Let’s Be Honest

If you love someone, you don’t lie to them. You just don’t. The thought of lying shouldn’t even occur to you.

Maybe you think if you kept quiet about something and they never found out about it, things will just go on as normal. What they don’t know won’t harm them, right? Wrong. Because, although outwardly everything may seem the same, on a fundamental level, YOU have changed. By actively making the decision to keep a secret from your loved ones, something other than Love now resides in your heart.

Love is expansive and all encompassing. Your heart can literally feel like it’s going to burst from Love, or Joy, but it won’t. Your heart has the capacity to fill up. And fill up again. However, when you Lie, that sits in your heart and refuses to budge. It creates pockets of festering Guilt and Doubt, which take up valuable space in your heart and prevent it from filling up with positive feelings. The more you Lie, the more you fill up these pockets, crowding out feelings of Love, like a cancer that’s unstoppable.

So, if you’ve Lied once, and you keep lying, pretty soon your heart will be incapable of holding onto the Love inside it. Oh, your heart won’t explode out of your chest or anything like that, as we’re speaking metaphorically here. What will happen though, is that those pretty little lies you’ve planted in your heart, whenever you lie to anyone, will start clustering around each other, forming a network as extensive as your own network of lies. And then those take on a life all their own.

You see, lying is not an easy thing to do. It is an art. One little white lie will spawn another, and another, and more and more as you keep having to invent excuse after excuse to convince your loved ones that you’re telling the truth. Lying uses more brain cells than just being honest and speaking the truth. Why put yourself through all that?

Truth is black and white. Lies are all the colours of the rainbow, and then some. Lies are like long ribbons fluttering in the wind, tangling each other up until you have nothing but a right old mess. Untangling those ribbons would be like solving the Gordian’s Knot puzzle. And we all know how That ended – with the knot being cut by a sword. The same sword that will cut your loved one’s heart.


Lying is exhausting. Better to just be honest and always tell the truth, than spend all eternity trying to get your story straight, and even then still getting caught out.

Because, as the saying goes, the Truth will always come out.






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