Yesterday, my Synchronous number was 17. It didn’t strike me until last night, when I composed this post, but 17 had indeed prevailed all day.

On looking back, here are the occurrences of the number 17 from yesterday’s events:

1) The bus to the Dog’s Refuge where I volunteer was super quick yesterday, because it hardly had to stop as not many people got on or off. I logged in for work at 10:17 am.

2) I had a young American lady shadow me as I sat with numerous dogs in their pens at the Dog’s Refuge. Her name is Olivia. Olivia is 17. (Another coincidence, unrelated to the number 17, is this – The Kid and I watched a horror movie last night, titled “The Lazarus Effect”, where the main character is played by the actress Olivia Wilde).

3) Because I stopped off to sample some Nespresso coffee and to buy some cupcakes on my way home this afternoon, I caught a later train than normal. It came at 4:17pm.

4) Back home, I was checking my mobile phone, when I noticed the time and temperature, screenshot below:


5) I then played my favourite App game on my mobile phone, “One More Line”, and crashed at the low score of 17. (I always challenge myself to keep playing until I’ve achieved a score of at least 100. 17 is like “Hello? Is there anyone home??”).


I looked up the significance of the number 17 online, and came across Lily Haff’s blog:

a. Symbol of the man participating in both worlds, celestial and terrestrial, according to Prevorst. Henry Blanquart goes in the same way telling that it “represents the junction between the material world and the spiritual world”.

b. About this number, saint Augustin declares: “In the number seventeen as in its multiples we find an admirable sacrament”.

c. Seventeen restores the harmony after the fights of the existence. It is the image of the initiate who has succeeded his interior marriage.


1 means god. 7 means consciousness or union.

If 17 repeats in your daily life and your associated numbers then it means that your special destiny is to dedicate yourself to the search of god within yourself. To work on the reunion with the one. In simple words, this is the time for the spiritual stuff in your life.

Don’t hesitate, don’t worry, this is a clear and very strong sign, it is a sign that all your doubts regarding spending time on spirituality rather than on other things should not concern you anymore.

The very fact that you have noticed the recurrence of the 17 in your life means that something within you is aware of this destiny and is ready to hit the road.

This last bit is so true. Lately, more and more, I’ve been pulled towards spirituality, symbolism and synchronicity. I won’t pretend to know everything about spirituality, and I can hardly quote any spiritual thinkers or speakers, and I certainly can’t spout words of wisdom with ease like some people. I can only speak of what I know and understand, and trying to make sense of synchronous events and numbers in my life is one of those things I do.

So, maybe this is just a sign to affirm that I’m on the right path towards enlightenment. Or something.

It’s also just occurred to me that actually, the number 17 has figured in my life since the day I was born…on the 1st (1) of July (7).

Go figure!

3 thoughts on “17

  1. Wow! That is a lot of 17. All the meanings you came across sound very illuminating. Exciting stuff!

    And now I’m going to check out that game One More Line. I’m a sucker for visual games and my interest is piqued.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks! One More Line is like an 80’s arcade game – you only get 1 life and if you crash, you’ve to start from zero all over again. The music’s pretty nifty too. I’ve even blogged about how One More Line resembles real life, hehe.

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