Synchronicity and Wayne W Dyer

So, yesterday the 31st of August was a real milestone for me. I’m in Australia, where the time zone can be more than 15 hours ahead of the USA, so do bear with me if the timing of events I’m about to talk about seems off-kilter to you. My present is your future, you see ;).

I’m going to talk about synchronicity and Wayne W Dyer, and how I’m “connecting the dots” between events that happened very recently.

Last night, on the 31st of August, as I was checking my emails just before bedtime, I noticed that someone had just purchased one of my Lenormand divination card decks. (I have created 17 decks so far, and they are available to order on my eBay and Etsy stores online). What a pleasant surprise! I sometimes don’t get any sales all month, or maybe 2 or 3 scattered over a month.

Not 5 minutes later, another email alerted me to the fact that another of my Lenormand decks had sold, this time not on eBay but on Etsy. Wow, I thought, 2 in one night, Thank You, Universe!

I then had my beauty sleep and when I woke up the next morning, surprise surprise, there was a 3rd email telling me that yet another of my Lenormand decks had been purchased, on eBay.

3 in one night (or day, depending on where you are). That had never happened to me before. The Gods must be smiling upon me.

…and then I read the sad news that Dr Wayne W Dyer, (my favourite spiritual teacher after Eckhart Tolle), had passed away in the night. Oh no :'(! I’d been reading his books and wishing he’d come over to Perth, Western Australia, to give a talk or two…and now he’d gone to that higher realm to do his life’s work from above instead.

One thing Wayne Dyer had taught was that we should not get attached to anything, not even Life itself. In one of his last posts on his Facebook page, Wayne had prophetically stated that the clothes he would wear to his own funeral would have no pockets, as they would not be needed, because you simply cannot take anything with you when you pass over.

I was sad that Wayne was no longer with us here on this Earth. But I’d learnt enough from that great teacher to realise that grieving over his passing would not be the right thing to do, instead he would have much preferred his followers to celebrate his life and teachings, and continue to spread his philosophical ideas, and practice what we’ve learned from him.

I like to think that Wayne Dyer left me a parting gift yesterday. He brought me not 1, not 2 but 3 sales of my Lenormand cards. Because these decks were my own artistic creations, made using digital photography and Apps on my mobile phone, and made available as print-on-demand, they were very much an embodiment of my creative self. I believe that the timing of those 3 sales, and of Wayne’s passing, are more than mere coincidences.

I believe it was a validation of my worth as an artist.

To add, just the day before, I’d bitten the bullet and signed up for a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, with Open Colleges. This is the industry standard entry level requirement for anyone in Australia wanting to work as a Veterinary Nurse in a vet practice. I’d been dithering over whether to do the course or not, last year I passed up the opportunity because the timing and my frame of mind weren’t right. But now, especially after starting my Canine Caring volunteering at the Dog Shelter, I knew I really wanted to work with animals. So this time, I was in the right frame of mind. I start the course tomorrow.

The same day I enrolled for my course, we went to look at secondhand cars. Hubby has a Subaru Forrester that’s way too big for me, and I wanted a small little runaround to help with lugging home bulky items like pool salt, poultry mix and dog kibbles. And also to get me to and from work, once I qualify as a Veterinary Nurse and get a job.

I fell in love with a Kia Cerato hatchback, and a deal was struck with the car dealership.

But the very next day, the deal fell through because hubby’s Forrester had a loan secured on it and could only be used as a trade-in for the Kia Cerato, if he paid $10,000 in cash. Which we did not have. So, following Wayne Dyer’s teachings about detachment, I let the Kia go in my heart.

Then this morning, I convinced hubby to visit some car dealerships in a different area, to see if we could find a cheaper, more affordable car for me. (Strangely enough, as we were having breakfast and coffee before setting off, a friend sent me a email containing a joke about how a teenager was able to purchase a large, brand new car for a mere $15. There was even a photo of said car. Talk about synchronicity!).

We were at one of the car dealerships looking around when the phone call came in from the dealer who had the Kia…offering a different financial deal, whereby we left hubby’s existing car out of the equation.

So, off we went back to the dealership. And before we knew it, I was driving that Kia Cerato home. Happy days!

Again, I don’t believe this happened by accident. I believe it was perhaps a test of my ability to detach from any attachment to the Kia. And I believe it was Wayne Dyer who had a hand in steering that car my way again, after I’d let it go.

Talk about synchronicity! Just as I finished writing the last sentence, what should flash up on my screen but Eckhart Tolle’s “Present Moment Reminder”. And it says “Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found”.


I feel blessed indeed.

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