The Giving Heart

…or, a tale of serendipity and synchronicity.

I received an email from my local library that one of the items I had reserved was now ready for collection. And so, although it was a rather rainy day, I made the trek by bicycle to the library today.

The library has some shelves in the foyer where they sell discarded library books. Old books, not so popular books, books superceded by new imprints – you could get them cheap for 50 cents or a dollar each.

After picking up my books, I decided to have a look at the books for sale. Sometimes the pickings are slim, other times there’d be a golden nugget or two. Today one book in particular seemed to jump out at me.

It was “The Giving Heart” by M.J Ryan. The strapline read “Unlocking the Transformative Power of Generosity in Your Life”.


The strange thing was, all the other books bore “discarded” stamps inside their covers. And all had the standard library stickers and catalogue numbers on their spines.

Except this one. There was absolutely nothing on or in this book to indicate that it had ever been a library book. Could it perhaps have been left there on purpose for someone like me to find? Abandoned with good intention by someone who had learned from its contents and now wished to share it with others?

I took the book to the librarian at the counter. She couldn’t explain how it had ended up on the book sale shelves either. She didn’t hesitate to charge me a dollar for it, though.

I believe there are No accidents in life, and that I was meant to find and take this book home with me. It might explain why I like giving things away, like my Art, the oranges from my tree, my hens’ eggs, bread and cakes that I’ve baked, clothes I don’t wear anymore. Another clue or insight into what or who I am, and why.

The Giving Heart: Unlocking the Transformative Power of Generosity in Your Life

So, it seems the Universe has decreed today that I start reading this book first, instead of the one I went to the library to collect. OK, Universe!

2 thoughts on “The Giving Heart

  1. I love it. I feel the same way. I bought a beautiful dress for my son’s wedding..about nine months ahead of time. As the day approached, I tried it on again and it just didn’t look right. I bought another dress, totally different style, and felt perfect in it…but what to do with the first dress? My mom was clucking about how terrible it was to “waste” it by giving it away..which I did to Goodwill, tags on and all. I could have kept it to rot in my closet to soothe my guilty conscience, but the idea that some woman went into Goodwill and came out with this gorgeous, brand new, cocktail dress..well, it still makes me smile. 🌸

    1. Wow, Cindy! No doubt your dress made another person a very happy woman. I believe the dress was all along meant for someone else, that’s why it didn’t feel right on you. What if synchronous events like these keep going and going down the line, like a domino effect? How cool!

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