Furry Friends Daily Five #2

Just like those “Eat 5 Fruit & Veg Daily” healthy eating campaigns, this is my version using animals. Your daily dose of animal cross-species love, if you like. Let’s face it, we all need a bit of love these days.

I like to look at these images and wonder at the stories behind them. Who first had the crazy idea of pairing these animals together, was it an experiment, or did the animals become friends naturally? Why did the lion not eat the lamb? Or the snake the frog? What causes a predatory animal to adopt an orphan prey animal and look after it, instead of tearing it to pieces? I find it rather fascinating.






Why can’t we humans be more like these animals? Clearly these are examples of how different species can live peacefully side by side. Can we not embrace each other’s differences too, and learn to co-exist harmoniously? Are we less intelligent than these animals?

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