More Synchronicity

Today, a strange thing happened. I felt the urge to make Pizza Cones that I’d seen on a YouTube video. So I went to the supermarket and bought the key ingredients, one of them being a yellow pepper (Capsicum). I initially wanted one each of the red, green and yellow varieties, but a pack of 3 was a staggering $9.95! So, instead, I bought just the one pepper.

Back home, while assembling our Pizza Cones for our dinner, The Kid cued up American Horror Story : Freak Show on Foxtel television. It was Episode 10, “Orphans”, and told the story of one of the freaks of the series, a woman named Pepper. Also, during that episode, Elsa Mars, who runs the freakshow, recounts in a flashback how she came about to acquire Ma Petite, the smallest woman in the world. Ma Petite’s character was as a “pet” of an Indian Maharajah, and Elsa was able to convince the Maharajah to part with Ma Petite, by enticing him with a taste of, wait for it…Dr Pepper. Crates of Dr Pepper later, Ma Petite was able to join Elsa’s freakshow.

The Kid and I exchanged knowing glances when we made the Pepper connection. Then we looked at our Pizza Cones and realised they had Pepperoni in them.

After dinner, The Kid put the kettle on and asked me what tea I wanted. Now, I have quite a range of teas to choose from, but tonight the first to spring to mind and out of my mouth was: Peppermint.

And, as if that wasn’t enough…but you’ll need to read tomorrow’s post to find out what other synchronous event took place 😄.


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