I know now
It’s not worth asking
It’s not worth knowing the answer
Because the answer
Is simple
– You simply didn’t try

I know now
There will be no closure
You have no explanations for me
Or indeed for yourself
It’s simple
– You don’t even want to try

I know now
That it was your own decision
Your reluctance to admit
You shouldn’t have gone down
That path, the slippery slope, but
– You didn’t try to stop yourself

I know now
You got bored of playing with
Your shiny new toy
Had to go play with new ones
Didn’t want to look after this one
– You decided to try others instead

I know now
That after the fact
You felt there was no need
To repair the damage
You could not find your heart
– You didn’t want to try harder

I know now
You want no responsibility
You don’t want to claim ownership
Of your choices
Or accept the consequences
You just want Out
– You won’t try at all

I know now
More about Myself than ever before
I know my strengths and my heart
I know I will rise even stronger
Because, unlike You
– I will keep trying
But this time
I’m doing it for Myself, not You
It’s My time now
I take my Power back
I have walked alone before
Along paths that never were
I have found my own way
In the wilderness many times before
While in the past I did get lost
I know now I won’t again
Because I’ve tried and tried
And tried again
And now I’ve found Myself
And I know now
I will never be alone again
Or lost, bewildered or confused
Because now I have Myself
And I am Home at last


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