Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

So today it decided to rain for most of the day. I’d been itching to visit one of my favourite local haunts, the Salvation Army Thrift Store. But it seemed that every time I looked outside, it was either drizzling or pouring. I’d ventured out earlier in the morning to feed the animals, and ended up getting drenched in the process.

Then, suddenly at 3pm, the sun broke through the clouds and the skies cleared somewhat. I coerced The Kid to saddle up, and we cycled down to the Rockingham foreshore.

Where I scored big time in the book section. Some days the pickings are slim, but today there were loads of goodies to be had. I couldn’t help but wonder if they’d have been there at all for me to find, if I’d visited the shop earlier in the morning.

Here’s what I snagged.

All I Need To Know I Learned From My Cat. I bought this for The Kid, as it reminded him of our cat, Boo. Who, incidentally, has gone off his food suddenly and seems to sleep all day indoors, and I hope he picks up over the next 2 days, otherwise it’s off to the vet with him. Poor little puss!

The book on the right is a brand new girl’s Journal, with cutesie pictures inside. I got it for The Kid’s friend Ruby, for when she comes over for a play date this Thursday. Ruby is sweet on The Kid.

I’d loved the film “Red Dog”, about a red Kelpie (Australian cattle dog) that became a legend after it hitched on trucks up and down the length of Western Australia for years, looking for its owner that had died suddenly. I’d never read the book though, and now here it was.

Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” is one of my favourite stories. It’s a dystopian tale of a society where some women are used as sex slaves for the sole purpose of breeding, and one particular woman, Offred’s efforts to escape from her fate.

I bought these 2 recipe books for different reasons. The Blue Ribbon Cookbook, on the left, contains anecdotes and recipes from Australian country fairs. The other book, Du Jour, contains more fancy fare, and also some really pretty decorated, ornamented pages that I can use for my mobile photography art.

And here are my best finds today. On the left, Kevin McCloud’s “Grand Design” series, Series 1 through 10, in a staggering 25 DVDs. And all for a paltry $4.25!! (I looked it up online, this boxset is worth $200). Happy days indeed! The other book, “Harmonic Wealth” is one I’m not familiar with, but which might be interesting reading, filed under Self-Help.


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