Damaged Goods (An Allegory)

Excuse me, said the man
I’d like to return this item

Oh, why is that? Asked the storekeeper

It’s damaged, said the man
I’ve used it a few times
It’s in perfect working order
But now I have a problem with it

Oh, how is that? Asked the storekeeper

Well, let me list it, said the man

One. The colour is not quite right
I bought it thinking it was purple
But my friends tell me it’s lavender
Or mauve, or lilac
I wanted purple purple

Two. It’s an older model
I thought it was this year’s
But it’s actually last year’s
So its lifespan won’t be as good
I need a brand spanking newer model

Three. It’s not the right shape
To fit in with my home decor
I need it to be exactly right
To blend in and not stick out
This one’s too round, not masculine

Four. The size is not right either
I can’t find the right place for it
It’s either too big or too small
For where I want to put it
My friends will laugh at me

Oh, I see. Anything else?
Asked the storekeeper

Not really, said the man
Can I have an exchange or a refund?
If you don’t have the correct
I’ll settle for a refund

Well, let me see
Said the storekeeper
You came here last year
With your friends
And you spent hours trying out
All my merchandise
You even took selfies
You discussed how it would look
In your home
You went over every
That you could find
You tested out every single function
And then, with your friends
You chose this very item
That you’re now trying to return to me
Well, I’m sorry
The Store’s policy is that
We only accept returns for
Damaged goods
Goods which are not working
Due to a fault
Or goods that need repairing

We do not accept returns
Simply because you
Got bored with it
Or you’ve seen something newer
It’s not this year’s trending colour
It doesn’t fit your home decor
Or your friends are laughing at you
So deal with it, buddy
Take your First World problems elsewhere

Now apply this to your everyday life. What are you not happy about? Is it the fault of the object or person, or is it merely a reflection of your own thoughts? Did you make a mistake in choosing something? If so, be big enough to admit it and take steps to rectify the situation. Take responsibility for your actions, instead of trying to pin the blame on everything and everyone else. The world does not revolve around you, it truly doesn’t, so don’t just stand there expecting it to.


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