Don’t Be You

Buy this!
Wear that!
This is the latest shade!
You’ll feel ever so sexy in these.
Mr Celebrity uses this.
Mrs Celebrity eats that.
Do it! Do it!
Don’t be You.
Don’t be You.

Read this!
Watch that!
Listen to this channel!
Watch the Daily News
For more Mis-information
Red Flags are currently trending
Do it! Do it!
Don’t be You.
Don’t you dare be You.

She’s famous!
He’s famous!
Let’s all try and be like them!
What, no cash? Here’s a credit card!
Live like there’s no tomorrow
For tomorrow will never come
Buy! Buy! Indulge yourself!
Don’t be You.
Don’t you ever try to be You.

Watch this film!
No, not That one
It needs you to think about things
And we can’t have that, can we?
Frankly, I don’t even know why
Those movies are even allowed here
Just take this popcorn and drink
Now go sit in the dark and enjoy
Not being You.

Don’t think!
Thinking uses up brain cells
Here, have this beer
Have this cigarette
Have these $4000 shoes
Buy that dress
And don’t forget the handbag too
Whatever you do, just
Don’t be You.

Here, buy this car!
Buy this house! That one too!
In fact, just buy the whole lot!
You’ll make lots of money
And Money buys Happiness
Yes, it does!
Yes, it does!
Don’t be You
Never just be You.

Being You sucks
You stick out like a sore thumb
Everyone laughs at You
Because You’re different
You don’t march to the same piper
As the other sheep
You don’t belong in the flock
Isn’t it easier to just follow along and
Don’t be You?

(Image source: Google Images)

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