Connecting The Dots

The inimitable Steve Jobs once said:


And this is true, regardless of whether it relates to Business or Life.

When events are flashing by our daily lives, sometimes so quickly that we hardly even notice them, it is hard to make connections between one event and another. Everything appears to happen at random, with no discernible pattern.

But, if you were to concentrate on specific cues and clues, or on specific words or images, i.e if you were to somehow tease out little details from the vast stream of daily events that make up your life, you can certainly find patterns or even cycles. Criminal Profilers are adept at doing this, to delve into the minds of criminals. Buddhism teaches that Life is a continual cycle, and what you do in this life will be repeated in your next, if you have not learnt the lesson. The concept of Karma is an example of a cycle or pattern that repeats.

If finding the connections is hard enough, knowing when something is a “Dot” to connect to another, is even harder. You don’t know whether it is a “Dot” or not, until you try connecting it to another possible “Dot”. And with everything potentially being a “Dot”, trying to make sense out of every one and trying to connect them, is virtually impossible.

So, what do you do? Trust your gut instinct, look for similarities, tune in to synchronicity and coincidences, listen out for cues, watch for events/things/actions that are out of the ordinary. And throw in a healthy measure of creative thinking.

And then suddenly, A will link to B, B to C, C to D and so on. Then the dots will connect, and suddenly you understand what is meant by “Seeing The Bigger Picture”.







(Image source: Google Images. All copyright remain with the originators).

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