From Wayne W Dyer’s “Your Sacred Self”: Erroneous Belief #3

Erroneous Belief #3, from Wayne W Dyer’s book “Your Sacred Self” is this:


How often, as children, were we taught to “Live in the real world”, to “Stop dreaming or fantasising”? And later, as adults, to “Face up to reality”, “Stop living in a make-belief world”, “This is how Life is, just try to fit in and not create ripples”?

Luckily for the bumblebee, no one told it that its wings were too stubby to support its body weight. That technically, it shouldn’t be able to fly.

You probably weren’t taught this in school, I certainly wasn’t: that your thoughts create your reality. If you can think it, you can make it happen, you can make it real. Instead, we were taught, by our parents and teachers, that we live in a finite world with finite possibilities, that everything has its place and your life has to follow a series of events dictated by Society : study hard, get good grades, get some qualifications, get a job, marry the love of your life, buy a house, have children, and live happily ever after.

7 billion people on Earth, and we’re all expected to follow this 1 rigid, manmade rule?

Bollocks to that!

Expand your inner world, and your outer world expands as well. Dare to believe in your dreams, and synchronous events will happen to bring about that reality. If you dream big enough, it will happen.

Don’t let the naysayers destroy your dreams. There are some who like nothing better than to tell you “It can’t be done”, “It will never happen”, “That’s just impossible”. Those that say it can’t be done, just didn’t try hard enough. Don’t let their failures be the foundation of yours.

Those who know me personally know that I’m a believer of abolishing the system of exchange known as Money, and of legalising cannabis. I believe humankind can find a different, better system of exchange, and that cannabis may well be the biblical Manna from Heaven – the most complete food source ever, containing every single vitamin and nutrients essential to sustaining life.

Neither concept is running at full steam yet. Certainly, the Moneyless Society concept faces its greatest challenge against the Elite, and may not gain enough momentum to reach the tipping point in my lifetime. Some people just love their Money too much, and will even kill to defend it. The Cannabis issue, however, has reached tipping point and is snowballing across many countries around the world right now. And the more people become aware, the more will sign up, the stronger our voices are, until the clamour becomes too loud to ignore any longer.

Some say I’m crazy to believe that such changes will ever happen. Or even that I’m a radical to even be thinking along those revolutionary lines. But my faith is unshakeable, and my forte is in wordsmithing, so I shall continue to advocate these 2 causes and maybe convince some people of the validity of my beliefs.


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