What has happened to Humanity?

By now, many of us would have seen the photos of those poor drowned Syrian children washed up on shore. I won’t post those pics here, as they are highly upsetting for everyone. But if you’re wondering what today’s topic is about, here is the link to a site that does contain those images. Please be warned that they are highly graphic and very sad.

What I want to share today is this piece of my personal history:

When the Vietnamese boat people arrived on the shores of the East Coast of Malaysia in the 1970s, many Malaysian families helped them to shore and took them into their homes and gave them food and shelter. They didn’t think of making money out of the refugees, or about what they could get out of it from the government. They did it simply out of pity and compassion for fellow human beings. My own family provided food and lodging for several Vietnamese families. I remember as a child of 8, standing on the beach in Trengganu watching the refugee boats coming to shore, and my Dad wading out with other adult Malaysians, to help the Vietnamese.

Why can’t humans do likewise in this day and age? Why does it have to be about “Oh, if we let too many X in, they’ll drain our Social Security system/sponge off Society/take our local jobs/increase the crime rate/grow up to become terrorists/etc”. For far too long we have been insulated from the brutal truth, for far too long we have been fed mis-information by the media and our governments, for far too long we have been complacent and apathetic.

We have had the truth conveniently swept under the carpet, and in its place, we are constantly bombarded with celebrity news, sports, scandals, advertisements, consumerism, materialism, greed for power and stuff.

What has happened to our humanity? It’s time to stand up and start a Revolution.

Nothing will ever change in this world if we don’t. We need to start with ourselves, wake ourselves up and then our neighbours, friends and relatives. Russell Brand said he wants to start a social revolution. And why not? Is this latest atrocity not the clarion call that the world has been waiting for? The straw that breaks the camel’s back?

What are we still waiting for?

(Image source: Google Images)

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