Old Dog, New Tricks

We all know the old Nigerian email scam. You know, the one claiming that billionaire so-and-so has died in a plane crash, leaving behind US$10,000,00 (oh, did I put in enough zeros there?) and that you’ve been named as his beneficiary. Please, oh please do help move the funds out of his frozen accounts, by providing your full name, date of birth, telephone number, address and bank account numbers.

Yeah, that old chestnut. Over the years, that scam has gotten more and more elaborate, with each scammer adding his/her own twist to it. And the sob stories have also gotten more and more fantastical. I’ve read that the poor billionaire (hehe) was murdered, killed by the Mafia, kidnapped by Islamic terrorists, died in his sleep, died from cancer, got run over by a train, lived in exile then was assassinated. You name it, it happened to him. What an amazing, adventure-filled life he must have led! 😉

Next, came the “This is your Bank writing to let you know that your account has been suspended due to suspicious activity. Click here to login and regain access to your account”. Which is very clever indeed, and very plausible, only, I don’t bank with NatWest/HSBC/Westpac etc. I wonder how many little old ladies who DO bank with NatWest/HSBC/Westpac fall for this one.

Usually, the typos and grammatical errors give it away. Or, the suspicious-looking email address of the sender. However, over the years these have gotten better too, and more convincing.

There’s a sucker born every minute. With money to spare, apparently.

Today, as I logged onto my Mac to send off an email, I decided to look at my Junk mailbox. It’s truly amazing what rubbish you can find in there! Offers to buy genuine Rolex watches/Gucci handbags for just $1. Offers for Viagra (whatever would I need Viagra for??), offers of sexy dates from hot chicks (why is it always the hot chicks and never the hot men LOL).

Here are some screenshots of the latest scams. Now they’re getting into telecommunications as well, the clever buggers!

This one’s from Apple, apparently. Although the email address says “applle.com”. Now, I know a lot of people can’t spell to save their lives these days, but isn’t “Apple” one of the first words a child learns to spell in English??

This one apparently is from Vodafone UK. I’m in Australia, so why would I have an account with them? Plus, they can’t even be bothered to sign up for a more legitimate looking email address. I mean, seriously -“goldfish mail.co.uk”?!

This one purportedly from iTunes is even more priceless in its idiocy. Since when was iTunes “@alex.com”? Come one!! Pull your finger out already!

This one is from BT…really? Well for one, BT will have a “.co.uk” and not a “.com” after it. And for another, It’s in the United Kingdom, like Vodafone UK, and has absolutely nothing to do with me here in Australia. I wonder how many people fell for it, though.

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