to finish them.

These have been submitted to my Licensing company for production, fingers crossed they pass the quality standards set by the company. Hopefully then they will be made available on various housewares, such as bedlinen, shower curtains, wall art, placemats etc.

Here are 5 examples, out of the 20 I created. I hope you like them!

image“A Sudden Grand Deluge”

image“Musical Tendrils”

image“Rain Deer”

image“Blue Ballet”

image“As Above, So Below”

These were a lot of fun to create. And I decided to give them all whimsical titles, to add to the surreal fantasy feel. Believe it or not, only 3 Apps were used to create these: PicsArt, Impressionist Fingerpaint and Photo Editor.

2 thoughts on “New Artwork : Surreal Fantasy

  1. I especially like the two music related images. In addition I think the first one is real witty. All 5 are great. Well done, that lady. Hope you have success with licensing them.

    1. Hi David, just a quick note as am on the move. Was out fixing the henrun door, my chickens are just like the ones in the movie “Chicken Run”, always finding ways of escaping lol. Finished just in time for thr rain to start lashing down. Haven’t had a chance to go on my computer, so haven’t seen your images yet. But will do so hopefully tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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